Ready, Aim, Under Fire

When Private Investigator Lexi Graves police lieutenant brother, Garrett, asks her for help on a missing persons cold case he s been instructed to close, she s happy to poke around After all, it won t take long to prove if the woman he s checking up on is an impostor or the real deal.Garrett isn t convinced that Debby Patterson, who skipped town ten years ago, is the samWhen Private Investigator Lexi Graves police lieutenant brother, Garrett, asks her for help on a missing persons cold case he s been instructed to close, she s happy to poke around After all, it won t take long to prove if the woman he s checking up on is an impostor or the real deal.Garrett isn t convinced that Debby Patterson, who skipped town ten years ago, is the same happy, family conscious woman who has finally returned home Her parents are thrilled to welcome her back so there is no reason to think she isn t But just as Lexi begins her investigation, a friend of the family approaches her with some suspicions Before Lexi can find out what is worrying her, the woman is murdered Coincidence Or something dangerous Solving a murder and proving a missing person s identity, Lexi must put everything she s learned to the test Perhaps, by solving one crime, she can solve the other and determine, once and for all, who is the real Debby.
Ready Aim Under Fire When Private Investigator Lexi Graves police lieutenant brother Garrett asks her for help on a missing persons cold case he s been instructed to close she s happy to poke around After all it won t

  • Title: Ready, Aim, Under Fire
  • Author: Camilla Chafer
  • ISBN: 9781909577138
  • Page: 303
  • Format: ebook
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    1. A fabulous addition to the Lexi Graves series. It is best to read the previous books in the series to get the best from this book as although each book contains an independent case to be solved, the series follows the lives of Lexi and her friends and family and their relationships develop during the series.The case is discussed in the blurb for the book so I won't restate that but while she's investigating we catch up with Lily, who has baby Poppy now, and it's hilarious and so realistic and Li [...]

    2. I love how this series has progressed! Ready, Aim, Under Fire still has those wonderfully hilarious moments that Camilla Chafer does so well but Lexi's skills have matured as she has. The plot is solid and complex mystery but relationships, humor, and romance are still vital to the outstanding quality of the story. I have a great family but like Lily, I wouldn't mind being part of the insanity and loyalty of Lexi's family. And who would object to spending time with Solomon or Maddox! I am so gla [...]

    3. I love this series, I do. But this is not my favourite installment of it.The mystery is pretty good. Lexi’s brother Garrett, a detective, asks her for help with a case that has bugged him about a missing woman who vanished 10 years ago and was reported by her landlord of all people. Her parents always seemed relatively unconcerned and over the years they received sporadic postcards and emails from their daughter who claimed to be travelling her way around overseas. Then one day she just return [...]

    4. Ready, Aim, Under Fire (Lexi Graves Mysteries, 10)by Camilla ChaferOh my Camilla has done it again. Bravo! This series is amazing. Each book is just as exciting as the last. Camilla keeps the story flowing smoothly through each new book. Always picking right up where the last left off. Her plots are always flawless with comedy, sexiness, romance, drama and mystery rolled all up in a perfect story. All the characters are unique and have great backgrounds built up. I love how the main Character Le [...]

    5. Of all the Lexi Graves books "Ready, Aim, and Under Fire" is my least favorite read. This book doesn't really more the overall series plot forward and quite honestly feels as though it is just a @filler" or book used to extend the series. This read focuses least on the personal lives of the characters and more on the private investigation aspects.Garret, Lexi's police detective brother, asks for her assistance as a private investigator to figure out what is going on in a suspicious missing perso [...]

    6. I've followed the Lexi Graves series for a while, and have thoroughly enjoyed reading it. Chafer continually manages to balance light-hearted witticisms with well-rounded characters and plots which keep me turning pages. In 'Ready, Aim, Under Fire', the mystery Lexi had to solve was an interesting conundrum, and I commend Chafer for her work. I remained engaged until the last second, and never fully convinced myself I knew 'whodunnit'! Even the mystery itself was a head scratcher, and when it be [...]

