The Grail

The Holy Grail is it the key to a miracle or a terrifying truth The Great Wall of China, the immense carvings on Easter Island, Egypt s pyramids, UFOs What is the chilling connection The answer, unearthed by an elite band of soldiers and scientists based at Area 51, is rewriting human history to include the aliens who shaped it Now, in this heart pounding noveThe Holy Grail is it the key to a miracle or a terrifying truth The Great Wall of China, the immense carvings on Easter Island, Egypt s pyramids, UFOs What is the chilling connection The answer, unearthed by an elite band of soldiers and scientists based at Area 51, is rewriting human history to include the aliens who shaped it Now, in this heart pounding novel, Area 51 personnel embark on a top secret search for the Holy Grail, a glittering artifact with the power to save the world or lead to its destruction Special Forces officer Mike Turcotte has paid his dues in battle and in blood Now assigned to Area 51, he fights the toughest enemy of his career the alien race who arrived on earth millennia ago and have returned to claim the planet Mike has dodged bullets and faced weapons of mass destruction to give humanity another day of reprieve But when his lover, scientist Lisa Duncan, falls into evil hands, Mike must decide which prize means the most to him the woman he loves or the legendary Grail It s a decision that could damn him or damn us all.
The Grail The Holy Grail is it the key to a miracle or a terrifying truth The Great Wall of China the immense carvings on Easter Island Egypt s pyramids UFOs What is the chilling connection The answer unear

  • Title: The Grail
  • Author: Robert Doherty Bob Mayer
  • ISBN: 9780440234951
  • Page: 454
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
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    1. What I really admire is that despite this book being the 5th in the series, the author still manages to pull it off. There's as much tension, mystery and action as ever. It's not easy to hold the reader's attention throughout one book, let alone a whole series, and Bob Mayer does it like no one else. Even though there's not much character development, I still love the little eccentric group fighting off the big threat: an African professor, an old Chinese archeologist, a Russian military man and [...]

    2. The Grail, the fifth book in the Area 51 series by Bob Mayer, continues the saga of earth as interfered with by aliens known as the Airlia. Artad or Aspasia, which one is the right one to side with? Is that even the right question? Who is the mysterious man in black that scares everybody? Why is Lisa Duncan stuck underneath the Sphinx? What's going on at Easter Island? Egypt? China? Area 51?This book wound up being as enjoyable as the previous books. Initially, however, I was bored and had a tou [...]

    3. This is the 5th book in the Area 51 series. I'm still finding these to be very enjoyable to read, though in a somewhat different way. After 5 books you really start getting comfortable with the reappearing characters, ultimately wanting to know more and more about them, and the larger story. It's really something I enjoy, and one reason why I tend to favor very long series, regarding them as some of my favorite books. And this series continues to deliver an entertaining storyline, that keeps you [...]

    4. Will civilization end as we know it? Who really is the bad guy? This series is an absolute mind blower!

    5. Great read and adventure.I have read five of the books in the series and have not been disappointed. The books stay true to the players and storyline. I am looking forward to the next book.

    6. Intense and hard to see how they can get out of this So intense that I had to skim pages ahead to see how some scenes came out (I'm a wimp, but still). Great storytelling

    7. Good read!Aliens, ( some good, some evil) religion, detailed information on aviation ,scuba, ships, parachuting etc. It was a learning experience for me, the authors SEAL expertise is evident- guys will LOVE it, but I liked it too! There's fighting but not gory. I enjoyed the way all the mysterious places and historical figures take on new meaning in this "what if" story, can't wait to read the next one!

    8. Not as fun as the first three, definitely a lack of actual content with too much lore being shoved in as padding

    9. Often by this point in a series (book #5) they start to grow stale or repetitive but this one seems to be holding steady and even becoming better each time. The author mixes up the plot and introduces new characters well but probably the sheer scope of the material is what allows it to keep going at a nice pace. After all there is a lot you can do when you come to understand that the entire history of our planet and every significant event was actually shaped and manipulated by aliens.Still quit [...]

    10. This one really feels like it exists only to move the story to the next book. It's way, way more expository than the previous entries in the series with huge sections of the novel just characters reading from the secret manuscript of Richard Francis Burton. I have no doubt that the pertinent information from this one will be repeated in the next book in between describing specter gun ships and the back stories of characters who are destined to die in three pages so I'd probably recommend skippin [...]

    11. Another very fun read in the Area 51 series. I've decided for this one to switch over my tags from sci-fi and military to sci-fi and fantasy. This novel had less in the area of military ops (though the battle armor was pretty wild!), and more in the area of fantasy. It's amazing to me that Bob Mayer can move from Egyptian history to Arthurian legend and it all somehow works! And, for a Dragon lover like me, it was awesome how he managed to even work in Dragons, in a new way. Really looking forwa [...]

    12. Things are finally coming together with this book. I think I'm finally following who everyone is: the Airlia, Aspasia and Artad wise at least. So many things that start with 'A'. In this book you finally get to see more sides of characters and learn more about the history of the aliens. It does leave you with more questions and wanting to read the next book to find out what happens to the characters next.

    13. Exciting storyI would recommend this book to anyone following the area 51 series. The book can stand alone but is best read as a continuation of the story as this gives the reader a fuller understanding of what is going on. I would wholeheartedly recommend anyone to read this book even if they hadn't started the series from the beginning. They will still be enthralled by the story shown in this book independently.

    14. Pick a few myths & legends, mix with SciFi & aliens, data dump from a translated diary every other chapter, then shoot some sh!t up. I kinda like the action scenes, but the data dumps were very tiresome. And the mix & match of myths and legends - Dracula's coming in the next few episodes I reckon as he got heavily hinted at in this one - just got plain annoying for me I'm afraid, which is why it took so long to finish.

    15. What I'm starting to love about these novels other than the alien aspect is how the author does such a brilliant job of integrating different ppl and events in history into the story. Burton's journals almost made it feel like I was reading a mini novel within the novel and with Artad now in play, I'm that much more eager to get to sixth book.

    16. Yet another installment in the history spanning Area 51 series. Giving just enough closure to be labeled a novel, yet leaving you with a fade-to-black "Executive Producer Chris Carter" X-Files ending. Always gifting you more questions than answers. If the goal was to keep me reading; it's working!Damn you Mayer!

    17. "The Grail (Area 51, #5) by Robert Doherty was enjoyable SF reading. Wish I had started with book #1 as it would have made more sense from the start. I've read a couple of other Area 51 books and will probably go back and read the rest of the series at some point.

    18. Everything just keeps coming faster and faster. Multiple groups in play with multiple plans operating over multiple books has created some kind of four player chess game where not only do the humans not know all the rules but only have pawns and knights on the board. Can't wait to see what's next.

    19. Nice story, and well written. Really made me want to read the next one until I had every book on the shelf :)

    20. I thought it was entertaining and I never suspected the way Turcotte - Duncan and Yakov would be kind of estranged at the end. Lots of questions with Easter island, and Mars.?

    21. A little disappointing in comparison to the previous books in the series yet still gripping and still leaving you with the need to know what happens in the next book.

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