Werelock Evolution: The Complete Trilogy

All 3 books in the Werelock Evolution trilogy, available for the first time in one convenient, discounted bundle He s a spoiled Alpha used to getting whatever he wants She s a stubborn eighteen year old determined to disappoint him.Finding love at first sight with your fated soul mate sounds so romantic Unless, of course, that mate happens to be your brotAll 3 books in the Werelock Evolution trilogy, available for the first time in one convenient, discounted bundle He s a spoiled Alpha used to getting whatever he wants She s a stubborn eighteen year old determined to disappoint him.Finding love at first sight with your fated soul mate sounds so romantic Unless, of course, that mate happens to be your brother s sworn enemy and the overbearing Alpha werewolf warlock who has taken you hostage.Things get complicated in this twisty enemies to lovers trilogy about a stubborn American girl who stumbles upon forbidding paranormal circumstances when she travels to Brazil and finds herself at the center of a blood feud between rival South American werewolf packs.The task of taming a formidable, drop dead sexy werelock has never been so hard And so hot What readers are saying What makes this book so good isn t just the unbelievably hot scenes, good writing and fresh story lines It s also how ALL the characters are interesting not just the main couple Even when Alex and Milena aren t in the same scene together, those werelocks carry the story They re scene stealers all of them Phenomenal Hettie Ivers has created a fascinating magical werewolf world and filled it with characters that are worthy of our interest and love This had to be one of the most hilarious books ever Oh my, the romance was so hot and steamy and just downright nasty in a good way grab a fan and a cold beverage Alex and Milena get it on and on and on And I loved every moment Taking the genre to a higher level Moments of suspense and dark surprise are often balanced with unexpectedly hilarious ones Wow, the sexual scenes between Alex and Milena are scorching Hot I was entertained the entire time while reading since it is so different from other shifter worlds I have read This is an amazing story that keeps you guessing This author has a gift where the scene plays right before your eyes You will not want to put this book down
Werelock Evolution The Complete Trilogy All books in the Werelock Evolution trilogy available for the first time in one convenient discounted bundle He s a spoiled Alpha used to getting whatever he wants She s a stubborn eighteen year o

  • Title: Werelock Evolution: The Complete Trilogy
  • Author: Hettie Ivers
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 338
  • Format: ebook
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    1. Before I give my full review, I have to say that this series is my all time favorite one. Hettie has become my favorite author quickly and I can so appreciate her very creative story telling. Expect the unexpected and enjoy!Slip of FateSlip of Fate follows the journey of Milena as she makes the decision to find her brother. She has lost her mother and is all alone in the world. The one connection she has is to Raul. If she can find him, then maybe she can find some sort of order in her life agai [...]

    2. A wonderfully addictive seriesI loved this series .is is the paranormal genre at it's best is dark, with the werelocks being more antiheroes than heroes, exciting to read and so funny there is so much great humour captured within these pages many ways this is an age old story of family loyalty, infidelity, love, lust and ultimately a struggle between two powerful warring factionsbut the skill of the author to create a believable alternative world with magnificent and despicable magical beings gi [...]

    3. Ooooh…LA……. Werelocks in a BOX! – Yes. Yes, Please.I am one of the lucky ones that actually owns these AWESOME books. Jelly? I would be. I swear they have a permanent place on my night stand. Anytime I want to see sexy, I just roll over and drool over the cover of the books. The characters and story thatHettie Ivers builds is unlike any I’ve come across. The angsty ”I fucking hate you” to the lusty ”I want to rip your fucking clothes off” keeps you on the edge of your seat. Thi [...]

    4. There are book series that grab ahold of your heart, mind, and your very soul when the story is well written from one book to the next. Hettie Ivers is the author of one such series. With her Werelock Evolution Series she brought to life a young woman, Milena Caro, in search of her long lost brother, Raul, following the death of their mother. On her journey she encounters more than one unimaginable obstacle. She also comes face-to-face with some of the most manipulative, humorous, seductive, int [...]

    5. Fabulous story! It hooked me in from the very first page. Imagine what it would be like to be eighteen years old and suddenly discover that not only are werewolves real, but a whole room full of ridiculously hot and handsome male werelocks (werewolf warlocks) are eager to mate with you! Our heroine, Milena, is funny but bratty, innocent but determined, naive yet strong. She remains true to herself and adorably likeable throughout this whole ordeal. And Alex, her smoking hot Alpha werelock suitor [...]

    6. I can't get enough of this series and now the author is offering it as a box set?! TAKE MY MONEY!! Hettie does a masterful job creating a world that is so vivid, you're convinced if you went to Brazil it would be there waiting for you. If you're like me and bored with the stereotypical werewolf story, this is the series for you.You have a strong, sexy Alpha, Alex, who drives you up the wall with his hardheadedness. A young and stubborn heroine, Milena, who doesn't give two shits how hot the Alph [...]

