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Area 51 was the most secret place in America But it was only one piece in a puzzle that stretched from Egypt s Pyramids to the mysterious face on MarsPart of a plan begun 5,000 years ago by those who had been here before And are coming back.When scientist Lisa Duncan and Special Forces officer Mike Turcotte uncovered the stunning truth about Area 51 a training areArea 51 was the most secret place in America But it was only one piece in a puzzle that stretched from Egypt s Pyramids to the mysterious face on MarsPart of a plan begun 5,000 years ago by those who had been here before And are coming back.When scientist Lisa Duncan and Special Forces officer Mike Turcotte uncovered the stunning truth about Area 51 a training area on Nellis Air Force Base in Nevada they opened up a Pandora s box kept hidden from the American public for fifty years.What they uncovered explained decades of UFO sightings and the most baffling mysteries of history from the Great Pyramid to Easter Island.But these findings were only the beginning Now a signal had come in from outer space our first contact with extraterrestrials The message said they were coming It didn t say they had been here befored left something behind But what waited deep within the Rift Valley of Ethiopia and inside an ancient Chinese tomb would determine Earth s fate The dawning of a new age Or the destruction of us all Robert Doherty is a pseudonym for a bestselling writer of military suspense thrillers He is also the author of Area 51 and The Rock, and is currently working on a third novel in the Area 51 series, entitled Area 51 The Mission.
The Reply Area was the most secret place in America But it was only one piece in a puzzle that stretched from Egypt s Pyramids to the mysterious face on MarsPart of a plan begun years ago by those who

  • Title: The Reply
  • Author: Robert Doherty Bob Mayer
  • ISBN: 9780440223788
  • Page: 444
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. 3.0 stars. Very good sequel to Area 51. As with the first book, this is a fun, quick read. Ties into the plot most of the most famous alien conspiracy theories and moves at a fast pace. Not deep thinking fare, but a fun ride. Definitely worth reading.

    2. just finished this one. good read. i really liked it. haven't read the 1st (this is the 2nd) but i've already downloaded the 3rd. don't know if there is more. prolly ought to read the 1st, too now. or not. either way. onward and upward. (not too bad of a price, either)

    3. I wasn't sure I would like this one. It was a slow, but steady read. The plot-line was well done, and a little twisty. With it being the "Holidays", (who started that anyway there is nothing "holiday" about it). I think that I would have enjoyed this book a lot more if I could have read it straight through. But, it was the "Holidays". Ugh.Once everyone left, I was able to read the last half straight through. I was riveted, and really enjoyed all the sneaky, one upperness, and the jumping up and [...]

    4. Hard to put down.I loved the first book in the series. This one was actually even better. The more I read, the more I was pulled into the story. I never was able to guess what was going to happen next. Time to get the next book in the series. Awesome sci-fi.

    5. This was a fast paced read. Very intriguing. I couldn't put the book down. The ending left me wanting more.

    6. Spellbinding!Just as informative and as much action packed adventure as book one in the series! Onto book 3. Will aliens take over planet earth? Can't wait to find out!

    7. Continuing from the first book in the series. Again, well done and 'believable'. Author does a good job of bridging common myths and sensationalism into a story that seems to fit.Liking this guilty pleasure!

    8. The Area 51 series continues growing strong. Let's do a recap of the previous chapter, shall we? In Book 1, it's discovered that a race of aliens established an outpost on Earth some ten thousand years ago and left some of their technology behind, including several spacecraft currently in possession of the secret military facility known as Area 51. Under the command of General Gullick, a timetable is devised to test the largest of these spacecraft known as the mothership. But an archaeology prof [...]

    9. A steady sequel that reveals this series leans more towards the military genre than anything else, yet I'm rating this 2 1/2 stars. I'm struggling to conclude whether I wasn't majorly into this book because I sincerely didn't care for it, or because of my mood in the weeks I chose to pick it up. The Reply focuses on how the time Reynolds, Turcotte, Nabinger, and Duncan, no matter how short, has affected their relationships with each other. There is subtle concern making its way into their group. [...]

    10. An outstanding novel again, bringing together everything from the first novel and continuing from the cliff-hangar ending to create this amazing story. It kept me on the edge of my seat for the entire novel, wanting to see how it was going to end. There are more novels beyond this one, and I do hope to read them as well. This one ended with a very nice way to start the next, and I am excited to continue.I felt in this novel that there was a bit too much filler material going back over what happe [...]

    11. The Sequel to Area 51. This book takes place almost directly after the first book. It turns out the Guradian computer on Rapa Nui (aka Easter Island) sent a message to another Guardian computer on Mars! And now that computer is waking up the Ariellia there! They are suppost to land in New Youk City via their Talon spacecraft, but are they really as benevolent as they make themselves out to be? During the course of events we also learn of a new secret organization called S.T.A.A.R. A sectret gove [...]

    12. The 2nd installment of the series was definitely fun and the story interesting. Admittedly, I listened a lot to the audible book - and likely learned understanding the narrator better by now - but I found the plot and characterizations easier to follow than in volume 1. There are two qualms I have with this book, though. The first one it shares with the first book: the very short, very compact chapters - work well for effect in print, but don't lend themselves well for audiobooks. However, the f [...]

