Captured by the Barbarian

I ve been kidnapped there s nowhere to go I m stuck on a space ship with an insanely hot alien Jada Isles owns a dating agency that connects human women with the sexy T shav aliens But when she sees her new client s D rito shaped torso, she decides to meet him herself Sildon has only one love in his life The sword that was left to him by his grandfather Until he s I ve been kidnapped there s nowhere to go I m stuck on a space ship with an insanely hot alien Jada Isles owns a dating agency that connects human women with the sexy T shav aliens But when she sees her new client s D rito shaped torso, she decides to meet him herself Sildon has only one love in his life The sword that was left to him by his grandfather Until he sees Jada Her femininity, lush curves, thick thighs and full lips drive him insane But there s no time to let her beauty get to his head Sildon is on a mission He has to kidnap her for ransom All goes according to plan Until Sildon finds out how strong willed Jada is But even though her mind should be focused on escaping, she can t stop staring at the well defined V below his perfect six pack And soon another challenge presents itself when they come across a baby being sold on the slave market Does this mercenary have a heart after all Can Jada and Sildon contain the heat slowly building up between them Is he prepared to do the one thing that could destroy everything else NOTE This book includes bonus stories Captured by the Barbarian is an 86 page stand alone story in a series, featuring the T Shav species and their human mates It includes alien abduction, action, BBW and pregnancy elements Total page count includes bonus material.Other parts of the series Sold to the Barbarian Caged by the Barbarian Bought by the Barbarian Given to the Barbarian Kidnapped by the Barbarian Rescued by the Barbarian The books each have a HEA and contain plenty of action, steam and surprise pregnancies Definitely intended for 18 readers.
Captured by the Barbarian I ve been kidnapped there s nowhere to go I m stuck on a space ship with an insanely hot alien Jada Isles owns a dating agency that connects human women with the sexy T shav aliens But when she sees h

  • Title: Captured by the Barbarian
  • Author: Abella Ward
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 436
  • Format: Kindle Edition
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    1. Stockholmes has never been used so often in a read so shortFiesty, defiant, smart, beautiful, curvy, strong matchmaker or hook up creator wanted a little something for herself. She never imagined it would be her own kidnapper that sets her world on fire. Nice short read with a dynamic world the could grow and become more with work. This was a time when Earth was dead and the human women were of some value. Value in various ways depending on which species you came across.

    2. Title: ➜Captured by the BarbarianAuthor: ➜ Abella WardJust incredible action pack book & such imagination in the writting. Mild romance, but who has time in this story? Trust me, you'll be out of breath when you finish this one.➜ Jada Isles. Was abducted from Earth & kept in a stasis pod for billions of years didn't change who she was inside. When she awoke to find herself in a universe where her home planet was a dead rock & there were hundreds of alien species roaming the gal [...]

    3. r ReviewHer Alien🐺🍆🌋🔫🔪 Date, Gone Wrong Or Right?Jada💋💔 was found in cryo stasis in an escape pod billions of years later after she was launched. Now the universe is populated by many humanoid life forms, all rooted in the DNA of Homo Sapiens. 🌎Earth is a dead rock, lifeless. There's no home to go home to, so Jada💋💕 decides to make The best of her new life.The T'Shav👹🍌🌋🔫🔪 are one of the most powerful races of humanoids. Most are fierce Alpha warriors [...]

    4. Jada Isles, kidnapped and kept in a stasis pod for billions of years, was not about to accept her new cramped quarters when she woke up. So she set up a dating agency to improve her situation. The highest interest in dating was for a “musth” hookup. This was when the T’shav men went through their annual hormonal craze and had to take care of their lust or turn into killing machines. Evidently it was very alluring to the females. An application came in from a new T’sav to the Sanctuary an [...]

    5. I voluntarily ARC for honest review. This story take place at Warlord Zon's Sanctuary for the rare human race. After abducted from Earth , billion of years later, out of a stasis pod Jada Isles. She works at a Dating Agency, where she helps the T'SHAV race with human mates. Humans are a rare commodity , where Religious Orders , Organizations and Corporations , see humans from idols , special spiritual advisors , for private collections , breeding program , experiments and sex-slaves/trade. The U [...]

