Spring Training

She s never been to first, second, or third base She s never learned how to handle a bat, or had anyone in her dug out She s in need of some serious training I m a pro athlete and just the man for the job Where do I begin Not only is Grace a virgin, she s a nerd to boot Twenty one years old, hopelessly innocent, clueless beyond belief She s beautiful and smart But She s never been to first, second, or third base She s never learned how to handle a bat, or had anyone in her dug out She s in need of some serious training I m a pro athlete and just the man for the job Where do I begin Not only is Grace a virgin, she s a nerd to boot Twenty one years old, hopelessly innocent, clueless beyond belief She s beautiful and smart But she has no idea how to use those curves she s been given Seriously, she s a work of art Makes me harder than my baseball bat They say she s off limits, but I play dirty I ll steal my way to third base easilyy One look at her, and I know it Spring training is the perfect time to score a home run This is a standalone virgin bad boy instalove romance with no cheating, an HEA and no cliffhanger It s book 3 in my bestselling series, Bad Boys Of Summer Both of the other standalone books are also included in this copy as bonus for a limited time, so you can read the whole series Enjoy Intended for readers 18 due to Kindle melting scenes and other mature content.
Spring Training She s never been to first second or third base She s never learned how to handle a bat or had anyone in her dug out She s in need of some serious training I m a pro athlete and just the man for the

  • Title: Spring Training
  • Author: K.B. Winters
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 379
  • Format: Kindle Edition
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    1. I definitely struck out big time! This was a very short insta-love hookup between a pro-pitcher and a college senior who's a virgin, and hiding a little secret that might end the season before it begins. Not much story building, another round of the bases not much different from any other sports-related romance, and of course there's the wham-bam-thank you-sex that was unprotected even though the pitcher gave lectures to his teammates on safe sex. He jumps into bed with a perfect stranger and ta [...]

    2. Spring Training by K.B. Winters a hard batting five-star read. I have read a couple of books by this author and enjoyed them, but this is the best of the bunch, I just wish it was longer. Justin Calloway is a dream in white baseball pants, moulded in all the right places. He is the new all-star pitcher for the Warriors, a team in Oklahoma. Justin is a man who knows what he wants and how to get it, hard work, dedication and rules. Grace Mansfield is a Statistician Major who has been brought up ar [...]

    3. Spring Training by KB Winters is the third book in her Boys of Summer series. I can be read as a standalone. Grace fully lives up to her name. She is sweet, untouched, geeky and keeps herself as far away from the baseball players she deals with on a daily basis as she can. She has lived and breathed baseball her whole life and there is NOTHING that can change her mind about the dogs that these newer players can be. All she wants to do is graduate from college and start her real life and finally [...]

    4. Opening day of Spring Training was a media event, people milling around everywhere. Grace was there to scope out the new talent for the baseball season. She and her friend, Farrah, were on FaceTime chatting since Grace had a lull right now. Grace’s job as a statistician, gathering data and crunching numbers for coaches and trainers, made her work important to the Warriors. But Farrah’s sexy comments about Justin Calloway, the new Warrior’s pitcher, had her staring at him and flustered. Som [...]

    5. Grace is a college student studying statistics. She has spent the last three seasons keeping baseball stats for spring training. She is shy,quiet and still a virgin. This year she has caught the attention of star pitcher Justin. Justin is tired of the women just want to sleep with a famous player. Grace is a breath of clean air. She is innocent and he want to train her how to play with him. After several tries, Grace finally gives him a chance. The passion between them is superhot. Justin teache [...]

    6. Spring Training is the third in the series but can be read as a standalone. It's short, sweet, and oh so hot. Grace is a 21-year-old student and a statistician. While working the Spring Training she catches the eye of pitcher Justin. Justin is hot, inked and just downright sexy. He's not like all the other players there at Spring Training and isn't looking to hook up with anyone and everyone hanging around. But he sets his eyes on Grace and will do whatever it takes to make her his. Grace is the [...]

    7. Spring Training is KB Winters' third sports romance, and it's a doozy! It's short and hot. Grace is a shy, 21 year old student, and statistician for the Oklahoma Warriors (love that name!!) who lives in Florida and goes to college there. She's in town for Spring Training when she catches the interest of the new pitcher, Justin. He's a hot, inked up guy who oozes sex, but doesn't come across as a manwhore like most of the other players. He's interested in Grace and he means to have her. It doesn' [...]

    8. Grace has worked for her father and her beloved Warriors for several years. She is their stat person and enjoys doing the "numbers" for the club. While she is constantly surrounded by athletes she had not allowed herself to be drawn into their world. She knows that spring training is just a smorgasbord for the athletes to hook up with very willing women/girls.This summer things are a bit different when Justin Calloway joins the team. The golden boy has everyone talking and all the women swooning [...]

