The Heart's Appeal

Julia Bernay has come to London to become a doctor a glorious new opportunity for women during the reign of Victoria When she witnesses a serious accident, her quick actions save the life of barrister Michael Stephenson He rose above his family s stigma, but can he rise to the challenge of the fiercely independent woman who has swept into his life
The Heart s Appeal Julia Bernay has come to London to become a doctor a glorious new opportunity for women during the reign of Victoria When she witnesses a serious accident her quick actions save the life of barrister

  • Title: The Heart's Appeal
  • Author: Jennifer Delamere
  • ISBN: 9780764219214
  • Page: 312
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. This is the second book in this series that I have read and enjoyed, and there is a third sister, so there is hope of another book.Again, the author has set this read in 1870’s England, definitely a man’s world, and there are those that will do all they can to keep it as such.Our heroine is a woman, Julia, who heart’s desire is to be a doctor, and she uses her skills to save the life of the man that is destined to help her, Michael.There are twists and turns and several surprises and bombs [...]

    2. I loved the author's note at the end! I always look forward to reading those because it tells me about the research that was being done for this book! She's done a fabulous job with that.I also loved the cover for this book( I'm a sucker for beautiful book covers)! It was what drew me to the book. I have learned a lot from this book.Julia especially amazes me!! I love her personality and love for helping others in their time of need.How hard it must have been for women to do what they really wan [...]

    3. The Heart’s Appeal is the second book from Jennifer Delamere’s London Beginnings series. I really enjoyed the first book of the series, but loved, loved, loved this one! I was hooked as soon as I was introduced to Julia Bernay. What a strong, determined, and independent woman for her time in history. She was not going to let anyone take her down. What a fabulous way to introduce her to the other main character, Michael Stephenson. She is his hero. How awesome is that? It seems to me Jennifer [...]

    4. Review originally posted here: courtneyreadsromancesite.wordI received this book from the author/publisher in exchange for a fair review. All opinions are my own.After falling in love with the first book in Jennifer Delamere’s London Beginnings series, I could not wait to read the next one. And this one is just as wonderful and rich with historical detail and heartwarming character growth as the first.Through Julia and the other women at the London School of Medicine for Women, we see the tran [...]

The Heart's Appeal
by Jennifer Delamere
Bethany House
Bethany House Publishers
Pub Date 06 Mar 2018
I am reviewing a copy of The Heart's Appeal through Bethany House Publishers and Netgalley:
Julia Bernal is a strong minded, independent women who comes to London to study to become a doctor in the late nineteenth century. After witnessing a serious accident she is able to help save a man's life though her quick actions!Michael Stephenson comes from a family that long ag [...]

    6. Julia Bernay has become one of my favorite heroins! Intelligent and determined, she courageously faces naysayers within her community who tout that medicine is not a field suitable for women. Julia proves them wrong with her outstanding ability, compassion, and care. I appreciated that she understood her calling to be a doctor and did not doubt her ability for one minute. I especially liked that although she was bold, she was still compassionate, humble and kind instead of being haughty, abrasiv [...]

    7. Jennifer's book, "The Hearts Appeal", brings a man and woman together under unusual circumstances. Julia is a woman, determined to be a doctor despite all the odds. Many people are not for women doctors, and will work hard to deter and discourage Julia and others like her. Julia and her friends stay focused on helping others through their medical field and studying for the upcoming exams, not knowing whether or not the college for women will be even open for them to continue on in their future s [...]

    8. This is my first book by this writer and I loved the characters in this book. Julia is a bold, forward, determined young lady who wants to be a doctor. but her journey to achieving that dream is fraught with obstacles. Her benefactor can no longer support her, the school she intends to attend is in trouble and she is in love with a man who cant be with her.This is more of a 4.5 rating for me because the story does not drag. It even shows how certain laws may have ripple effect on unintended citi [...]

    9. The Heart's Appeal was a wonderful book. The characters were so intricately developed. I loved the way the author portrayed Julia. It was wonderful to get to read about another of the three sisters in this book, and I can't wait to read the last in the series about the final sister. I love reading series. Great book, highly recommend. I received this book for free from the publisher and was not obligated to write a review. All opinions are my own.

    10. The second installment of the London Beginnings series by Jennifer Delemere focuses on Julia Bernay, orphaned daughter of a ship's captain. She and her sisters, Rosalyn and Cara, grew up in George Müller's orphanage in Bristol, England. After Rosalyn makes a successful start in London, Julie finds the courage (and resources), to move there as well. She plans on furthering her nursing training and studying medicine.Whilst riding the underground trains to attend a lecture, the train wrecks and Ju [...]

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