    7. Lexie Graves can always be counted on for a couple things. 1,) She is tenacious! 2.) She is going to get into trouble along the way. 3.) She will do anything for her family. 4.) She's going to look cute while she does whatever needs to be done!I enjoyed this book and the fact that Lexie was giving her all to help her brother. Garret hasn't had such an important part in a book before. I think it is fantastic that Lexie cares so much about her family and is willing to jump in to help them as neede [...]

    8. Another winning novel!!!Ready, Aim, Under Fire is another great installment of the Lexi Graves Series. I love her investigating style and fashionable nature. Lexi is asked to investigate an old case for her brother Garrett. This turns into the biggest, most confusing cases Lexi has had to deal with yet. Yes, cases! With her non-law enforcement way of thinking outside of the box, Lexi dives head first into her missing persons case. There were times that I laughed out loud at the humor the author [...]

    9. LOVED this book! This is a great series and this book proves that each novel is better than the one that preceded it. Lexi is a PI working at the firm her fiance owns when she is asked by her police detective brother to look into a case that has him stumped. Technically, it's a closed case, but something feels off and leaves him uncomfortable.Lexi dives in and agrees that something is off. Before long, she's deep in the case and finding oddities - then things really escalate when a witness is mu [...]

    10. Number 10 already! I still like this series by Camilla Chafer. The mysteries are cozy and I like Lexi and her big cop family. Her BFF Lily had her baby in the last book but she is willing to help Lexi with her case, even when it doesn't work out that well.Lexi and Solomon are getting married and her mom has made several binders so she can start planning! Maddox is back and has a heartfelt conversation with Lexi that was way overdue. Although I like Maddox, I don't really understand his presence [...]

    11. This is a great installment on a wonderful series.In this book Lexi is working on a cold case with her brother Garrett, a case of a missing person who may or may not actually be missing. When a person close to the case with suspicions of their own is murdered before Lexi can talk to them it just adds to the mystery.There is a mommy Lily, Maddox asking questions, Solomon almost answering questions, an impromptu bonfire, and wedding plans that need to be made.I am ready for the next book. Waiting [...]

    12. 5 STARS!!!I love this series! In Ready, Aim, Under Fire, you have all the loveable characters and snappy comebacks that we have fell in love with in the previous 9 Lexi Graves books. Lexi and Garrett team up to solve a "not so missing anymore" case. We see how Lily is taking to motherhood and Lexi's mom is deep in wedding binders! Lol! What I'd love to see in the next LG book is more maturity and forwardnees in Lexi's character, we get a little but she never really confronts her beau on anything [...]

    13. I really enjoyed reading this book. We find Lexi assisting her brother Garrett on a missing persons case which is due to be closed, and both of them feel something is not right. There are familiar characters. Maddox is back, and Lily gets back into helping Lexi, well sort of! And of course Lexi's mother is on her case about preparing for her wedding to Solomon.The book is well written, providing some nice twists, and some emotional scenes. Camilla writes her books well, grammar, structure and li [...]

    14. An Engaging Mystery!!Ready, Aim, Under Fire is a finely tuned whodunnit with an intriguing plot & fascinating characters. This time around Lexi's brother Garrett asks for help in a cold case involving a missing woman who has reappeared after 10 years. Along the way Lexi becomes involved in a murder which may or may not connect to Garrett's cold case. Lots of humor is provided by best friend Lily trying to coping with new motherhood. Sizzle is provided by Lexi's new fiancé John Solomon, who [...]

    15. This was a great read. love suspense, romance and mystery? then this book if for you I Love Lexi. She works with her brother on this one on a cold case. You follow her thru a case which is startling to her brother Garrett. For some reason He believes something fishy is going on. This book will keep you guessing until the very end. I honestly did not see the ending until the ending. I Can not wait to see the next chapter in the Lexi Graves series. I ate this book up in no time flat and you will a [...]

