Marvel's Iron Man 3 Prelude

Collects Marvel s Iron Man 2 Adaptation 1 2 Marvel s Iron Man 3 Prelude 1 2, Iron Man 2005 1.The Marvel Cinematic Universe returns First, it s the comics adaptation of the blockbuster film Iron Man 2 Why is the U.S government going after Iron Man Plus, a mysterious figure from Tony s past returns and he s got a vendetta Featuring the first appearance and origiCollects Marvel s Iron Man 2 Adaptation 1 2 Marvel s Iron Man 3 Prelude 1 2, Iron Man 2005 1.The Marvel Cinematic Universe returns First, it s the comics adaptation of the blockbuster film Iron Man 2 Why is the U.S government going after Iron Man Plus, a mysterious figure from Tony s past returns and he s got a vendetta Featuring the first appearance and origin of War Machine Then, it s an all new story set between the events of Marvel s the Avengers and the upcoming Iron Man 3 What mysterious project has Tony Stark been developing since his alliance with SHIELD and his joining Earth s Mightiest Heroes And how will it change the way he lives forever
Marvel s Iron Man Prelude Collects Marvel s Iron Man Adaptation Marvel s Iron Man Prelude Iron Man The Marvel Cinematic Universe returns First it s the comics adaptation of the blockbuster film Iron Man

  • Title: Marvel's Iron Man 3 Prelude
  • Author: Will Corona Pilgrim Christos Gage Ramon Rosanas Steve Kurth Adi Granov
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 289
  • Format: Kindle Edition
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    1. Somewhat disappointing, but I wasn't really expecting much of it. This volume contains a graphic novelisation of Iron Man 2, a short lead-up to Iron Man 3 which happily features plenty of Rhodey (and explains where he was during Avengers and why War Machine -- sorry, Iron Patriot -- wasn't fighting at Tony's side), and what I think is an excerpt from the Extremis storyline from 2005, not that the book makes it terribly clear. The art is mostly unremarkable, and most of the fun stuff is Rhodey ki [...]

    2. I read this book because my parents got it for me for Christmas. I normally don't have much interests in novel (or graphic novel) adaptations of movies, because normally they're just carbon copies of whatever it is they're adapting and don't work that well as a result. I was both right and wrong on that here.The book can be split into five parts. I'll go over them all individually.The first two parts are a two-part comic book adaptation of the film Iron Man 2. For those of you unfamiliar with th [...]

    3. The 3rd and fourth issues were a new take. Interesting but odd. The first two were movie-verse and the first was pretty much Iron Man 2 in comic form. Though there was a bit that had rhodey's side mission during the battle of new york so that was cool.

    4. This wasn't something that I ever planned to read because I've never really liked the character Iron Man. He's okay in the movies because he's played by Robert Downey Jr but I've never liked him in the comics. He's one of my least favorite Marvel characters in general. My sister had this book and was about to trade it in at a used book store. I read this on the trip rom our house to the store. The first portion of the book is an adaptation of the movie Iron Man 2 that was 2 comic issues long. It [...]

    5. There are a couple of writers on this and several artists, to which I don't feel like breaking down. The adaptation of "Iron-Man 2" was quite short. I'm pretty sure if you haven't seen the movie that the comic was jumbled and confusing. I realize there is too much movie to cram into a comic for it to be faithful but a few added panels could have helped this. As for the "Iron-Man 3" prelude, it is nothing more than filler material centered around War Machine. I can understand why this was on clea [...]

    6. Komik Iron Man 3 Prelude ini merupakan missing link antara film Iron Man 2, The Avengers dan Iron Man 3, khususnya untuk menjelaskan pertanyaan "Di mana Rhodey saat New York diserang alien dari dimensi lain?"Selepas Iron Man 2, Iron Man Mark II dikembalikan pada Tony Stark, yang langsung mempereteli senjata Hammer Tech, yang menganalogikannya dengan corat-coret anak TK di lukisan Monalisa. Tapi toh bukan berarti Tony tidak mau meminjamkan teknologinya pada DOD AS. Ia malah menciptakan armor War [...]

    7. I ordered this prelude because I'm excited for the upcoming Iron Man 3 film and the advertisements promised to explain where Rhodey was during the Battle of New York at the end of Avengers. And it does.The book opens with the comic adaptation of the Iron Man 2 film. This is a very succinct recap of the film, but it did include a few scenes not in the film (such as Rhodey's 1st flight in a suit which occurs before he "steals" War Machine!) These little bits are definitely for the Marvel fans. The [...]

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    9. Read this review and more on my blog.Iron Man 3 The Movie Prelude collects Iron Man 2 Adaptation issue #1 - #2, Iron Man 3 Prelude issue #1 - #2 and Iron Man (2005) issue #1.What a disappointment. I was expecting so much better than what I got. Since multiple stories are include in this, I will review them individually.Iron Man 2 AdaptationHow did they manage to condense Iron Man 2 into a 2 issue comic book? I have no idea but to say that it sucked was an understatement. The second Iron Man movi [...]

