Know and Tell the Gospel

Encouragement, biblical teaching and practical information about how to share your faith with others.
Know and Tell the Gospel Encouragement biblical teaching and practical information about how to share your faith with others

  • Title: Know and Tell the Gospel
  • Author: John Chapman
  • ISBN: 9781876326029
  • Page: 468
  • Format: Paperback
  • 1 thought on “Know and Tell the Gospel”

    1. Solid. Good explanation of the rationale, motive, and practice of evangelism. The second section ('Knowing How') contained some good, specific advice (even to the point of evaluating different evangelistic programs) but felt a little bit dated (the third edition was published in 2002).

    2. Very helpful book. I thought one of its best contributions was the chapter on training your church in evangelism. While many evangelism books I've read discuss doing evangelism far fewer give the practical helps for training as well as Chapman's book did.

    3. As a Christian, I have an interest in knowing the most effective ways of telling others about the Gospel, and I found this book by the late John Chapman very useful.The book starts off by explaining what the purpose of the Gospel is, and why Jesus came to Earth to live amongst us and be crucified, and then talks about ways to evangelise. A lot of this is drawn from Chapman’s own experience, and gives an accurate picture of the important points to remember when evangelising and examples of when [...]

    4. I knew John Chappo when he was alive. A great and funny man committed to his life of Christianity which he wrote of with such passion and humour!

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