Paint The Rainbow

The day Ryan Mitchell meets action movie star Mason Whitelock, his whole life changes Everything he believes in crumbles to dust For years, his homophobic father and his well meaning sister have tried to see him happily settled with a nice girl, but none of his relationships ever worked out Each one of them had left him feeling empty and drained Ryan thought he would nThe day Ryan Mitchell meets action movie star Mason Whitelock, his whole life changes Everything he believes in crumbles to dust For years, his homophobic father and his well meaning sister have tried to see him happily settled with a nice girl, but none of his relationships ever worked out Each one of them had left him feeling empty and drained Ryan thought he would never meet that special someone that person who would make him feel complete He surely never expected that person to be another man Ryan s openly gay buddy, Juan, is the only one who knows what Ryan really needs Not a weekend goes by when he doesn t take his friend to one of the many gay bars dotting the city of Los Angeles What Ryan sees there only makes him confused One weekend, Ryan s dream of becoming a recognized artist comes true His talent for painting is discovered by one of the country s most reputed gallerists Before Ryan knows it, he is introduced to the world of fame and wealth, and it is within this domain that he crosses the path of Mason Whitelock once Married with two kids, Mason does his utmost to hide his homosexuality from his employers, the press, and his friends He has everything any man could desire in show business, yet he can t help feeling empty and alone His emotionless tumbles with an ever growing string of men picked up in clubs seem to do nothing to curb his desire for Everything changes when he sees a work of art that blows his mind The painting conveys who he is in the most meticulous abstract perfection it is the virginal Ryan who opens his heart and shows him the way Paint the Rainbow is a stand alone novel featuring two insanely hot men with different life stories that once told reveal the same pain Can they weather the emotional storm that ravages their lives Will they finally discover peace and truth in each other
Paint The Rainbow The day Ryan Mitchell meets action movie star Mason Whitelock his whole life changes Everything he believes in crumbles to dust For years his homophobic father and his well meaning sister have tried

  • Title: Paint The Rainbow
  • Author: John Harris
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 480
  • Format: Kindle Edition
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    1. I loved everything about Paint the Rainbow by John Harris. The storyline was fleshed out and had depth. I loved the real feel of the characters. The chemistry between Ryan and Mason was fantastic, and the scenes were hot. I loved Ryan and how he put his foot down with Mason and refused to be his side piece indefinitely even if it meant giving up the man he loved. This book is about Ryan, a painter, who gets into a relationship with Mason, a married with kids movie star. So Ryan is aware that he [...]

    2. Ryan and Mason meet when Mason takes his wife to an upscale boutique for a dress. Ryan is an aspiring artist and Mason a movie star who is still in the closet. When the two meet , you can see an undeniable attraction. Ryan thinks he is imagining things, his friend Juan knows better. Throughout the book you meet Ryan's sister Amber who is awesome as well. She knows or highly suspects her brothers truth even though he is not able to admit it to himself. His mom is fully supportive. Unfortunately R [...]

    3. Title: Paint the RainbowAuthor: John HarrisPublisher: John HarrisISBN: B074675FZZBuy Link: amazon/dp/B074675FZZReviewer: Teresa Fallen AngelBlurb: The day Ryan Mitchell meets action movie star Mason Whitelock, his whole life changes. Everything he believes in crumbles to dust. For years, his homophobic father and his well-meaning sister have tried to see him happily settled with a nice girl, but none of his relationships ever worked out. Each one of them had left him feeling empty and drained. R [...]

    4. OKThis is not what I expected from John Harris. Not altogether in a bad way, just not his usual colourful storytelling. Has he sold out to the mainstream? Packed away his trademark edgy storylines and characters? For this book the answer is yes but I still liked it. What the reader gets in return is a sweet 'first time gay' tale that follows themes for the genre. Nothing brave or extraordinary, but a good solid romance and a good example of the genre. It's short and sweet with a few hot scenes [...]

    5. I had several problems with this story that I just couldn't get over. The biggest thing that I just don't ever like is cheating/infidelity. I don't mind if a couple has an open marriage because he needs a fully complicit beard, but Mason was married to a woman who didn't sign up for that and Mason's actions showed that he was nothing but selfish. I had basically zero respect for this character because of it. And then, there was no real conversation of what Ryan should expect from their relations [...]

    6. I think this was a cute short story which I enjoyed. While I found it not quite up to his usual work, it had moments that I thought were total John Harris. One of my favorites is the Picasso influenced scene. The thing that I had an issue with is that Ryan knew that Mason was married. How that situation was handled doesn't sit well with me. Also, when they hook back up I think there should have been some questions answered before forgoing protection but that could be my own trust issues being pr [...]

    7. This was a well written contemporary gay love story about a man, Ryan, who is just starting to realize his true sexuality. Mason is a "deep in the closet" gay man who is a famous movie star. Meeting at the boutique Ryan works at, an instant connection is made between the two of them. Ryans sister and best friend are instrumental in helping Ryan recognize his sexuality. Being a painter, he is discovered by an art gallery and becomes an overnight success. The sex is hot and there is enough angst t [...]

