All I wanted was some no strings attached sex, where small talk wasn t necessary There d be no reminders of laundry that needed to be done and my endless list of responsibilities could be forgotten Signing up for the Timber dating app was my answer No wining or dining just sex Those were my rules I never imagined I d meet champion lumberjack Magnus Andersen, or thatAll I wanted was some no strings attached sex, where small talk wasn t necessary There d be no reminders of laundry that needed to be done and my endless list of responsibilities could be forgotten Signing up for the Timber dating app was my answer No wining or dining just sex Those were my rules I never imagined I d meet champion lumberjack Magnus Andersen, or that he d be interested in me We re from two different worlds He lives a life of luxury, while I m barely making ends meet He s prime rib and I m mac and cheese But the I get to know him the less those differences seem to matter He thinks this could work and I just might be crazy enough to believe him.
Timber All I wanted was some no strings attached sex where small talk wasn t necessary There d be no reminders of laundry that needed to be done and my endless list of responsibilities could be forgotten Si

  • Title: Timber
  • Author: Remy Blake
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 183
  • Format: Kindle Edition
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    1. Sweet and hot!Single mom trying to find herself and have her own fun. Celebrity crush who is still in a rut after his last relationship. Hero is also her sisters boyfriend’s arch nemesis! Ok it’s not really that serious, but when it comes to lumberjacking they are enemies.Anyway. This is a good read. It’s quick. There’s some emotional, some sweet, and some steamy. All in all a great read of you’re looking for quick. You don’t have to read Clipped first, but I suggest you do because i [...]

    2. Timber is a fast paced sugary sweet with dash of spicy story! Magnus and Lucy are both absolutely adorable. This is a pretty fast paced book with two people who have amazing chemistry right off the bat. Magnus is a fitness model who owns his own tree cutting business. He's rich and handsome. You'd think he'd be a jerk. You're wrong. Magnus is a huge sweetheart with a big heart of gold. He has the adorable habit of stuttering when he's nervous, he likes to bake pies, and he has a cat. Lucy is a t [...]

    3. Love Remy Blake. I love how immediately reading this I kept getting images from “Clipped” and it’s because it deals with Avery’s sister Lucy and Wesley’s rival Magnus It was definitely an easy read and you immediately feel bad for Lucy and what she was put through with David but then at her sisters urging 5 years later she signs up for timber and from there things change

    4. 4.5 Bad ass bear starsWhen I read Clipped I seriously thought Magnus was a big D but now that we get to hear his story I see this man in a whole new light. Yes he’s a fitness model and a sexy as all hell lumberjack but there’s so much more to him then meets the eye. Who would of ever thought Timber could bring a connection like the one Lucy and Magnus share, granted even though Lucy is hesitant to have any personal relationship past sexual with him you feel the spark without a doubt. I loved [...]

    5. *4 Stars*ARC kindly received in exchange for an honest review. This was my first book by the duo of Remy Blake and I can say that it will not be my last.Timber was a really fast read, and very easy going with likeable characters.It starts off with a bang with a huge bombshell in the prologue and then skips forward in time.Timber of course is the books version of Tinder, so its very relatable in the way the characters both use and talk about the app.Magnus and Lucy were both likeable characters, [...]

    6. The talented duo Remy Blake are back at it again. More hot lumberjacks. A single mom. And a dating app. An odd combo and yet, apparently, a recipe for complete success. The pair have proven that together they can write strong, independent heroines, alpha male heroes with a vulnerable side and make you laugh, even while in the midst of swooning.The lumberjack: Magnus Andersen is a god. Well, at least that's what his Personal Assistant keeps encouraging him to believe. Lumberjack turned fitness mo [...]

    7. This book is well written with well developed characters and a wonderful storyline. It was an adorable read! (be patient and I'll explain). First you have the storyline don't judge by the very beginning! It was the story of a single mom, making a life for herself and her son. Things are going well, until they aren't anymore. Now, she's taking care of her mom, her son, juggling work and daycare and rehab and.well that just made me tired saying it. But she is tough, smart and has the help of her s [...]

    8. Magnus and Lucy were amazing together. This was a sweet and sexy read, and I loved that Timber worked out for them, despite Magnus' playboy ways when they met. It was a lively and heartwarming read, and the attraction between them was so sweet yet so hot!