    16. Great series! 🙋Lexi is always getting into trouble with her cases, but she ALWAYS gets the bad guy. One of my favourite things about this book was the dialogue between Lexi and Maddox. They pulled at my heart stings in this one. If you have read the series you'll understand. In Ready, Aim, Under Fire Garrett needs Lex's help with a cold case. Her Mom is pestering her about her wedding to Solomon. Lots of questions about Solomon. Makes me wonder what the author has planned for him.Great series [...]

    17. Absolutely brilliant, Lexi Graves is my number 1 PI .Read, Aim, Under Fire was an awesome read, Lexi has really come into her own as a Private Investigator I just love the way her mind works, her never give up attitude oh and when Lilly helps her out lol cause you know there will always be extra laughs when Lilly is around even more so now that she is sleep deprived new mom.Lexi is working a case helping Gareth out, Lexi's Mom is trying to plan her and Solomon's wedding, as usual Lexi's life is [...]

    18. Always a great read!Lexi is always a great read that I devour and hate to end. She gets involved in a missing but not ,is so g persons case and the game is on! Lily makes some appearances and she's hilarious as ever. Garrett gets more spotlight and I enjoyed his relationship with Lexi. Maddox has some time and what he has to say, makes us all question who Solomon really is. I hope we get more answers soon.

    19. Great installmentGreat installment. I felt a few things were left unsatisfactory. Can't wait until the next book. Overall the book was well written and enjoyed the chaaters. .just so much left unresolved from her father, wedding plans, Maude not being around, Olivias big secret.

    20. "Ready, Aim, Underfire" does NOT disappoint! Camilla Chafer hit another target with this latest Lexi Graves mystery. I love Lexi's witty thoughts and banter, her positive attitude, and her female power. Once again, Ms. Chafer gives us a fun and funny and fabulous, engaging story. I highly recommend!

    21. Love Lexi , as usual!I really love this character, I could read about her adventures until she's collecting a pension! LOL. In this story ,Lexi solves a mystery involving identity theft and murder while pushing away niggling questions about Solomon's past. I hope nothing derails this couple in any future books, I love them together. Definitely a great read, another A+!

    22. Ready, Aim, Under Fire is exactly what Lexi gets while trying to solve a 10 year cold case for her brother. There is twists and turns that will keep you in engage with this awesome read! Just when you think you have the case solved bam there is a new twist. Another enjoyable book from Camilla Chafer, already waiting for book 11!

    23. Murder, missing or Dead daughter, fraud. this book has it all. Well, what can I say that all of your faithful readers aren't already saying. Another fantastic story in this series, I ❤️ the plot, the characters and of course the romance between Lexi and John. Awesome reading and can't wait to read the next installment !!

    24. Love this seriesNew plot, interesting characters, love to see the development of the characters and their struggles with life changes. I look forward to reading about the wedding. Great story,highly recommend it

    25. Ready, Aim, Under Fire is another fun chapter in Lexi Graves life! Great characters with lots of mystery, fun, and romance. Lexi won't let go until she solves the case of a 10 year old missing person. Twists and turns that kept me guessing until the end. Great read for cozy mystery fans!

    26. How convoluted can you get?The whose who of who knows who. Like I said, convoluted. A cold case from 10 years ago gives Lexi and her brother Garrett a large headache and a fresher body. The twist in the tail fits just perfectly with the utter confusion.

    27. Leading to something big. Who is Solomon?? Lexi is smart but she takes forever to catch on sometimes. Seriously, someone literally called Marley, Marley and it still didn't click. For the love of God woman.

    28. Very goodI really loved this story and everyone was here. I really like that Maddox and Lexi are able to be friends and Solomon is awesome. Although he appears to have some very deep secrets. Can't wait for the next book.

    29. The Lexi Graves' adventures just keep getting better. There's a certain bridezilla that you just want to smack a couple of times and tell to back off. LOVE Lexi and Solomon.***given an ARC in exchange for honest review***

    30. Another amazing Lexi Graves mysteryOnce again Camilla Chafer provided a great story line with the usual lovable characters. I hope there are more Lexi Graves mysteries in the future!

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