Hot Single Daddy

She gave me almost everything Now I m back to claim what s mine But this time, I have a little someone in tow Emily and I dated five years ago It was the hottest relationship of my life and we didn t even go all the way But I had wars to fight, and mistakes to make Now I m an ex military bad ss Not to mention the billionaire founder of a company I can have any womaShe gave me almost everything Now I m back to claim what s mine But this time, I have a little someone in tow Emily and I dated five years ago It was the hottest relationship of my life and we didn t even go all the way But I had wars to fight, and mistakes to make Now I m an ex military bad ss Not to mention the billionaire founder of a company I can have any woman I want and I often do But I can t get over my high school sweetheart So I m back to heat things up between us again There s only one thing that might stand in the way I m a father now Is it too late for me to be Emily s very first time And will we get a second chance at love
Hot Single Daddy She gave me almost everything Now I m back to claim what s mine But this time I have a little someone in tow Emily and I dated five years ago It was the hottest relationship of my life and we didn t

  • Title: Hot Single Daddy
  • Author: Juliana Conners Piper Phoenix
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 267
  • Format: Kindle Edition
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    1. This second chance romance is about two former high school sweethearts who run into each other after 5 years. Emily doesn't trust people with money due to her father being taken by a ponzi scheme. Wade has PSDT from an accident the happened while he was serving in the military & now runs his own tech company. They're both still drawn to one another because they were each others first loves. But circumstances make it difficult for them to reconnect. These two have unresolved issues that need [...]

    2. I felt like this book had so much potential. The first few chapters had great build up and story lines then all of a sudden wham bam it is done there were so many places the author could have taken the book and it felt like she had that plan but then lost it so it just got pretty little bow and it was over

    3. 4 Sweet StarsI have to admit that this book was a slow start for me. At first I thought the book was gonna get really good after the slow start, but somehow I was wrong the author put so much in the book and never finished the thought process. I for one would have like to know more at the beginning or even added something in about the class Emily was taken instead of just at the beginning and then end. What happened to the middle? The epilogue goes straight to six months and honestly had me a li [...]

    4. Hot Single Daddy by Julianna Conners and Piper Phoenix a sublime five-star read. Juliana Conners writes funny and flirty sexy reads, and she does so well with this book, that I couldn’t put it down. Wade Covington is a bad-boy, he’s ex-military is the founder of a billion-dollar company, a daddy but most of all he’s the one that hot away. Five years ago, was the last time Emily Mason saw him, when he was just a broke boy from the same side of the tracks as Emily. The boy who broke her hear [...]

    5. Wade and Emily were high school sweethearts who even though they were passionate, they never went all the way. Then Wade went away to the military and Emily stayed home to finish high school. The distance put a strain on their relationship and Wade seemed to be shutting her up so they broke up. It is five years later, Wade is a millionaire businessman who has been very successful for some apps he developed. He is at an awards dinner when he sees Emily again as a server at the dinner. He invites [...]

    6. Sometimes I'm in the mood for a quick, over-the-top ridiculous book. I'm also a sucker for second-chance love stories. So I decided to give this novella a read. This wasn't a terrible book, but it wasn't great either Good dialogue is one of the most important things to me, and in this book it was frequently awkward and unrealistic. In order for a second-chance romance to work, you need two things: the story of why they broke up, and how that's affected the hero and heroine since. And you can't j [...]

    7. I gave this Book a rating of 5 ✩’sTitle: Hot Single Daddy Series: StandaloneGenre: Second Chance, First Time Romance, Ex-Military, Billionaire, Single father RomanceAuthor: Juliana Conners & Piper PhoenixFormat: Kindle eBookPublished on: May 14, 2017I voluntarily reviewed a Free Courtesy Advanced Reader Copy of this book>-< >-< >-< >-< >-<>-< >-< >-< >-< >-< >-< >-< >-<Character’s Descriptions:Wade is a Singl [...]