    9. Take two people - total opposites? Well it seems they are but deep inside they hold the same values and core beliefs. They also share life lessons and bad experiences that have hurt them bad. Both a little fearful to fully trust and expose themselves to further hurt despite their scorching chemistry.Add a dating app - because that’s all the time you have amongst the demands of life, and you’ve set yourself up for a quick bout of sex. Well that’s what you keep telling yourself. Others might [...]

    10. You know how you read the first book by an author (or a duo as is the case with Remy Blake) and then have the opportunity to read every release following it, you realize just how much better every new book has become? This is Remy Blake. I've followed their journey from the very beginning and with every new book i read from them, it just gets better and better. Like, give me more from these two, better.I remember Lucy and mentions of Magnus from Clipped and i wondered if either would ever get th [...]

    11. I really enjoyed Timber it would be my first read by Remy Blake and I definitely plan to read future books plus existing ones . The story drew me in with such likable characters added with funny , swooney , and steamy moments . Magnus and Lucy have both been burned in the past so when they find each other on timber all their looking forward to is sex but get a unexpected attraction that makes them feel more for one another . Magnus is a flipping unicorn everything about him was intriguing such a [...]

    12. This is the first book I’ve read by Remy Blake and I will be reading more. It was a quick, sexy and exciting read. Magnus and Lucy are really adorable individually and together. They meet on an APP called Timber. Lucy is a single mother of a five-year-old son. Magnus is a fitness model and the face of Timber. They have amazing chemistry from the first moment they meet but Lucy tries to convince herself and Magnus that she just wants to have sex. She was done wrong by her son’s father and she [...]

    13. This is my first Remy Blake book and I have to say it isn't what I expected. First, I probably should have read Avery and Wes's story first since they are in this book also and I felt like I was missing something. But that I guess is all in the reader. I have to say for Lucy wanting to only find sex with "Timber" and not a relationship, she jumps out of that really fast. She ends up dating Magnus instead of sleeping with him. Magnus never wanting to be on Timber for any reason is put on, on acci [...]

    14. I really enjoyed the first book and was excited to read this one. There’s not a lot to say because it’s a quick read, I like the fact that followed along with the first books timeline, but also had pretty much all new scene and getting to experience these characters inner dialogue and struggles. They are just as amazing as I thought they would be and even surprised me. Magnus and Lucy have this amazing chemistry and their ability to be their selves with each other really had me enjoying the [...]

    15. Timber by Remy Blake is a standalone romance novella. Meet Lucy and Magnus. She´s a single mom with her own business. Magnus is a successful businessowner himself. He has a tree removal company and is photo model. Both are lonely and take a chance at timber, a online dating platform. They meet and have crazy insta-chemistry. They are good people, both a bit insecure. But they´re so good together. They have a beautiful relationship - and scorching hot sex.I started reading and was hooked from p [...]

    16. We met Magnus and Lucy back in #Clipped and I've been patiently waiting for their story ever since.The thing that stuck out to me more was how real and relatable Magnus and Lucy we're as characters. Lucy being a single mum and Magnus having to over come his anxiety and his stutter. The chemistry between the two is evident straight away but Lucy insists she only wants sex and nothing more. I truly wish I could give this book more than 5 stars because it deserves it. #MagnusAndLucy#LumberjacksAreB [...]

    17. Lucy holds nothing back, girl speaks her mind, “I thought it was just you easing your conscience about sleeping with me, so you felt the need to feed me first.” Magnus can only handle so much of his woman's teasing, “you know damn well, I can’t throw you on this bed and eff you while everybody’s downstairs.” I liked this book, Magnus was sweet.

    18. Timber is the first book I've read by Remy Blake, but I loved the blurb and knew it would be something I'd enjoy! And for the most part I did. I really liked both Magnus and Lucy when they were together. They have a great connection and their meet-cute was adorable. And their sexy times were hot.But there were a lot of points where both Magnus and Lucy got lost in their heads. There were many wasted opportunities for dialogue exchanges that would have greatly enhanced my reading pleasure. ~ Miss [...]