    6. Captured by the Barbarian by Abella Ward is an Alien RomanceJada owns a dating agency in the Zon Sanctuary that matches humans with the insanely hot T'shav, their guardians at the Sanctuary. While sorting through the applications, one of them grabs Jada's attention and she matches herself with Sildon to have a bit of fun. Sildon needs a human, and it has nothing to do with musth, a hormonal cycle that T'shav men go through when sex is a must. When Jada, the epitome of beauty, shows up to meet Si [...]

    7. Jada Isles was abducted from earth and kept in a stasis pod for billions of years. (Really? Billions?) She awoke to a world where she was the minority living in the Zon Sanctuary. She made her way by starting a dating agency. While looking at the applications she finds one from a T'shav named Sildon. He's older than most and is looking for a human woman for a one time hook up to see if she can handle a male T'shav in full musth (a hormonal cycle that T'shav men go through every year where they h [...]

    8. Enjoyable adventure of a Human in the vastness of space, how she unexpectedly finds what she has been looking for since she was kidnapped from Earth. The characters were very well thought out and likeable. Being new to the Space romances, I actually wasn't sure I'd like reading this, but I'm so glad that I took the chance and read it. The cover was a large part of the initial draw for me, it's fabulous in my opinion. Personally, I think the Barbarian's skin might have been toned a bit redder, bu [...]

    9. Something For Every Sci-fi FanThere are several stories in this volume and as one would expect, some are better than others. I read them all and for the most part I found them entertaining. There is a lot of variety in these stories including some that I don't usually read or like such as vampire and menage books. So take that into consideration when you read my review. I suppose my main impression is that the length of the story figures prominently in the development of the characters. The dial [...]

    10. This was a short fun alien romance, This is set in a time when earth is long gone and humans are protected by a warlord, a human female called Jada runs a dating agency and an alien called Sildon is looking for a date, or is he, what could possibly go wrong. This book is well written and an easy read, it is a couple hours to read from start to finish so good for when you have a quiet evening, the characters are fun and interesting and I believe it will have pleasantly entertained.If you enjoy a [...]

    11. ARC - I voluntarily offered to review this book with no obligations and my opinions are honest!Sildon though that it would be simple job.Kidnap a human female, demand a ransom, collect the money + be on his way.Jada just thought this was your typical blind date.How wrong can one be?She was kidnapped by her blind date.Now, she has to come up w/ a plan to escape her captor + return home.Easier said than done!In their little adventure, they are about to discover what they are made of.It does not hu [...]

    12. OMG Take me, pleaseAn action packed sexy, fun and just plain great read!We started with a little innocent lust that led to a kidnapping, then an escape -which resulted in another kidnapping, then a rescue - but the fun doesn't stop there -another kidnapping -which was really a rescue - and then evading the bad guys!Guaranteed to make you smile, give you a touch of trepidation and definitely keep you guessing. Not my usual genre - but that could be changingIt was nice to just relax and enjoy bein [...]

    13. I found the title a little misleading. I didn't think the alien who abducted Jada was particularly backward or barbaric.The relationship between Jada and Sildon is slow to build - appropriately considering he kidnapped her. There are a few twists that keep things interesting and parts of the ending were not something I expected, other parts were a bit more predictable. Overall the story was enjoyable and well written.I was provided with a free copy of this book and I voluntarily provide this hon [...]

    14. Set in the future when Earth is long gone. Humans are rare and protected. Jada runs a successful dating business but has felt no connection or spark to the devastatingly handsome aliens. Until Sildon's profile comes through and she sets up to meet him herself. Everything goes wrong at that point and their adventures ensue. I was along for the ride until the Stockholm Syndrome was brought up randomly. That changed the entire tone of the story and any relationship development was lost to me at tha [...]

    15. Yummy,YaY!! What's the buzz about?! Well here is a summary; A warrior with a ulterior motive, a fullblooded woman who hadnt had a proper date for a millennia or twoLet alone any of the steamy interaction that can perhaps follow. The stage is set; A Date is bookedWhat on earth can go wrong ;) scratch that.t earth, space Smexy, Sassy and intriguing, the reader can naught but follow the "come hither" thats delivered with a secrative smile, finding them self led along on a Rock'n Rolling Rocketride [...]