    8. This story is a soft, sweet, first time gay romance. If you are looking for something short to while away an afternoon this might fit for you. I enjoyed aspects of it Ryan, the main character, the character development in general, the art references, and it's well written.The down side for me (personal preferences) I do not care for storylines that contain cheating within a marriage and that not only was written in but occurred in front of the characters wife not to my liking. The subject matter [...]

    9. This is the story of Ryan who falls in love with one of his customers in the ladies’ boutique where he works. The fact that this person is Mason Whitelock comes as a bit of a shock as up until then he had no idea he was even gay. Besides Mason is married with two kids so he can’t even be gay.We follow as Ryan comes to terms with his sexuality and has an affair with Mason but when push comes to shove, is Mason prepared to come out in public and leave his wife for him.John has spun a very good [...]

    10. "I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book." OMG he has done it again. Wow when the story starts you think you have an idea of were this story is going. Then it takes a twist and your sure it is going in another direction. Then it changes again. It keeps you on your toes. It's a story you need to read in one sitting as it is that good. As Ryan and Mason story are both believe able in this day and age this can still go on. Just wow. Would give it 10 points if I could. Had to read [...]

    11. That was quickWhile nice this didn't really last all that long. They met, had adult fun, fell in love, broke up,and got back together, in what felt like 20 pages. This felt more like a into or a prologue then an actual story. I wish it could have lasted longer. Maybe get a much longer version later on. I would love to see how things panned out after Mason just basically screwed himself over. Or if Ryans dad ever gets his head out of his butt. Maybe explain why his mother still stayed married to [...]

    12. Paint the rainbow was such a beautiful emotional journey Following Ryan and masons story was such a amazing refreshing book I loved it so much Their were so much emotion intensity and heartwarming moments everytime you turned the page it was so addictive I didn't want to put it down Ryan and Masons journey was about being yourself and accepting who you are and also following your dream It was so beautifully written my heart melted all the way through paint the rainbow I voluntary reviewed a adva [...]

    13. the unbeaten pathI absolutely loved the artistry of this book, it's a love story yes but also with a twist. being gay int as black and white as some people make it out to be there is a lot of gray areas. Ryan always thought he was straight but that all changes when he meets Mason, that one encounter changes them both. Ryan can finally be the artist he always wanted to be and Mason and finally be true to himself."I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book."

    14. Wonderful story that is romantic and heartwarming. Ryan and Mason are wonderful characters with great chemistry. I love seeing their relationship grow throughout the book and how Ryan stands up to Mason refusing to be kept secret. I really like that they remain true to themselves even through all the obstacles and criticism they face. Not to mention some really hot and steamy sex scenes!!I voluntarily read an advanced reader copy of this book.

    15. Ryan his journey---A guy who didn't know how his sexual feelings were - when his friend and his sister who knew him better than he knew himself tried to tell him who his was - his sexual identity .Enter Mason -- Ryan's first time with a man was what he needed and together they made perfect love.The story from there was exceedingly good -- I was lost in the words .

    16. This story was absurd and silly. Ryan's first gay intercom was with Mason, who was a married man, movie star and a cheater. If we consider all that, we can assume that Ryan's behavior wasn't realistic. I can't accept Ryan and Mason's blissful love, because it was unreal. Also, I had to skip their sex scenes, because they were blah.

    17. A really enjoyable read the romance between Ryan and Mason was really interesting. The characters are so real it's easy to get lost in their story. The secondary characters are really loveable too. Juan made me smile every time he was in the book, I loved Amber too! So if you love a good romance this book is the one for you. I voluntarily reviewed an advanced readers copy of this book.

    18. oh man, I seriously loved this book.It was so sweet and calming. It was a simple slice of life that I will read over and over. Ryan & Mason's chemistry was electric as soon as they laid eyes on each other. I really liked seeing their interactions but when it came down to the nitty and gritty I really got upset with Mason. I really felt Ryan deserved a better outcome especially after when he finally came out things went as expected with him and his father. I was really annoyed with Mason at t [...]

    19. MM. This is a story of Ryan's personal discovery, sexually and professionally. Meeting Mason in the boutique he works at causes him to question himself. Mason admits to being with other men, and Ryan, while still married. I voluntarily reviewed a copy of this book.

    20. I enjoyed this one but there is a certain aspect that I wasn't all that fond of which kept me from enjoying it 100% however overall i really enjoyed the characters i did understand the aspect and the reasonings and i loved the writing as always. i am glad i got to review it

    21. HOTRyan and Mason!!! Wow. To have all the questions and you're feelings answered by meeting that one person . That's what happened to RyanIt just all clickedBut it's not going to be easy and fair.But will it be worth it. I loved both characters. They were honest and real.

    22. Light Romantic Fantasy2 1/2 stars.If cheating is your hard line, do not read this book. There is cheating.The author needs a new editor of new beta readers. Pronoun usage is

    23. WowAll I can say is Wow I absolutely loved this book what a great Author you are John Harris more books please.

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