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Indie author and book review expert Jason B Ladd reveals the secret to scoring book reviews on as an unknown author.Using a strategic mix of automation and personalization, Book Review Banzai is helping authors get the reviews they so desperately need in today s crowded publishing market place.This high integrity system is a laser focused approach that teaches authIndie author and book review expert Jason B Ladd reveals the secret to scoring book reviews on as an unknown author.Using a strategic mix of automation and personalization, Book Review Banzai is helping authors get the reviews they so desperately need in today s crowded publishing market place.This high integrity system is a laser focused approach that teaches authors not only how to effectively get book reviews on , but how to get them in quantities that matter.Using a combination of free web tools and effective marketing tactics, this 5 step technique saves authors time and frustration by walking them through a process that begins with a Google Search and ends with an ebook page full of reviews.If you re publishing a book on , you must learn how to market your book Specifically, you must learn how to get book reviews on.If you re serious about getting your published work into the hands of reviewers and readers, if you want to finally book that BookBub slot, if you re ready to unlock your book s full potential, then you need this concise, competent guide on how to get book reviews on
Book Review Banzai Indie author and book review expert Jason B Ladd reveals the secret to scoring book reviews on as an unknown author Using a strategic mix of automation and personalization Book Review Banzai is helpi

  • Title: Book Review Banzai
  • Author: Jason B. Ladd
  • ISBN: 9780996538435
  • Page: 417
  • Format: ebook
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    1. It was interesting reading this book. I have been reviewing books for over a dozen years now. I have written reviews for 7 publications, and almost 1500 book reviews on my own site or on . I have been approached by numerous authors and publishers about reading books and then reviewing them. This book gave me a lot of insight into the indie author, or author trying to gain some traction. I have also had the privilege of working with a few new authors. I believe they would benefit from this book.J [...]

    2. This book has some good ideas, which may motivate authors & writers to put the hard work in to try and increase their books' reach gaining more honest and authentic reviews. It certainly doesn't alienate readers, and will attract many, many authors.Ultimately based on a spreadsheet method, it does focus authors' minds to what is needed when contacting bloggers and giving away free ecopies of books in exchange for a review.However I found it to be lacking in detail really. The author tries to [...]

    3. As an indie author, how do you get your book into the hands of as many people as possible? With book reviews. This book will show you how to use a laser-focused, in-depth technique to accomplish that one aspect of your book promotion: getting those coveted reviews. And you don’t have to be a first-time author to use the technique; it will work for any author who wants to increase their number of reviews.Although written with humor and levity, the author is very sincere and gives examples from [...]

    4. Well, the scheme must work because I received an email about this book when it was free and am now posting a review!As an independent author, I know how difficult it is to find readers to review my work, and that is one of the reasons I am a reviewer, too; especially for other independent authors who need the support.This book is packed with a vast amount of information, which is relevant and inspiring. The style of writing is fast-paced and easy to follow with touches of humour.I am definitely [...]

    5. Nothing terribly new or revolutionary here and there is not enough detail on the points mentioned. The author is basically giving this away in order to sell his video product.

    6. "Book Review Banzai: The Unknown Author's Ultimate Guide to Getting Reviews" has substantial flaws that lead to indie authors suffering disadvantages in the long run. I really liked that author Jason Ladd stressed that "the book" better be good. "If your book is no good, don’t banzai! Go back and start the seventh re-write. Or hire an editor, "Author Jason Ladd also stresses to look for "matching" book blogger/reviewers but his argument " You both went to UNC-Chapel Hill. You’re both vetera [...]

    7. I was asked to read this book pre-publication by the author in exchange for an honest review.Reviews are marketing tools that are necessary if your books are to sell and extend their shelf life beyond a few weeks. As an Indie author I am well aware of the challenges that we all face in a competitive market place without a substantial budget. There was barely any Internet book marketing when I started 18 years ago with my first book; but thankfully today there is as much opportunity for exposure [...]

    8. Book Review Banzai: The Unknown Author's Ultimate Guide to Getting Reviews is written in a very engaging way, one that often made me smile while at the same time nodding and thinking "he's absolutely right!". I have never published a book before, even though I've had several ideas laying around half-written for years. But if I ever come to the point where I decide to be organized enough (and brave enough) to publish something, Book Review Banzai will be my go-to guide for the launch strategy. B [...]

    9. In the early days of ebook self-publishing, the field was still small and it was easy (well, easier) to get noticed by readers. That's changed. Everyone knows someone who's self-publishing now. It's hard for the unknown author to raise their hand above the masses and get noticed. Book Review Banzai is written for the unknown author under the widely proven belief that reviews = sales.Ladd's method is a spreadsheet tactic of looking for book review bloggers, getting their contact information, and [...]

    10. As a book reviewer I always knew those reviews I wrote could make a break an author. I have also helped from the sidelines as my boyfriend has published his own books. I was so proud of him and life him couldn’t wait for the sales to come pouring in. Yep, didn’t happen. And as frustrating as that is he has a specific target group which limits his sales even more.You may have a great book but unless you can get it out to the public’s attention you have essentially created a great paperweigh [...]

    11. I have read and heard to death that as a writer I need a platform. Platform! Platform! Platform! But not a hint to help.Until now. I read Mr. Ladd's brief book in one sitting and in that hour I was provided with a concrete, step by step strategy to launch my book by accumulating book reviews.He explains how to send cold e mails effectively so strangers won't spam you and how to keep records on spreadsheets. He also talks about when and how to provide your book on Kindle for free, who to provide [...]

    12. If you're a relatively unknown author, you know how difficult it is to get reviews for your book. Maybe you've done some research and have an idea where to start: book blogger lists, top reviewers, etc. But in his book, Book Review Banzai, Jason has done the research for you. It lays it all out in a step-by-step approach, describing in detail how to use spreadsheets, data extraction tools, and mass e-mailers to send personalized requests for book reviews to the people who want to read and revie [...]

    13. I received an ARC copy and voluntarily choose to review it.Book Review Banzai is a well written book on making the most out of getting book reviews. It is written in very down to earth terms that any writer, seasoned or otherwise can understand. It takes you step by step with Ladd's strategies which focuses on getting legitimate book reviews.It gives you everything you need to focus on getting reviews for your book. How do I get the best reviews and where to find them? It also gets you organized [...]

    14. A useful guide to garnering book reviews, using techniques that seem to work. The author clarifies the point, however, that you have to put in the effort initially to earn these reviews. At last, an honest approach to achieving what frequently seems impossible task. Recommended for all authors, whether self or trad published.

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