    10. I’ve read a couple of the other movie “prelude” books and liked them, and I enjoy Tony Stark/Iron Man stories; so I didn’t look too closely at this before I bought it. About half of it is a graphic novel summary of the movie Iron Man 2. (It still bugs me that the Iron Man movies didn’t get good subtitles like other Marvel movies have.) There’s also a Lt. Col. James “Rhodey” Rhodes/War Machine story. It covers some time after Iron Man 2, and part of it takes place at the same time [...]

    11. the last few sets of comics i've read haven't confused me at all. i haven't had to get my roommate to explain a panel to me or reread the same scene five times or google "what the hell just happened" or ANYTHING. it has been AWESOME i may have gotten a little cocky. OR, just possibly, this book was dumb. it claims to be MCU, but the last comic (which is iron man #1, which it appears IM3 was loosely based on?) is not MCU, at all. and since the whole thing is billed as an IM3 prelude, it is kind o [...]

    12. As is becoming a Cinematic Universe tradition, Marvel has released a prelude to their Iron Man 3 film. Previous preludes—especially the Avengers ones—have mostly served the purpose of tying the movies in the Cinematic Universe together. This prelude to Iron Man 3 is no different. Its mission: to build a bridge between the end of Iron Man 2 and the start of Iron Man 3. Spoilers: Rhodey's War Machine shows up late for the party in New York City and enjoys a nice meal of shawarma in the end.In [...]

    13. Iron Man 3 Prelude, aka What Jim Rhodes Was Doing During The Avengers.There is also a mostly pointless comics retelling of IM2; only "mostly" because it is nice to see Tony customizing War Machine for Rhodey and Rhodey's first flight, which are major plot holes in the movie. There is also a lot less Vanko and Hammer, but counterbalancing it is a lot less RDJ.Also includes the first issue of Iron Man: Extremis, which I assume is massively confusing for people not already familiar with the comicsv [...]

    14. The first half of this volume is the comic book adaptation of Iron Man 2, which is fairly faithful. I had recently watched the film, and it did a good job of following the plot, but making it fit into the allotted pages. The story then proceeds to events that take place between Iron Man 2 and Iron Man 3, some of which occur during the events of the Avengers. I appreciated the story addressing why War Machine was not available during the events of that film, and nicely ties together threads from [...]

    15. There are five issues collected here. The first two issues cover Iron Man 2 well, with a small addition. I wish that there was more material, but this was well done. The next two issues take place after that movie and lead up to The Avengers. This mostly covers Rhodey, and I enjoyed this as well. Lastly, there is the first issue of Extremis - which makes a good deal of sense in its inclusion, but only scratches the surface of that story and leaves you with questions.Over all, I really enjoyed th [...]

    16. Pretty nice movie tie in. the comic version of Iron Man 2 has a few extra scenes in it not in the movie that made it worth the read, and the actual prelude to Iron Man 3 does a good job of explaining what Rhodey was up to during Avengers. I think the tease of the extremis story at the end was a great edition and did it's job well, as I proceeded to order it so I could find out what happened in it.

    17. I’m gonna admit, I went a little nuts on buying up all the movie prequels ;P This one was really good though! We get to find out where in all the realms freaking WAR MACHINE (aka James “Rhodey” Rhodes) even was while New York was crumbling down around everyone’s ears (spoiler alert! He was out being a badass ;P) and we see the humble beginnings of the Iron Legion. All in all, it was a great read, I enjoyed the heck out of it!

    18. I really enjoyed the book and you should read this it tells the main story Line. Tony has to battle a massive terriost with a little help from iron patriot and all of the iron man suites. With this action packed book. You will get trapped in the book your self. You will think you are there with tony if you read the book now.

    19. So this had a basic run-down of IM2 and the first chapter of Extremis. The first was boring, the second I had read already (and love).But it also had a thing explaining what War Machine was doing during the NY incident in the Avengers. And that was awesome. Rhodey is so fantastic, and I really loved what they did with him here.

    20. It was a fast reading and it was ok, but it didn't apport anything else to the characters that what it was shown on the movie. Though it was interesting to see what happened between Iron Man 2 and Iron Man 3 with Rodhey. The art wasn't remarkable but this is one of the first comics about Marvel superheroes that I've read so I don't have a lot to compare with.

    21. Cheap cash in of a hugely popular movie series. Marvel put out better Iron Man comics than this garbage so avoid this crap. Full review here!

    22. this book does a pretty good job of preparing people for the movie. This book is geared towards children and does a great job of being appropriate while still retaining true Iron Man form.

    23. Story was meh, although the Extremis line has some potential. The adaptation of Iron Man 2 was very poorly done, however.

    24. This is the comics adaptation of the blockbuster film Iron Man 2! If you have seen the movie then this is nothing new.

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