Twisted Death

What happens after the whole world goes dark This book contains graphic sex, extreme violence, uncomfortable and dark sexual encounters as well as M M F, M M and F F sexual relationships It s intended for mature audiences, interested in dark and twisted reads, over 18 only
Twisted Death What happens after the whole world goes dark This book contains graphic sex extreme violence uncomfortable and dark sexual encounters as well as M M F M M and F F sexual relationships It s intended

  • Title: Twisted Death
  • Author: Ace Gray
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 187
  • Format: None
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    1. Oh Hells Yes!! This Book!!My emotions as I write this feel as though they've been through the wringer so forgive me if I'm all over the place. LOL.I became obsessed with these characters & their story in Twisted Fate - like absolutely head over heels obsessed. Cole, Elle & Horse really are everything. And then there was that ending. The cliffhangers of mfkn cliffhangers & we were truly in the dark. Until now.The thing is, be it irony or what I suspect is Ace's intentional poetic symm [...]

    2. When I finished the first book in this series, Twisted Fate, I didn't know what the fuck to think. (That's why my review had only 3 words lol). After reading this book, I can safely say that this series is epic! Ace, I love your depravity, lady. This series has been so fucked up and perfect. Absolutely makes you question your morals and wonder how the hell you got to the point of reading this and loving it so fucking much. Beyond being hot as hell, suspenseful as fuck, and completely mind blowin [...]

    3. Dark, ugly, and beautiful all wrapped into one bloody package.Once again Ace Gray takes us on a ride in this dark dark fairytale. Things are not perfect, by any means. This story is honestly pretty ugly and brutal, but there are some moments that are beautiful and so full of emotion and love.Honestly, I can't say much without spoiling stuff so I'm not going to say anything. Sorry bout it. What I will say is, gird your loins, because this ride is bumpy and bloody.

    4. Intense. This book is intense. BUT I LOVED IT! I love Ace's work and this book had me hooked. From how the last book ended, I couldn't wait to dig in and find out what happens. This story was like an emotional rollercoaster for me. I felt so many different emotions and I know a book is good if it can make me feel what the characters are feeling. Some parts at the end were nail biting for me, these parts are what I mean about intense. It's dark, I don't normally like dark things but I liked this [...]

    5. 5 « You are my everything » stars!Holy fuck. Wow. This book is something else. Again. And I loved it. LOVED it. The kind of beyond fucked-up fairy tale only a great author can write.If you’re already acquainted with Karina Halle’s work, or JM Darhower’s, or CJ Roberts’, you’ll enjoy Ace Gray’s writing. It’s like watching a movie and it’s totally awesome.« I had the choice between Romeo and Juliet, full of the most epic love and the most tragic end, or something a bit less [...]

    6. Ace Gray, I will forever be in love with your stories and YOU! I'm keeping you forever! “He’s my other half. He’s my soulmate. He’s my fucking everything.” Basically, how I feel about Cole too!!! He's MINE!! This book is captivating, intense, unforgettable and one of the most thrilling rides I've ever been on!!! While reading this book I kept thinking I knew where the story was leading but I was constantly surprised with every wild twisted turn, bump and plunge of the rollercoaster Ace [...]

    7. Well I'm really not sure how to review this one. As it's a continuation of the characters story I really don't want to say much about the storyline as I'd probably end up dropping spoilers and I can't do that so I'll just tell you how I felt. As soon as I had finished Twisted Fate I jumped straight into this story and it has devoured me. I feel as if the author pulled my heart out twisted it around a few times and gently put me back together again a few times over while reading this book. My hea [...]

    8. Oh boylol this was one hell of a ride. There were times when I was like wtf am actually reading but all the craziness was extremely entertaining.

    9. So I finished Twisted Death a few weeks ago and have been processing my thoughts ever since. And thoughts I have for this book! When I first started TD, I wasn't in the mood for a dark read at the time. BUT I LOVED Twisted Fate and had missed my Cole and Horse AND my Ladyface's written word so much, I jumped in. I was immediately pulled back into the dark, twisted world of Elle, Cole, and Horse. TD isn't all dark and twisted. There are also these beautiful moments too that just do something to y [...]

    10. I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review for Stephanie's Book Reports.Twisted Death is the second book in Ace Gray's A Twisted Fairy Tale series. You must read Twisted Fate or Twisted Death will make absolutely no sense to you. Twisted Death picks up exactly where Twisted Fate left off. Or I should say shortly after where Twisted Fate left off when everything went back. I was so excited to get this book and could not wait to find out what was going to happen or had happene [...]

    11. I’m not entirely sure how Ace writes such amazing, twisty, mindfuckery stories…but I NEED TO KNOW!! I loved Twisted Fate and Twisted Death, was no exception. I think I have whiplash from all the twists she pulled out on this one. Don’t even get me started on how my heart was on the verge of shattering or how many times I wanted to freaking yell and throw things. SOOOO AMAZING!!! Seriously this book was incredible and I feel like I need a cigarette and a bottle of whiskey to cool down after [...]

    12. Five Thrilling Stars! This is the second book in A Twisted Fairy Tale Series and should be read in order to fully understand it. The story is a dark and twisted fairy tale so be forewarned if you have triggers. We pick up where we left off in the first book Twisted Fate with Cole, Elle and Horse. I can not reveal any spoilers because this is definitely a series you need to go in blind to. Be prepared because you will go on a roller coaster ride with all the twists and turns in this story. The st [...]

    13. I love fairytales, especially dark ones like this! The story continues right where it left off and every single page consumes your heart and soul, it got so dark I needed a flashlight. I embraced the darkness world of these characters and their story devoured me. This story pushes your limits and will you wanting to reach into the story and hold these characters, fight for these characters and just embrace these dark and beautiful characters. I couldn't put this book down as it was honestly one [...]