    9. I voluntarily review Spring Training by K. B. Winters for receiving an Advanced Reader Copy.This is another great book by a great author. I hope this is the first in a series of books.Grace was an innocent geeky girl who loved stats. Justin was pitcher for team her dad owned although he did not now that. Justin set out to get close to Grace with the intention of just screwing her and then leaving like he did with all the others. When he finds out he has been screwing the boss's daughter he is pi [...]

    10. What can I say, another hit written by KB Winters. I am never disappointed by anything that she decides to write about. Her stories are always well written and the storyline and characters are always wonderful. Spring Training is no different. Grace is a very quite young woman whose father is President of a MLB team. She is doing their stats for Spring Training and seems to find their star pitcher Justin very attractive. He seems to feel the same way about her. When they finally decide to do the [...]

    11. This spring training session brings the heat! A fun, sexy baseball romance!Grace is at spring training camp to keep track of stats. She's a statistician for a pro ball team and is used to being around hot, horny athletes all the time. She's not used to them noticing her though and she's sure not used to them showing any interest in her. Justin Calloway is a star pitcher. Women fall at his feet, but he's starting to get tired of the usual cleat chasers. He's intrigued by the nerdy, beautiful Grac [...]

    12. I voluntarily reviewed an ARC of this book but I also purchased it to keep and because there are bonus stories in the published version. I also happen to love anything written by KB Winters. Grace is the boss's daughter and a virgin. Justin is a first round draft pick and the baseball club's hot new pitcher. She runs stats for spring training and isn't interested in wasting time with bigshot baseball players. She still got another year to finish college and is staying with her mom in Florida. Ju [...]

    13. Grace is a college student who is doing stats for spring training. She likes to stay away from all publicly and out of the limelight.Justin is the star pitcher. He isn't like the rest of the pitchers. They like to just go out party and pick up as many women as they could to have SEX with but Justin doesn't want just any woman he has set his sights on Grace.When they finally go out she ends up telling him that she is a virgin thinking it will scare him off but in fact Justin finds it incredibly s [...]

    14. I voluntarily ARC for honest review. This story take place in Warriors(MLB) spring training camp in Vero Beach Florida . Where Eastern college student major Grace Mansfield is the statistician for the Warriors. She is FaceTime with her best friend Farrah , talking about the new pitcher Justin Calloway all-star hot sexy cocky alpha playboy with gentleman side of him. Grace is shy smart curvy v-card carrier and self-sufficient. I love reading KB Winters books , she covers all the bases for a great [...]

    15. This is a sport romance, but not an average one.Grace is doing the stats for spring training, just like she does for some years now. But this year is different, Justin is on the field. And he is paying attention to her. Why she doesn't understand. But she feels attracted to him too. But she doesn't want it.But Justin isn't like the other players. He doesn't want every night a different woman in his bed. He wants Grace and he goes for it. She tries to resist him, but soon he gets her to enjoy tim [...]

    16. Once again KB Winters has produced a home run baseball novella that is well written, brilliantly descriptive and dam right scorching at times! I loved Grace and her sweet but adventurous nature. I enjoyed seeing her blossom and grow as her relationship with Justin developed. I also very much enjoyed Justin, the cool, bad boy baseball pitcher who has women falling at his feet but intrigued by the one who appears uninterested. Justin is protective, patient and down and dirty at times! Together the [...]

    17. Justin Calloway is a ladies man- The idea of the women dropping at his feet doesn't do it for him anymore. So when Grace comes along during Spring Training Camp to do the stats for the Baseball team, he sees something in her, something different.He's the Star Pitcher; Grace cannot understand why he is showing her all this attention, he enjoys getting her riled up by messing with her. What starts out as something for fun, short term, turns into more than either of them saw coming.Funny, sexy and [...]

    18. I received an ARC for my honest review.This story was short, hot and sweet. Justin was a new member to the Warriors and in town for Spring Training. Grace a statistician for the team is quickly on Justin's radar. She has been around the team for a long time and knows not to get involved with a spring fling. I love that he is a sweet guy not just looking for the next hook up like the rest of his team mates although he has RULES. The rules are in place so that they are both safe, honest and on a s [...]

    19. The story is about Grace who is a 21 year old college senior who has remained a virgin. She is working as a statistician for the Oklahoma City Warriors baseball team. Her friend Farrah talks to her about how hot the new pitcher Justin is who is considered a bad boy. She is adamant about not getting involved with any of the baseball players.Grace and Justin seem to bump into each other at different times and are drawn to each other. Grace seems to be caught by Justin when she is checking him out. [...]

