Queen of the Darkness

Jaenelle Angelline now reigns as Queen protector of the Shadow Realm No longer will the corrupt Blood slaughter her people and defile her lands But where one chapter ends, a final, unseen battle remains to be written, and Jaenelle must unleash the terrible power that is Witch to destroy her enemies once and for all Even so, she cannot stand alone Somewhere, long lost iJaenelle Angelline now reigns as Queen protector of the Shadow Realm No longer will the corrupt Blood slaughter her people and defile her lands But where one chapter ends, a final, unseen battle remains to be written, and Jaenelle must unleash the terrible power that is Witch to destroy her enemies once and for all Even so, she cannot stand alone Somewhere, long lost in madness, is Daemon, her promised Consort Only his unyielding love can complete her Court and secure her reign Yet, even together, their strength may not be enough to hold back the most malevolent of forces.
Queen of the Darkness Jaenelle Angelline now reigns as Queen protector of the Shadow Realm No longer will the corrupt Blood slaughter her people and defile her lands But where one chapter ends a final unseen battle remai

  • Title: Queen of the Darkness
  • Author: Anne Bishop
  • ISBN: 9780451461711
  • Page: 324
  • Format: Paperback
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    1 thought on “Queen of the Darkness”

    1. Reviewed by : Rabid Reads.This is a trilogy that turned into a full-on series, and it took me 2 novels to warm up to Anne Bishop’s THE BLACK JEWELS world, so after finally getting my ah-ha moment, I will be stopping here. Yes, the next installments have the potential to be even better, but they could also be a return to books 1 & 2, and I don’t care for those odds. Anyway, I really did enjoy QUEEN OF THE DARKNESS; Daemon at long last stepped into his role as consort, Jaenelle showed the [...]

    2. 2.5 stars: I am completely baffled by why these books get such rave reviews. I have to admit there is *something* compelling about the world and characters that Anne Bishop weaves together, though I don't know that I'll ever quite be able to put my finger on what that something is.The majority of the writing is melodramatic, unimaginative, and contrived. I don't know if it has steadily gotten worse since the first book or if I was just more charitable when I started out. I was already growing ti [...]

    3. OK! Trilogy done, really satisfying! Def one of my favorite female-centered thick-tomed fantasy series. I really enjoyed the growth of the main character in this book, and the agony and tension between the main character and the love interest was great a point (see below)SPOILERS:I had a FEW quibbles along the way, namely:-Why, if everyone is SO UBER with magic and detection was the spy allowed to stay in the house to try to kidnap her sister? Why did she let her family stay so long AT ALL?!?! I [...]

    4. I thought for sure that this installment would be the book that launched this series into the stratosphere of epic-awesomeness where my book friends would rank it. Alas, I am doomed to be the odd man out here. I can definitively say I do not love this series. There were things I liked, characters I cared about. But whatever it is that makes other reviewers swoon, simply escapes me.This is the book where Daemon and Janelle finally come together. It’s still not easy. It takes years and their reu [...]

    5. n Book 3 of the Black Jewels Trilogy, The two evil Witches who have wreaked so much havoc in all their lives, Hekatah and Dorthea, continue their scheming to bring down Janelle, the once and future Queen of the Blood, and her kingdom.Daemon has returned and is finally united with Janelle, as well as his brother Lucivar and all the powerful friends she's made along the way- including the magical creatures who only bow to her.The book ends with one climatic battle, fought mostly in the psychic rea [...]

    6. This concluding novel of the Black Jewels trilogy is the strongest of the bunch. Bishop manages to keep all of her male leads on screen this time, and all the character-building that went on in the previous two books means that I cared about what happened to them all from the start. The world-building is still the weakest aspect of these books (though I finally got, in this third volume, that the only access from Terreille to Kaeleer and vice versa is through portals, so there's very little comm [...]

    7. I have nothing against guilty pleasures, or the r-rated themes, but there was no pleasure anywhere unfortunately. The characters are as flat as pancakes. There's no action. Why does anyone fall in love with each other? Who knows! They just do! Even when the heroes throw out ways to stop the upcoming war the heroine/author retorts that the war will be kept fighting by the enemy because - there is no reason. Just because! Because it was started! The two main villains plan about 5 evil schemes and [...]

    8. "The Realm of Terreille will be torn apart by its own foolish greed. Those who survive will serve, but few will survive."So said the mad seer Tersa in the prologue in the first book of this trilogy, Daughter of the Blood, and this is when it finally happens.Everything changes, everything gets torn apart in this book. It's heartbreaking, exciting, saddening, exhilarating, hilarious, agonizing, and breathtaking. . 's, to use the term, a true thrill ride. It's an awesome, incredible book, and I am [...]

    9. I am completely in love with this series. It makes me laugh, cry, and rage. I am crying right now from both happiness and heartache. Don't judge me until you read until the last page because this story is BRUTAL on your emotions. Good lord. Anne Bishop I bow down to you as my queen.Daemon, I love you so very much. I find peoples' lack of faith in you astounding, but I have always believed in you!

    10. I'm not ready to let go. Do not make me do it. I will slap the shit out of you.I am pretty excited to read the other Black Jewel novels but holy ever living shit do I not want to let go of these characters. I'm honestly a little bit nauseous thinking about it.I've been through thick and thin with these characters. We've seen some fucking dark times and had some great laughs and lived in an indescribable (at least on my part) world full of magic, beauty, death, destruction, torture, kindness and [...]

