Mocha Me Crazy

I moved 1,500 miles to get away from people like Hunter Michaels He s everything I hate 1 An immature prankster The moment I met him, he told me his name was Hugh Jorgan Can you imagine the embarrassment I felt when I called that out in a crowded coffee shop Never mind the fact that his organ really is huge 2 Doesn t take anything seriously He looks down on my nI moved 1,500 miles to get away from people like Hunter Michaels He s everything I hate 1 An immature prankster The moment I met him, he told me his name was Hugh Jorgan Can you imagine the embarrassment I felt when I called that out in a crowded coffee shop Never mind the fact that his organ really is huge 2 Doesn t take anything seriously He looks down on my no nonsense attitude Now, turning my life in to one big practical joke is his mission 3 He s wildly successful Here I am trying to figure out what I want to do with my life and he s already accomplished than I will in a lifetime How on earth can such an immature a hole be the most successful person in a resort town FILLED with successful people Everyone in this snooty place looks down on him, including me So why does my heart thump and my knees wobble every time he walks into my coffee shop He s got me questioning everything I thought I knew about myself I moved to this snowy resort town to get away from people like Hunter Michaels I moved here to get my life together And he s going to wreck it all None of this was part of the plan But then again falling in love is never part of the plan.
Mocha Me Crazy I moved miles to get away from people like Hunter Michaels He s everything I hate An immature prankster The moment I met him he told me his name was Hugh Jorgan Can you imagine the embarrassm

  • Title: Mocha Me Crazy
  • Author: Kristen Flowers
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 348
  • Format: Kindle Edition
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    1. Cassie has come to Vail to try to figure out what she wants to do with her life. While there, she's working at a coffee shop. It's there where she meets Hunter, a seemingly immature, lazy guy she automatically assumes is a nobody. Imagine her surprise when she finds out he's a self made multimillionaire!I liked Hunter, a lot. He's sweet and kind and has a great relationship with Cal, the guy who took him in when his parents practically disowned him, and who is Hunter's business partner. Hunter i [...]

    2. Cassie was repeating customer orders at the coffee shop over and over under her breath to make sure she got it right. Her co-worker, Alice, kept laughing at her. Cassie took care of an online order and, as she turned, Alice knocked her arm hard enough to spill some of the coffee. Alice ran to the back room, trying to avoid Hunter who had just walked in. She left Cassie with a line of customers. Cassie waited on Hunter who smirked as he gave her a fake name in what Cassie saw as a childish, immat [...]

    3. Could Cassie and Hunter be the perfect blend?Cassie has moved away from her wealthy, opinionated, well-meaning parents in order to find herself and hopefully figure out what she wants from her future. She’s taken job as a barista at a coffee shop in the popular tourist town of Vail. Even though to her family, the job is beneath her, she makes sure to do her job perfectly, professionally and she takes it very seriously. Well, to be honest Cassie takes everything seriously. A bit too seriously i [...]

    4. Cassie is unsure about what she wants to do with her life so she moves to Vail Colorado to spread her wings and see what happens. Working in a coffee shop isn't what her parents wanted for her but its what she needs right now. The a hot guy has to go make her day even worse by telling her his name is Huge Jorgan and when she calls out for him the crowded place fills with laughter at her expense. Hunter was just trying to make the cute girl smile but instead made her infuriated at him. Hunter mig [...]

    5. I liked this well written book. A nice storyline and plot. The characters are well described and develops nicely. Cassie annoyed me a lot sometimes. She can act too immature for me. I hate judgemental people. But she had to change her opinion. Hunter is as sweet and friendly as they come. Both has issues they have to deal with but their chemistry is over the top. I would have loved that the story was written in more dual POV. Hunter has a few chapters but I would have loved more. It always answe [...]

    6. Cassie took life too seriously and her parents wanted her to loosen up a bit. So she heads to Vail to 'find herself' and gets a job in a coffee shop. That's where she meets Hunter, a self made tech billionaire. They are polar opposites but the chemistry and attraction is there. Hunter was a nice guy but I found Cassie to be immature, wishy washing and judgemental. The dog was hit by a car and they went to the vet together. Then they started seeing each other and became intimate. Cassie doesn't k [...]

    7. Hunter brought himself up from nothing and is often mistaken for someone he's not. Cassie has always been made fun of for being straight laced and OCD. Together their chemistry is off the charts, but can two opposites attract? Will Hunter convince Cassie to take a chance?Loved these two. This is a true story of opposites attracting! There were times where I wanted to shake Cassie, but understood that she probably couldn't help her reactions. I understood both of their reactions when it came to h [...]

    8. I voluntarily agreed to received an ARC for this book for an honest review. Cassie is the southern girl from North Carolina who is in Vail Colorado to figure out where she wants to go in life. Cassie is the new barista at the coffee shop where Hunter pulls a prank that does not go over well with Cassie. Hunter is attracted to Cassie and after his friend's dog, NotCat gets hit by a car the experience draws them closer. When they get intimate Cassie draws a stop to it by getting in a fight with hi [...]

    9. I voluntarily read and reviewed an ARC of this bookI really wanted to like this story and I would have if is wasn't for Cassie. She is way too serious and judgmental that I couldn't really like her. Hunter was really likable and I fell in love with him! Cal and Cassie's co-worker were great secondary characters! Who couldn't fall in love with NotCat, the dog! He and Cal really stoled the story! The plot was good. The story-line tended to be choppy in relation to Cassie. I hated her parents - no [...]

    10. This was my first book by this author, and I can say honestly I wasn't too impressed with it. It was a quick read, but it felt like something was missing. By reading the synopsis, I thought this would have been an enemies to lover romance, but the Cassie and Hunter never really hate each other. IDK, it was just weird. However, it was a sugary sweet love story that gave me the warm tingles. And as always, I will give this author another go as I see a lot of potential in her books.

    11. This is a short and sweet romance with tons of heat. The story is for slightly younger audience with less complications and more younger age romance. The male character is a little less explored and female character can be a little childish, but the story was very enjoyable. Voluntary and honest review after receiving ARC (advanced reader copy).

    12. 3.5 Stars. I understand Cassie has issues but she is really judgmental and actually quite critical of everyone. She recognizes she has her issues but doesn’t really want to get past them. Hunter is everything Cassie isn’t. Inexplicably they click. Story has some laughs to go along with Cassie’s self discovery but I just found it ok. I freely reviewed this ARC.

    13. Kristen flowers did a great job with this book. I loved Cassie and Cal's story and thought they were the perfect characters for this storyline. This is a well written book that I enjoyed and a fairly quick read. I laughed throughout a lot of the book which was refreshing. I look forward to see what she has to come.

    14. This story was awfully cute and had a cast of characters that were just that-characters. I loved how first impressions changed. A good book. however, there were a few, very few grammatical mistakes, not enough to make me stop reading, just momentary annoyances.

    15. I liked Hunter & Cassie's story. It was a fun book. I voluntarily reviewed an advance readers copy of the book.

    16. A fast read that has some humor. The characters seem a little too immature for me to connect with them. I voluntarily received this book to review for my honest opinion.

    17. Spoiler free review I enjoyed this story great characters and storyline I voluntarily reviewed an advance copy of this book.

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