    13. This is a really good book. All of Bob Mayer's books are pleasing though. Don't get me wrong, it isn't Shakespeare, but they're all good, fast, easy, and eminently entertaining reads. They keep me glued to the plot and wondering what will happen next. I think one of the best things about Mayer's books is that there is almost never any downtime. The plot moves along at a rapid pace that it's hard to believe that anyone can maintain as a writer. Kudos to Mayer for that. Even the characters begin t [...]

    14. I love the series so far, but I like this second book less than the first mainly because its focus is more on the military reaction/preparation of the Humans vs the Alien presence and less about the ancient alien mysteries. The book still as all the qualities of the first one: great premise, straightforward writing and lots of action. This is a direct continuation of the story started in book 1 and mainly deals with how Earth reacts to the returning Aliens. It is very well told and engaging, but [...]

    15. Quali segreti si celano dentro la misteriosa base militare "Area 51"? Qual'era il reale scopo delle antiche piramidi egizie e della Grande Muraglia cinese? Esisteva davvero la mitica Atlantide? La montagna di Marte, fotografata dalle sonde spaziali, è un fenomeno naturale o è realmente una gigantesca faccia scolpita nella pietra? Dietro queste enigmatiche domande c'è una risposta semplice quanto angosciante: la Terra, migliaia di anni fa, fu colonizzata da un evolutissimo popolo alieno che ad [...]

    16. The Second book of Robert Doherty's Are 51 Series. I found this one to be just as entertaining as the first one was. It picks up mere days after the end of the first book, with the world struggling with the effects of the events which take place in the first book. Our intrepid heroes from the first book once again struggle against the likes of secret organizations, political and governmental forces, as well as Alien forces. Some of the heroes from the first book don't survive this story, but new [...]

    17. This continues in the same vein as the first book, Area 51: lots of action and explanation enough to glue it all together nicely. The whole mythology of Atlantis, aliens, pyramids, etc is all woven together masterfully.More guardians have been found. But they aren't all saying the same thing. And what's happening on Mars?Very fast-paced read with lots of interesting military bits thrown in, this is well worth reading. The characters are interesting (though apparently no one is safe), and everyth [...]

    18. Wow - what a fun and fast read!! The slow start in the first book that kept me from rating that one a 5 was completely gone in this second book. This was an action packed thriller from start to finish. For a military thriller geek like me, having F117s, F14s, Blackhawks, etc. was totally awesome! Throw in some alien spacecraft and cool archaeological sites, and it became a thrill ride. The whole time I was reading this, I was wishing I could see it on the big screen! Can't wait to continue this [...]

    19. I can see the movie and the sequels! These first two books of the series paint an interesting scenario regarding our next encounters with aliens. Throw in a thinking-for-himself special ops guy, a civilian scientist with presidential clearance, an archeologist, a reporter and a secret organization (motives and origins unknown) and you have the makings of a blockbuster action series. This is definitely an action/adventure story, there is little depth to the characters (Book 1 did a better job of [...]

    20. As a summer-blockbuster action movie, this again ticks the boxes. It picks up where the first book left off and gets straight to the action and just keeps powering on to the end. Some stuff is over-simplified for dramatic purposes (the finale being worthy of an Independence Day scene), but essentially it skips over the details and much of the back-story scene-setting from the first book to keep the pace up throughout. Thus in many ways it's pretty ridiculous, and disbelief needs an extra level o [...]

    21. This story was very forced to me, which I could be wrong, but the new character element annoyed me. So, instead of me wanting to know more about them; like with “Scout” in the previous book-I hated them. I do think that the new agency will be entraining at the least, but not so much as the original crew. What I would like from the author is for him to stop repeating the same stuff over and over. It is very annoying, we already know this stuff.

    22. This is the second book in Robert Doherty's series "Area 51" which continues where the first left off. An extraterrestrial ship was found located in Area 51 and now a signal has come from outer space. A message indicating they were coming. There are other extraterrestrial ships within the Rift Valley of Ethiopia and an ancient Chinese tomb.While reading the book it is apparent that Robert Doherty (Bob Mayer) has an indepth knowledge of military procedure which gives the story plausibility.

    23. This is the second of the Area 51 series and a nice continuation of the first. These are fairly quick and easy reads, chocked full of action-oriented scenes, rapidly cutting from one point-of-view to the next. As such we really don't get to spend too much time getting to know the characters but that seems less important in this sort of novel. They remind me of a combination of Stargate SG-1/Atlantis and The TV series "V". The aliens are comingbut are they friendly or not?

    24. Sci Fi This book was a disappointment compared to the first in the series. The whole first half seemed to be devoted to giving us all the information learned in the last book. Also, the military jargon was a bit much for me - I really don't care who manufactured the engines on the Blackhawk helicopter. But the last half was action packed, moving along at breakneck speed. I will read the next in the series, but I'll wait awhile so the refresher is more refreshing than tedious.

    25. I like this one a little more than the first book in the series. The potential power struggle brewing between the various factions on Earth, the mystery the aliens present, and the tension after the major revelation build into a more satisfying story.I continue to like all of the main characters, the action gets a bit mil-porn in places but is overall good, and the story's brisk pace make this a fun read.

    26. Enjoyed this book.Writes with a sense of urgency while still having a depth of character and a great sense of the expected and the unexpected.

    27. Stephen Hawking once hypothesized that a visit to earth by aliens would be similar to European explorers arrivng in the new world. He noted that the arrival of the Europeans wasn't a particularly positive experience for the natives. OK - in this book the aliens actually arrived 5,000 years ago - but they might be returning. Will that be a good thing or a bad thing?

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