    20. The Game of Baseball Just Keeps Getting HotterJustin Calloway is new to the Oklahoma City Warriors . Grace Mansfield is in her senior year of college and works as the statistician for the team . Justin is drawn to her and flirts with her . The chemistry between them is hot . Things heat up between them and she has to tell him she a virgin. . Things only get hotter from there and they start out as a spring fling . It becomes more and than Justin finds out she is the daughter of the teams Presiden [...]

    21. I love this book. It was sweet, romantic and sexy all rolled into one. I loved Grace. She was so unsure of herself. She tried to be invisible and blend in. Justin was super hot and sexy. There was something about Grace that just pulled him in. He thought he did not want forever but just for now. He had rules but we all know that rules are meant to be broken !! This book is a lot of fun because in the end it is all about those broken rules and feelings that happen when you least expect them too. [...]

    22. Wow! 5*+! Love it! Fantastic! Another homerun hit out of the park. Justin Calloway is a pro-league baseball player for Warriors of Oklahoma & currently in spring training in Florida. Grace Mansfield is a statistician major & currently working for the warriors getting the players stats. I devoured this decadently delicious & spicy sexy novel in one sitting. Only complaint too short! A sweet & funny sports romance novel that heats up with smokin hot chemistry & a explosive secr [...]

    23. Trained very well.I voluntarily read an advanced readers copy of this book and I enjoyed it. I love the series. Justin eyes the sexy girl in the stat booth and is not able to keep her off his mind.Grace is a statistician and a virgin. She's almost done with college and plans on going back to Oklahoma. She loves baseball and her dad owns the Warriors that Justin is the pitcher for.Grace encounters Justin at the vending machine and helps her get a soda. He realizes that he's going to have her and [...]

    24. It may be Spring but the heat is on when sexy baseball pitcher Justin sets his eye on Grace a statistician and daughter of the team owner. Grace has been waiting for the right man to give herself to. Has she found that man in Justin or is he just after a quick hook up during Spring training? The book is hot, as are the two main characters and even though Grace is a feminist she could easily get used to the way she is treated by Justin. He is the epitome of a southern gentleman and possessive to [...]

    25. What a great story by K.B. Winters about a star pitcher, Justin, and the woman who catches his eye, Grace. What I loved about this story is that Justin was not a man wh***, he wasn't a saint but he didn't bed every woman that gave him attention. He was particular about his women and Grace fit that bill. Grace was innocent until she met Justin and now she starts having feelings for the first time about a man. There was also no excess drama involving other women or exes, which was also refreshing. [...]

    26. Being surrounded by baseball players has never fazed Grace, but one player is now pulling her eyes off her work. Justin knows that the baseball life isn't always pretty, but he attempts to keep his name clean. Instant attraction between the two blooms, but each want something different. Will Grace give into their attraction? Will Justin want a relationship even after he finds out who she really is?Another KB Winters hit! Loved these two together and how Grace while knowing the numbers wasn't faz [...]

    27. This was an absolute fantastic read. Justin and Gracie are so similar, but their differences make things a little more interesting. Gracie's virginity makes her a little shy, but she gracefully puts herself in Justin's ands and finds out just how steamy things can be. Justin isn't looking for a relationship, but when he loses Gracie, he's lost. Saving her from major problems makes him realize what he's got and gets him to thinking about the future. But the problem is, Gracie's in Florida and he' [...]

    28. Grace just wants to complete out the training period and get back to college for her last year before going back home. Justin is in the training about to head to his new team. He doesn't know the secret that she is keeping though and it could tear them apart. Once he learns that she is a virgin he just wants her more and will do whatever it takes to prove his worth to her. I absolutely loved this book. The characters shared so much sexiness and love that it was very easy to overlook the hater in [...]

    29. Grace is a 21 year old college student who does stats on baseball players. She's as pure as the driven snow and her friend encourages her to rid herself of that V-card! She catches Justin watching her and smiling at her, but could a hunk like him be interested in her?Justin is a baseball player and has his sights on Grace. But, what he doesn't know about her if he got involved could ruin his career!Great, quick read! Loved Grace and Justin. My only issue with this book, is it was about 100 pages [...]

    30. Justin is first round draft pitcher and is so very handsome. But once he eyes the quiet sexy shy stat girl in the booth, he can't think of anything else but her. Grace turns out to be a virgin and Justin's boss's daughter. Justin wants a quick no strings attached arrangement, but soon learns, Grace is the kind of woman, any man would want to give the world to.Will Justin seek more with Grace and risk the potential to his career, given she is his boss's daughter? What will daddy say? Such a good [...]

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