    11. Now a young woman, Jaenelle Angelline reigns as Queen of Ebon Askavi, but as isolated as she remains she still needs the help of her friends, her surrogate family, her protectors. Daemon, her promised Consort, will sacrifice himself if it means keeping Jaenelle from annihilation as she works her powerful magic to restore balance to the land.I've already talked about character development and gushed about how much I love these books, so I'll just say a few words more. I did see a few things that [...]

    12. I was pretty excited about reading these because Bishop's Black Jewels series comes to highly recommended when you say that you like Jacqueline Carey's Kushiel's Legacy books.I have to say that they didn't match that excitement at all. I read the first three to give them a good chance to turn around and surprise me but after this one I couldn't go on, even though I know that there are more of them.I really really really hoped that this book would be in Jaenelle's perspective. That would have mad [...]

    13. *Edit 1/4/14 * Man I can't believe I didn't do a review for this one! I came on expecting to just add my thoughts and *DOH* no review. Well let me just say. I first read this series in Sept of 2013 and was rereading by Dec 2013. I have reread a couple series but this is the first that I read every single word and savored them! I'm already looking forward for another 6 months to go by because I will spin my web and try and suck another friend or 2 into the series so I can reread AGAIN! Absolutely [...]

    14. Finally, all the children are grown up. Well, as grown up as they can be. They are a force to be reckon with and yet, they are still held back. Some die which just break my heart. Usually, I'm okay with characters dying or getting hurt, but I feel like I've watched all of these characters grow up and to watch them die just kills me. This is the final show down. Witch will now bring war to all the rotten. Lorn is finally revealed. Are we surprised? I'm not surprised. The fact that the others neve [...]

    15. Queen of the Darkness, the third and final book in Anne Bishop’s Black Jewels Trilogy is comparable to that of the movie, Return of the Jedi. I can’t help but compare this series to the original Star Wars Trilogy. With Queen of the Darkness you know it will be an explosive accumulation of everything that happened in the past two books.Queen of the Darkness is where Jaenelle has come into her own and is now a very powerful queen in her own right. With all this responsibility placed on her sho [...]

    16. The Black Jewels Trilogy was every bit as frustrating and exasperating as it was amazing. I am going to refer to it as a trilogy because, for the most part, this will be a review for all of the three books in the series. I read Written in Blood by Anne Bishop and liked it enough that I wanted to read other books she had written. That Daughter of the Blood was her debut novel is truly astounding for the sheer scale of the world she had built and the richness of the characters who inhabited it.Lik [...]

    17. Buddy read with AlyI have been absolutely addicted to Anne Bishop's Black Jewels trilogy ever since I discovered Daughter of the Blood and after the huge changes at the end of Heir to the Shadows I couldn't wait to start Queen of the Darkness. This book was everything I'd hoped it would be and then some and I didn't want to put it down for a second. I can't believe how much I've come to love these characters and I'm was so incredibly invested in their stories that I desperately needed to know wh [...]

    18. An excellent conclusion to a really weird series.I read all three books in about 3 weeks, they were that well written and that well paced. Anne Bishop dares you to stop reading. I still can't decide whether I liked these books or not. They were very out of my element and a lot of the themes distresses me greatly. However they were a great way to kill a few weeks at a boring summer job. The end was a tad anti-climactic I felt, but the build up to it was nail-bittingly exciting. Upon finishing the [...]

    19. HOLY SH*T WAS THAT INTENSE. The immense amount of sexual violence and torture in this series (like, seriouslyese books fall under every TW in existence) has made it hard to truly enjoy, but in this final book I think, at last, Bishop's writing skills have balanced out her occasionally grotesque content. I can't remember the last time I read the finale of a fantasy series and felt so satisfied; Bishop sacrificed neither plot nor action, and ended the trilogy's arc nicely. She still had waaaaaaaay [...]

    20. “Queen of the Darkness” is the 3rd book in Anne Bishop’s Black Jewels trilogy. After I finished this book, I was totally hyped and couldn’t come down fast enough from an emotional read. Not since Sword of Truth, has a series affected me so much. If you have read my previous two reviews, you already know how I feel about the Black Jewels series. The first book was the darkest, but you became hooked pretty fast, and recognize that Anne Bishop has created a world like non other, and her ima [...]

    21. I tried so hard to like this series. I gave it more effort than I've given many series and it's almost as if the more effort I gave it, the more I wanted it to be good, the more it let me down. I wasn't even looking for something that involved, I just wanted a romance with a basic good vs evil plot line that I could semi invest myself in. I knew in books 1 and 2 that this series was never going to be one of my favorites, but I had hoped it would at least be decent, and sadly I was wrong. My issu [...]

    22. Review is for books 1-3:I had heard about The Black Jewels Trilogy for ages, but for some reason or another always managed to talk myself out of tracking it down. A couple of months ago, I found the Trilogy at a local used book store and fished out some store credit. Twenty minutes later, I’d gotten home and thought “no time like the present”, and so sat down to read. I didn’t get up again for 24 hours (well, I allowed myself 8 to sleep). Then I drove to the bookstore, bought the compani [...]

    23. I got sucked so hard into this series that I ended up reading books two and three in an afternoon. I think that says something on its own. I gave up a whole day to this, rather than the hour or two I like to devote to reading.It's funny, too, because the style of the series really annoys the heck out of me. I love the darkness of it -- and I don't mean that it's set in hell with demons and witches and whatever. The author really does deal with some incredibly dark issues, and that tends to fasci [...]

    24. (view spoiler)[ Re-reading this and I still cried at the end. And I knew it was going to be ok. Daemon and Jaenelle ♡ (hide spoiler)]

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