    16. Exciting tale of a human woman kidnapped by a barbarian from another planet for ransom money. Learning about the characters and why they made the decisions they did was interesting. The adventures Jada & Sildon had, the dangers they faced together and the bonding they experienced made this Sci-Fi story enjoyable and entertaining. I voluntarily reviewed an advanced reader copy of this book. Five stars.

    17. Loved the story Jada and Sildon was a very good read. I have like the T’shav series of books 📚 andKada and Sildon was another great read. I’ve read 3 now and they keep getting better. Of course there seems to be editing errors again. Please take some time to do an editing correction on the stories. It takes maybe a minute or two. I still loved the story. I recommend it to everyone!!’

    18. Another quick lunch time steamy paranormal romance set in the far future when Earth is long gone. Its the story of Jada who is Captured by Sildon. The story was well written as usual and fun to read to find out what trouble Jada could get into while out of the Zon Santuary. Answer - lots. Had to read all at once to see what happened. Not only steamy love scenes, it also had a few battle scenes. We also find out that Sildon had a good reason to kidnap Jada. Fun book to read.

    19. I liked this book and the characters are believable. Jada is such a strong, successful and caring human. She has a dating service for human women. Siddon is a different species with an agenda. When Jada sees Siddon's application and picture, she decides to try it out for herself. I liked how it didn't take long for the relationship began evolving after her kidnapping. The ending was really cool. I recommend this sci-fi book. I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book.

    20. Be careful who you kidnapOnly about 5 % of the "book" is the story the rest is bonus stories. My review is only on the main story.Good Syfy romance. Starts with kidnapping a human and trust me he gets way more then he bargained for. Spaceships, slave trade, fights, an orphan, secrets and just a good quick story.

    21. Abella has a hit with this story. Sildon kidnaps Jada to hold her for ransom, but he is very attracted to her. She convinces him to help her rescue a babt being auctioned by slavers. And things go downhill from there. But it all turns out well. A very enjoyable, fast-paced read. I received an Advanced copy of this book and am freely and voluntarily writing this review.

    22. Short read with lots of action. You have Jada gets kidnapped by Sildon who is looking for his father. Jada runs a dating agency and when Sildon picture comes up she sets herself up to date him, but then things start happening and she can't help but fall in love with him. I received and arc copy for my honest review.

    23. An interesting tale about a future where the Earth is dead and humans are in demand. The characters are well written and somewhat unique. The plot moves quickly with enough twists and turns to create suspense and keep you interested. I voluntarily review an ARC of the book, but I enjoyed enough that I'm going to read more books from this author.

    24. Very good alien story. This is unusual alien abduction story with strong heroine and not typical hero. Action packed funny romance well written with interesting characters. Would recommend. I voluntarily reviewed an ARC of this book.

    25. I freely chose to review this ARC as I'm a huge alien fan.I liked the way Ms. Ward created her characters as both had some abuse in their lives, but they both managed to find each other across many galaxies and stars!

    26. I enjoyed this sci-fi romance. You have a woman who decides to take a chance on a date and it goes very differently than she expected. He is looking for something different than love or a hook-up. It leads to quite an adventure for them both. I am voluntarily reviewing a copy I received.

    27. This is a great alien read.Nice and quick can be read in about 2 hours and it keeps you entertained for the whole story so grab a cuppa or a glass of wine and enjoy this quick read. Would I recommend this book YES

    28. This book started strong but in the end my only thought was, "That's it?". I was disappointed, it's not a bad book but it could have definitely been better. ***I decided to review an ARC of this book.***

    29. Very good book to read. It is fun, exciting, suspensful, full of surprises, enjoyable and I loved reading it. It is a very relaxing read. I don't want to ruin the story so I will just say I highly recommend it. What a ride these two have. I was given a review copy and voluntarily review it.

    30. it was a quick read for me . story keeps you guessing what could happen next . Wow jada is in for an adventure after being kidnapped while everything is bad at 1st, things fall into place for everyone . I don't want to spoil it for you but everything certainly has a happy ending . I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review

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