    14. *IF YOU HAVEN'T READ TWISTED FATE TURN BACK*This was darker than book one The characters I still loved each and everyone. There were times throughout the story I had take and a minute and breathe. There were times throughout the story which I had to make myself turn the page or move on to the next chapter. It wasn't because I didn't love the book. I did It is just the emotions that the characters were exuding were utterly raw. They laid it all out there.Elle I felt her pain. I felt how she was b [...]

    15. 5 stars of brilliance! I was so excited when this book was released, cole happens to be one of my ultimate book boyfriends. I love everything about this man. And when he was dark he was still my cole. Cole is a one of kind of man, they don't come around often. Elle and horse are very lucky to have him in there life. I despise mickey, I just hate every inch of him. I wanted to just die over and over again. I was also upset with Elle when I she had given, she shouldn't have not will cole and horse [...]

    16. ellie's $0.02:This is the second book in the Twisted Fairytale series yeah, you do need to read the first one to read this one. Let me rephrase that, as I can't force you to do anything. You will need to read the first in the series to fully understand and engage in this second in the series. Better?The series is aptly named for what they are twisted fairytales. I was able to connect with the characters more on this one not their world, just them themselves. Because my world is not a twisted fai [...]

    17. Let me start off by saying WOW. This was the perfect conclusion to Twisted Fate! After how Twisted Fate ended off, I wanted, no I needed to find out what happens next in this twisted love story. Reading Twisted Death was like being on a roller coaster and not knowing what to expect. The only thing I could do was sit back and try to enjoy the ride. My emotions were up and down while reading this and I wouldn't have had it any other way. It was intense, raw, dark and so GOOD! If you are looking fo [...]

    18. If you thought you loved Twisted Fate, then you are going to enter a world of indescribable bliss when you read Twisted Death. I was lucky enough to receive an ARC of this novel to provide an honest review. There's only one unfortunate thing about this fortune: I have no words. I simply cannot put into words the pure love that was put into this masterpiece. This book is not just a piece of work, it is a piece of the author's heart and soul and it's conveyed through her writing. As the book ended [...]

    19. I do not think that I can stress how absolutely amazing this book is!As always there is a serious warning as this book is highly sensitive but if you can get past that then you will realize how heartbreakingly beautiful it is! I can't actually say too much without spoiling it so won't but what I can say is usual Ace has got me with all the feels and my emotions are all over the place, I am devouring chocolate to help me cope as I have spent so much time in tears for so many reasons. This dark an [...]

    20. I was lucky enough to read this amazing read months ago. All I have is, WOW. Ace, you did it again with Twisted Death. It was dark, hot, sexy, pretty effed up, and emotional-- everything I love in a book. Thank you for letting me on this dark ride and still having me question my morals about all things you call, A Twisted Fairy Tale. 5 LADYLOVE STARS.*Readers, be sure to read book one, Twisted Fate as this is definitely NOT a standalone.

    21. I loved it. I hated it. I didn't want it to end. It's been a hot minute since a book made me cry. So many feels as I finished this book by the lovely Ace Gray. I'm even more in love with the characters than I was when I finished the first book. I saw the world and tasted it. I felt every blow and every tingle. Well done ladyface, well done.

    22. I enjoyed book #1 a lot better but still loved this dark, twisted story. I would recommend these books if you like that kind of read ;)Can't wait for the next book in the series!

    23. Brilliant!This series is absolutely fantastic! I was sucked into a world of dark, depraved sexual deviation, but love will prevail!

    24. When a book series impacts and alters your very existence the way Twisted Fate & Twisted Death have, it is impossible to describe how monumentally fantastic they are. These dark, totally messed up stories that reach deep into your soul and stir everything up. How do you explain that type of tangled perfection? Twisted Death is the sequel to Twisted Fate and thankfully fills in some enormous gaps very quickly. If you read the first book, you know what I mean. When I read that final page of TF [...]

    25. I think I died a thousand deaths with every new page! Ace Gray has become one of my top ten favorite authors of all time and she never ceases to amaze me. I think I was shocked more than anything by how twisted this second book was. With everything the author threw at the reader in the first book, I thought for sure this one would be more tame. I was like there is no way she can top that. Boy was I wrong! Blood, sweat and tears give this novel a tipping point over all the others. It's like watch [...]

    26. A Beautifully Twisted Happily Ever AfterThis was probably one of my most anticipated sequels of any book I have wanted to read this year and I was lucky enough to receive an ARC to provide an honest review. Twisted Death was darker and more twisted then the first book and it was everything that I hoped for and more. Ace took me through so many twists and turns, from the WTF moments to the ones that made me cry. It was pure perfection. I didn’t know if my poor heart could take much more, but th [...]

    27. I received an ARC of Twisted Death by Ace Gray in exchange for my honest review.This story is a continuation from book 2, so definitely NOT as standalone novel. I strongly recommend re-reading book 1 before reading book 2 if it's been a while. I was confused when I started the book because there is definitely a time shift and trying to remember how book one left off. This book is dark, it's the seedy underbelly of the mob world, with sex slaves, death and mayhem all around. Cole is gone back to [...]

    28. Omg Ace you did yo me again! Why are you trying to kill me. Whyyyyy??? I recieve this has ARC for review. I remember reading book 1 Twisted Fate and it had me on a Hangover! I couldn't wait for book 2 Twisted Death.This is a Sequel to twisted Fate. These dark messed up love reach right into my soul. I couldn't believe how much I would fall in the love with Cole. He is to much.His mouth is so nasty that you just want to bit him all over. You would really think he right next to you but then you re [...]

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