    7. Review to come after re-reading for a third time. I highly recommend for those who enjoy a darker story, new and exciting werewolf stories, young or immature love, or simply an intriguing story filled with new plot twists. Disclaimer: For those who do NOT like ménage or cheating, like me; the ménage occurs mostly with a secondary character not H or h and the "cheating" occurs while both the H and h are both denying any attraction to one another. I personally do NOT enjoy cheating nor ménage i [...]

    8. Werelock Evolution: The Complete Trilogy by Hettie Ivers is a great collection of excellent books at a bargain price. This series will totally blow you away. A paranormal that is full of love, lust, secrets, family loyalty, anger, revenge, jealousy and fated mates. Milena goes searching for her missing brother and finds much more than she could ever have anticipated. Alex is the pack leader and is shocked to discover Milena is his fated mate. This leads to much turmoil and many conflicts between [...]

    9. The plot was interesting. It continued on at a brisk pace keeping the story going while still allowing for development. The story does not span very long yet it does not seem dragged out and is very well written. I am over the moon there is a second one. I shall have to buy it tomorrow first thing. Alex is as much of an a-hole as his half brothers make him sound at the very beginning. Even in the end I wanted to punch his selfish butt unconscious. I get the leader of a pack has to be strong and [...]

    10. Unexpected brillianceI wasn't expecting much from this, just a fun new take on werewolves at a cheap price. But I got so much more!! The lore in this series is so complex but explained just right so it doesn't get confusing. The plot asks 3 new questions for every 1 it answers right until the end. And the main character, Milena, is believable!! She reacts how you would expect a normal person to react and it's refreshing to see that.

    11. Better to have the complete trilogyStruggled to get into this book at first, but glad I did not give up. It got better and better with each book. I would recommend reading "The girl from Jurrsara" after book two as it make understanding book three easier. Looking forward to the next one in the series.

    12. **I previously reviewed each of these books individually are some snippets of each review!**"Hettie Ivers is a new author for me and I'm ecstatic that I picked this book up! The story drew me in from the first paragraph and I found myself reading way into the night. Milena (human) travels to Brazil to find her brother. Instead, she finds herself in the middle of a pack of hot, domineering werelocks and the main Alpha, Alex, insists that Milena is his mate. There's so much detail and character de [...]

    13. Well-written but Too ComplicatedI enjoyed much of the mythology of this story. It was very interesting in so many aspects, but for me, it became tiresome at times with complication after complication burying the progress of the story. I love mystery, and twists in most stories normally, but I felt tired of plodding through this story at times. It may be my level of intellect that caused me to feel that I was plodding to the end of the story. I don't want to discourage anyone else from reading th [...]

    14. Holy cow this series was hot, I couldn't put it down. I am usually not really into werewolves and shape shifter books, but I was hooked on Hettie Ivers's writing after reading her Krinar story. Hettie Ivers paints vivid pictures with her words in her books, she creates a world that us readers want to belong to. The entire series follows our eighteen year old heroine Milena who sets out her journey to Brazil to look for her brother after some family tragedy, she never imagined what her journey wo [...]

    15. Beautifully written series of novels. The author's sexy, humorous and addicting touch to the story is simply brilliant. Alex and Milena's story is one that will linger in your thoughts, enticing you to read them again and again. Entertaining all throughout the series, this trilogy is a must have for all paranormal romance lovers out there.

    16. God - loved this series. Great back story, humorous characters, great action, flowed beautifully and full of surprises.I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a good laugh and who loves books they can't put down and have to keep on reading until the end. It also takes werewolves to another level of fantasy.

    17. InterestingThe Author is a very good writer. However these were hard books to read at times. I usually read a group of books in 1 to 2 days. Good story line with characters that come alive. The Sex wasn't to bad either 😈. I would recommend, but this is not a quick read. Enjoy!

    18. Great readLoved the series soi far cannot wait to read the rest of the series. The characters are diverse and fun .

    19. DisappointingThis trilogy would have been a much better storyline without pages upon pages of detailed graphic sex. Such a shame I had to skim pages and pages which probably made up a whole book in total. Just no need really. The pages could have been filled with so much action and suspense between the two enemy packs. There is a surprise ending and one that could have ended much better with more action and detail accounts. By the end of the third book there is still a part of the prophesy which [...]

    20. Yes!! All that hotness in one convenient package! Just what I was hoping would happen. Do yourself a favor and pick up all three at once. Milena and Alex, Remy, Alcaeus, Alessandra, Kai, and Lupe, they will not disappoint. Don't bother dipping your toes in to test the waters. They are hot and steamy with all the heart and passion you could want. Pick up the trilogy, set aside a couple days, a box of chocolates(or whatever you hanker for), a nice warm blanket and a drop dead sexy masseuse(what?! [...]

    21. It is as the author described.This series was okay probably better than most. It was well edited which I appreciated. I just can't handle the annoying 18 year old female lead. However the author does forewarn readers about this character.

    22. I started out really liking this book but ended up not finishing it! I really enjoyed the storyline but Milena drove me insane as a character.I think I would have enjoyed it more if Milena was a little more assertive. I realize the character is young but have a backbone! I kept yelling at her to say something.I made it to the third book before giving up so they are definitely well written. Maybe I'm just too old to relate to an eighteen year old?!

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