    19. I've been a fan of Remy Blake since I first stumbled upon Guardian. Since then I've read them all and after I finished Clipped I knew I had to read Timber. There's a sort of bromance between the once competitive Wes and Magnus which comes through in this book and had me laughing out loud, especially at the Medieval Way dinner. Avery and Lucy are sisters and their loving and teasing relationship was one of the aspects of Clipped that I enjoyed. I was so happy to see that continued in Timber. Both [...]

    20. A great romance!This is my second Remy Blake book, and won't be my last. This book is in the same universe as Clipped. It is a standalone, but I definitely think it's better to read Clipped first since This book happens simultaneously (or in the middle of Clipped timewise) and expands on the couple in Clipped with what happens after. It's a light, fun book that made me smile and laugh a couple times, and I enjoyed the book thoroughly.This story focuses on Magnus and Lucy. Lucy is a single mom wi [...]

    21. **Reviewed for CherryOBlossoms Promotions**I gave this book 4.5 stars!!!This book is fast pace, sweet, spice and will leave you wanting more!!! I love how we meet both Lucy and Magnus and we get a back story on them. Magnus is a Fitness model, a lumberjack and owns his own business. Lucy is a single mom, owns her own business and take care everyone but herself. When her sister tells her its time to take care of herself, she decides that what could it hurt to go onto Timber! What she wasn't expec [...]

    22. Remy Blake proves once again why they are a great dynamic duo with their newest release of Timber. This book was a fast paced, sexy, fun and witty read that I absolutely fell in love with. Now while I'm still #TeamWes, I have to admit I swooned hard for the new lumberjack on the block.Magnus is the lumberjack business owner turned fitness model who has millions of followers and tons of women throwing themselves at him. But seeing as he has one hectic schedule he doesn't have time to sleep, let [...]

    23. Definitely #TeamMagnusForever After a slew of teasers leading up to the release of Remy Blake's latest story "Timber", I was excited to read about Lucy - whose older sister Avery and partner Wes were the focus of "Clipped" - and the famous lumberjack Magnus Andersen. And it's safe to say I was not disappointed. Lucy is a single mum to five year old Jeremiah and hasn't put herself first in years. Magnus is a local celebrity thanks to winning the previous year's Lumberjack competition and now bein [...]

    24. What a wonderful feel good romance book! I love the storyline the authors have created. It shows us strong characters who are willing to show their weaknesses and it’s written in such a way that you can’t help but love the characters and feel all their emotions right along with them. On the outside Magus looks like he has it all. His rugged lumberjack looks, his success with his company as well as his wealth. But as Magus says those are just things. He’s really a shy guy with a stutter whe [...]

    25. “I miss sex. Not the feelings, not the talking and not necessarily the connection with another person. I just miss having a moment when your mind switches off and your body takes control.”Timber is a cute, endearing and sexy read that will make you smile throughout the whole book. We are introduced to Lucy and Magnus who have been through their own bad relationships in the past which has left both with trust issues. Magnus is a considerate, honest, simple man who happens to be hot as hell. H [...]

    26. A hot, sexy read with a gorgeous lumberjack and a beatiful, single mom.This story hooked me from the get go. Lucy got totally shafted by her ex, but she moved on. She showed her strong, independent side when she told him just what she thought of him and then moved forward with her son. She’ given him the best life.Magnus is this giant of a man but he’s got a sweet and vulnerable side. He’s made a success of himself, but he’s really just a simple guy at heart. He’s been burned by a chea [...]

    27. Lucy and Magnus are two amazing people who have been snubbed by love! Each one being betrayed in the worst way possible! Both gave up on a happily ever after and just went through life doing what they needed! Lucy worked and did what she needed to keep her head above water while Magnus poured himself into his work making himself a household name! Each looking for comfort decide to give Timber a try, I mean why not? Both found what they weren’t looking for yet everything they needed!! This was [...]

    28. Lucy is a single Mom whose high school boyfriend left her when he found out she was pregnant. She has been raising her son, helping out her sister and taking care of her Mom after a stroke. She owns and manages a flower shop with her Mom, but has little time for herself. Magnus is a tree cutter and fitness model who is also spokesman for the new Timber dating app. Since he is the spokesman someone set him a profile up, but he is not interested until he sees Lucy's profile.After agreeing to meet, [...]

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