    8. Sooo I would have really liked Wade & Emily's story if their relationship had had some substance. This was a really (really!) quick novella, which isn't really indicated anywhere. Altho the page count has you assuming another book may be attached (it is), there's no real indication that THIS story is going to be quite this quick.IF more time had been spent on Wade & Emily's relationship rather than build up (we spend a lot of time, relatively speaking, at her school & job), when they [...]

    9. I reviewed this book as part of an arc program. I really liked this second chance romance. Emily and Wade were high school sweethearts and split up when he joined the military and became very distant and untrusting toward Emily without reason, she just thought the long distance was too hard. They reunited a few years later when Wade was accepting an award for his business and Emily was a server at the event. Emily was working her way through college and worked at a hotel as a server when she see [...]

    10. Fun, Fast, Second Chance StoryEmily and Wade were high school sweethearts before he went off into the service. Something happened--distance? time apart? He was a total a$$ to her? And she broke up with him. But she's never forgotten him and no man has ever come close to making her feel what he did. So five years later she's working hard to make her dream of being a social worker come true and still a virgin. And then she runs into him.Wade has been through a lot in five years and one of his bigg [...]

    11. I'm a sucker for reunited old loves and this is no exception but there was way to much loaded words. Billionaire, Rich and Virgin, these were repeated quite a bit. Him rubbing his money is people's faces, how she can't stand Rich people and their attitudes and soon many I'm still a virgin, virgin and so on. If I understand it right from the small section were he was explaining how is daughter came about, sounded like he did cheat on Emily and due to being drunk, depressed and had a problem with [...]

    12. I voluntarily reviewed an Advanced Reader Copy of this book.Hot Single Daddy is another very well written second chance romance story by Juliana Conners. It is a standalone older man/younger woman romance novella with no cliffhanger and no cheating. It features a dominant billionaire ex military alpha male and a feisty BBW virgin who earn their happily ever after. I enjoyed reading about Wade Covington & Emily Mason, they were high school sweethearts. Wade enlists in the Navy and leaves Emil [...]

    13. An okay second chance read by Juliana and Piper, with a few hot scenes throughout the book.The start was pretty slow going for me but once it got into the story, it picked up and had a fast pace. I liked Emily and Wade together, I thought they were pretty sweet but I would love to have read more about them. Unfortunately most of the book fell a little flat for me, emotion wise, I didn’t feel as connected to the book as I hoped I would have been.I loved how cute the ending was but again I would [...]

    14. A short read about a woman, Emily, and her high school sweetheart, Wade. After 5 years they run into each other again and even though Wade is a man wh*** and doesn't see himself settling down, once he sees Emily he starts having second thoughts as she is the only woman he has loved. But he has a secret and when she finds out will she give him another chance. Read and find out.A short steamy read about second chances and even being apart for years you don't forget your first love.*I voluntarily r [...]

    15. Emily and Wade have history from high school and when he left to join the Air Force. Wade changed after he left from a caring young man to a jerk to Emily.Now five year later they meet again and the chemistry is still there for both of them, but every time Wade gets Emily to listen to him something goes wrong, especially when she finds out he is a Hot Sing Daddy to a daughter.They need to learn to communicate, talk about the past and then work together toward some common goals to get to their ha [...]

    16. Struggling to get through school, Emily is determined to help other women overcome the stigma of being women in the work force. Wade left Emily 5 years ago when he went into the military, now back he is determined to win her back. What happens when Emily learns the truth behind their breakup? Will Wade be able to prove that he was true to her and will be again?Loved this second chance romance. Loved how Wade was determined to win her back. I was surprised that Emily didn't hold out a bit more, b [...]

    17. Emily gets a second chance with high school sweetheart Wade. She wants answers as to why he was the way he was at the end. She gets a rude awakening before she gets any answers--his daughter, who she thinks could have been conceived while they were still together. Emily spends most of the book judging Wade before she has any facts, which gets frustrating, but he hangs in there and is a good character.

