North Pole: A Narrative History

The story of the race to the North Pole is told through memoirs, letters, ships logs, and diaries of Arctic explorers, documenting the motives, modes of travel, and remarkable men who endured the extremes of physical hardship and grim competition, including Robert Peary, Richard Byrd, Fridtjof Nansen, and others Original.
North Pole A Narrative History The story of the race to the North Pole is told through memoirs letters ships logs and diaries of Arctic explorers documenting the motives modes of travel and remarkable men who endured the extr

  • Title: North Pole: A Narrative History
  • Author: Anthony Brandt
  • ISBN: 9780792274117
  • Page: 305
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. This book briefly reviews and excerpts portions of the journals written by many early Arctic explorers, one from as early as 1577 but most from the 19th century. The summaries that introduce each journal segment are well written and the reasons specific journal segments have been selected are also detailed. All in all the book provides an excellent overview of the pioneering Arctic expeditions. These selected samples give only a very brief taste of the extreme hardship the parties faced and the [...]

    2. Anthony Brandt's "North Pole: A Narrative History" is a nice anthology featuring excerpts from many of the major expeditions to the Arctic with essays from the explorers who searched for the fabled Northwest Passage, for each other and for the North Pole. The passages written by the explorers themselves are nicely linked together by Brandt's narrative, making this very readable.So much of the book depends on the journals, letters and books of the explorers themselves that the quality of the writ [...]

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