Dragon Prince's Mate

Josie Josie Conner always dreamed of going into space, so a job as a technician on a Mars colony was the chance of a lifetime She looked forward to walking a fresh world, to solving its mysteries but she never expected to wake up an alien, asleep underneath the planet s surface.And she certainly didn t expect the alien to be socredibly hot.Verikan is tall, intimidJosieJosie Conner always dreamed of going into space, so a job as a technician on a Mars colony was the chance of a lifetime She looked forward to walking a fresh world, to solving its mysteries but she never expected to wake up an alien, asleep underneath the planet s surface.And she certainly didn t expect the alien to be socredibly hot.Verikan is tall, intimidating, dangerous, and the way his violet eyes look at her makes her heart pound Josie soon discovers that this bossy, demanding alien doesn t intend to let her gobut the closer they get, the less Josie minds being his prisoner.VerikanPrince Verikan survived the fall of his civilisation in stasis deep beneath Mars surface Now the dragon shifter and his guards are all that remains of the Dragon Empire that once ruled the stars His duty demands that he rebuild the empire that is his birthright, and that requires conquering worlds starting with Earth.But the moment Josie rescues him from his long sleep, he knows that the beautiful, curvy human is destined to be his mate How can he start his reign by attacking her home world When Verikan s advisers force his hand, the dragon prince must choose Will he save his empire at the cost of breaking her heart Will he sacrifice his people to spare her Or can he and Josie find a third path to save both their planets, and their love No cheating, no cliffhanger just a steamy dragon shifter science fiction romance with a happy ever after
Dragon Prince s Mate Josie Josie Conner always dreamed of going into space so a job as a technician on a Mars colony was the chance of a lifetime She looked forward to walking a fresh world to solving its mysteries but

  • Title: Dragon Prince's Mate
  • Author: LeslieChase Juno Wells
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 165
  • Format: Kindle Edition
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    1. TITLE OF BOOK: DRAGON PRINCE’S MATEAUTHORS OF BOOK: JUNO WELLS AND LESLIE CHASEDATE READ: APRIL 14, 2017 – APRIL 15, 20171000 STARS!!!! VERIKAN AND JOSIE ROCK MARS!!!! Josie is on Mars with several men and one other woman. It has been her lifelong dream to go into space. So, when the technician’s job came up, she jumped on the opportunity. Their mission is to claim a section of Mars for The Woods Corporation. She leaves the spaceship to get away from the Commander because he got on Josie [...]

    2. What really shone for me about this book was the setting. I know shapeshifter romance is very popular still, but after reading a lot of it years ago I don't think I'd go for a book that didn't have a twist. Ancient culture held in stasis for a thousand years below the surface of Mars? Yes yes, that'll do. Not to mention the backdrop of inept macho corporate culture that plagues Josie from page one to almost the end—I could immediately sigh along with her troubles. The fact that the love intere [...]

    3. Who knew? Sleeping Beauty was really a dragon shifter from MarsBetter than average Dragon-sifter sci-fi by Juno Wells and Leslie Chase. Fine world-building, with a great back-story to explain the dragon presence on Mars. Verikan and Josie are well-matched as the fated mates, and Josie's can-do spirit is the perfect motivator for Verikan to move on from shock and loss and begin to find a new life for the surviving dragons of Mars. I'll definitely read on in this series.

    4. he was a prince that when they were under attack he was put in a pod with two others to save them when earth sends a ship to mars to find alien life she is the mechanic on the craft and goes out to check on some of the equipment. when she finds a crater and something down there she never thought she'd find life forms. alive even but when the other dragons try to take over and take over earth he has to decide if what he wants is her r to destroy her planet. the book was pretty good

    5. I really enjoy syfi alien Dragon stories but this one didn't really kept me attention. Slow beginning and middle but picked up towards the end. Betrayal, corruption and murder from Dragon's that sworn to uphold law and bow down to the Empire and it only living Prince Verikan, all because a weak human mate turn a bloodthirsty Dragon Prince into someone to see reason.

    6. Sleeping DragonsThough she wasn't royal, she woken up the Dragon Prince and saved him from drowning. Great story of corruption, greed, and taking over a planet. Look forward to the next story of this series.

    7. InterestingThis one had its ups and downs. Interesting plot and good characters. A bit heavy on the descriptive sex scenes for me so be aware if that is a problem. First book by this author for me. I am looking forward to more in this series.

    8. I really liked this bookI hope the author writes more books in this worlde dragons were both sexy and terrifying

    9. GoodIt was a little strange at some parts, but the plot ended up being good. I’m looking forward to continuing the series

    10. Josie Conner has always dreamed of going into space and now she is on mars walking on the service of the planet she is checking the scanners and sees something shinning down in the dark whole so she went down there and saw a door and found how to open it her commander said to wait be she went in and found men sleeping in a tube and helped them out when he tried to get out saved him but the captain of the guard triad to hurt her but Verkan helped her but the dragons want to take over Earth and hu [...]

    11. Enjoyable read. Verikan and Josie characters are developed. The action starts from the beginning and keeps going. The story line is not always believable, but it is interesting. Hopefully there will be and 2nd book. This has definite end. No cliffhanger. Just the setting of the story has a lot of potential for more. This would be a 41/2 stars. I liked the way the best and worst of human nature was written. I do not to give anymore detail, no spoilers here.

    12. I liked this book. It was interesting. The dragon price is heroic but, so it the heroine. She finds him and his seconds. She is able to help free the prince and thereby free his seconds. None of the humans on the planet knew that it had ever been inhabited. The prince and some of his guard/ army were placed in suspended animation. The dragons have no idea how much time has passed since their suspension and their release. There is conflict among the dragons about how to treat the humans. And ther [...]

    13. 5 stars for a great quick read.Theses authors area a great creative combination. A wonderful read with good story line and characters.I enjoyed this book very much and look forwards to addition books in this series.

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