    18. Emily and Wade were each other's first loves but they broke up before going all the way. They ran into each other years later and the feelings are all still there. But they have to work through their past to see if there's a future, especially any misunderstandings. I like that it had both points of view and a happily ever after. It was a short read, sweet and sexy. I like second chance romances.I received an arc of this.

    19. What a great story!Story about high school sweethearts that break up and meet again several years later and try to get together again. Wade went into the military and came back out a changed man. Emily is a student working to become a social worker. Can they truly come together again after all they have gone through. Especially when Emily finds out he's a daddy. Great story.

    20. Glad it was KUBecause I would have been mad if I had paid anything for it. There is a lot of telling, the dialogue was pretty bad, no character development, the plot was almost non existent. The h did not have sex with her HS sweetheart because he wasn't worth it, oh but they did everything else under the sun. Then she becomes almost scandalized because he had a daughter ? Yeah I don't get that. Just no.

    21. Emily and Wade were a match made in high school until he joined the military, then things went south. They went their separate ways. Five years later fate happens for these two, but will they be able to rekindle their love? Or did it ever really end? Will Wade's daughter hurt their chances? Or will Emily understand his situation? Only way to find out is to pick up a copy and fall in love just as I did. I hope to hear more about these two in the future.

    22. Wade & Emily ♡He was supposed to be the one, but he went into the military from high school. Now he's back, with wealth, power, a daughter, and he wants her backwill she let him back in? Wade & Emily have a second chance at love, with a bumpy, steamy-but-sweet road to their HEA. A fun read!Received as an ARC, voluntarily reviewed.

    23. Wade and Emily are former high school sweethearts that lost touch but never forgot each other. Wade tries to win Emily's forgiveness in this quick read, second chance romance. I enjoyed this steamy little novella. I might have enjoyed it even more if were a full-length book but it is what it is. Cute, sexy, and quick. 3.75 stars.I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy of this book.

    24. Ability does not equal a satisfying readThis was such a rush of a story that there wasn't a chance to get invested in the characters. The dialog was almost nonexistent. This could have been a decent little story if it was SHOWN to me, instead of just told in the characters head. Didn't bother to read past the first SHORT story.

    25. Emily and Wade was each other's first true love. But Wade left for the military. Five years later they meet again. wade has never loved since Emily and Emily hasn't forgotten about Wade over the years. But there are so many questions and is there still hope for the two of them ? It is a sweet and romantic book about second chance. About true love never forgotten. I really enjoyed it

    26. The book started off okay and promising. The storyline seemed interesting and I wanted to learn more about their background and how they got up to this moment. Then after they met up again, the book just stated going downhill for me. It just seemed rushed and very predictable. Then they did the deed and everything was okay.

    27. Wade and Emily were high school sweetheart who broke up after he enlisted in the AF and seemed toange over night. After a chance encounter they ran into eachother and the sparks start flying again. I really enjoyed the book but Emily came off as really whiney sometimes and I didn't understand why she was so mad at Wade.*I voluntarily read an advanced readers copy of this book *

    28. This book is about a secon chance romance between two people who fell in love in high school. Even though both Emily and Wade's lives have changed greatly and in different ways, they find themselves back in each other's lives without planning it. This is a quick read. I voluntarily read an Advanced Reader's Copy of this book.

    29. I received a free advanced reader copy of this book and voluntarily decided to review itThis is a great short read, a second chance Romance. Student Emily is still a virgin after her first romance went wrong. She bumps into Wade and finds she is still attracted to him.Romantic steamy with misunderstandings and second chance love, I really enjoyed this book

    30. This is a great second chance at love romance.Wade & Emily were high school sweethearts but found that their lives were going in different directions.They meet again five years later and find that they both still have feelings for one another.This is a well written novella by two extremely talented authors.I voluntarily reviewed an advanced readers copy of this book

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