What do you get when your father s a centaur and your mother s a powerful magician A unicorn shifter You d think being the only known unicorn shifter in the world would have a few benefits Like, people treating you kindly or getting special treatment from the council Not in my case I d be lucky to get a piece of bread thrown at me My name is Celestia Rainbow, a What do you get when your father s a centaur and your mother s a powerful magician A unicorn shifter You d think being the only known unicorn shifter in the world would have a few benefits Like, people treating you kindly or getting special treatment from the council Not in my case I d be lucky to get a piece of bread thrown at me My name is Celestia Rainbow, and yes, my last name is fucking Rainbow Shifters assume that I m kind by nature, but trust me I m fierce, short tempered and have the mouth of a sailor Add in my stealthy fighting skills, advanced magic casting, and swift movement, I m someone you wouldn t want to mess with But everyone looks at my shifter side my ditzy, peaceful half, sprinkling magic dust, and on a mission to end world hunger Regardless of my dual personality, I ve sworn to become a huntress at Aslan Academy Now that I m of age my lucky twenty fifth birthday just happens to coincide with the entrance exams I m ready to prove my worth Too bad I m grouped up with six sinful looking men Time to prove to my community, classmates and this attractive bunch of weirdos that unicorns can kick ass too CELESTIA is a new REVERSE HAREM, paranormal series Recommended for 18 audiences, containing mature sexual content, violence and strong language.
CELESTIA What do you get when your father s a centaur and your mother s a powerful magician A unicorn shifter You d think being the only known unicorn shifter in the world would have a few benefits Like peopl

  • Title: CELESTIA
  • Author: Yumoyori Wilson Aspen Winters
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 261
  • Format: Kindle Edition
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    1. Rating : unicorn unicorn unicornAnd RH fanatics, click here!WARNING:1. This review is gonna be slightly biased ;2. This review is gonna be suicide inducing for some of you ;3. This review is gonna be shitty as hell ;4. This review is not gonna be a review.UNICORN. REVERSE. HAREM. STORY.Where have you been all my life?u·ni·cornˈyo͞onəˌkôrn/1. a mythical animal typically represented as a horse with a single straight horn projecting from its forehead.2. perfect and best animal ever.- As a un [...]

    2. Although I enjoy this authors ideas, the execution leaves a lot to be desired. Again she has another split personality character in her books. I'm a little over this concept. Also the interaction comes across quite immature considering their age is around 25. The banter is very teen like. Saying this the story is quite well thought out but the other problems take away from this. Maybe she needs to slow down a bit as she has the potential to produce some well written stories if a little more thou [...]

    3. Yet again a brilliant read from this author. The characters are unreal. They make the settings and the plot fuller. Now, don't get me wrong. I love the out of this world (pun intended) world-building and amazing story lines. It's just that the characters are fricking exceptional. Take Celestia, the fmc, for an example. At such a young age, and no one else to take care of her, she's already facing the ugliness of bullying and stupidity of narrow-minded beings. At 3% into this read, she pretty muc [...]

    4. Celestia Rainbow is a rarity, a unicorn shifter. She's been on her own from an early age, bullied to the point of not being able to withstand anymore, then taken in and trained by one of the dimension's legends, Master Magnor Rune. She's incredibly advanced in magical spells and academics. She also has another side, Sia Rainbow who is an expert at fighting, martial arts, and all things physical. Together they make one kick-a** young shifter. Celestia dreams of being a huntress and has been accep [...]

    5. SHE IS A FREAKING UNICORN!!Celestia had a hard time growing up.No one believed her to be a unicorn shifter and they tormented her, even the elders in the community didn't step up to stop things.When she finally gets a Master to help train her, she spends her life trying to become the best that she can be.Proving to everyone that she is strong and capable, and a unicorn.After an argument with Master Magnor, Sia, Celestia's other half, applies to Aslan Academy. A prestigious school which caters to [...]

    6. Holy crap, definitely my favorite book by Yumo so far! This books was freakin fantastic, I could not put it down (and totally got in trouble at work for not sleeping enough!!). We finally get a unicorn shifter book and she meets her 6 teammates who will become more than friends throughout this series I assume (things start in this book but nothing if official except one).Celestia has had a rough start in life and so have her teammates, which instantly bonds them (and because they are both willin [...]

    7. Like so many of Yumoyori Wilson’s book this one kept my attention from page one until the very end! I really enjoyed reading this bookere is great character development and it really sets the scene for upcoming books in this series. I also really like the way Yumoyori approached the RH for this book. You can tell there is more to develop in future but it is not forced or rushed and it really helps the reader to appreciate the characters. Celestia is a fantastic character, it is a tuff beginnin [...]

    8. Wow okay yes unicorn :)This book was something else and I really enjoyed reading it!Celestia Rainbow is a unicorn shifter, but no one believes her. Growing up abused and bullied by the people in her village, at age nine Celestia is ready to give up. But when she is taken in to be trained by the most powerful master in her realm, Celestia grows into a badass. By the time she turns twenty-five, Celestia and Sia (her dual personality that developed from her possessing too much magic) are accepted i [...]

    9. Mystical Creatures? Loved it!!!I read this book through KU.I’m so freaking happy that this book featured unicorns! They are way underplayed and not mentioned much. The cover to this book is eye catching and bright which drew me in. Celeste/Sia - a rare creation that was made fun of and beaten, late turned strong and wise. The topic in the beginning of the book was nicely talked about, it wasn’t made to seem like a soft subject that’s easily forgotten, so thank you. Out of all the character [...]

    10. Celestia Rainbow is the only known unicorn shifter, but don’t let that fool you. There’s nothing bubbly and sparkly about her. She is a strong sassy heroin most of the time. She bears some scars from her abusive past, she wants to leave behind but when her tormentor is at Aslan Academy she has to face her fears. Celestia meets 6 sexy shifters that become her teammates and help her deal with the challenges before her. I loved the story, I’m not going to include any more spoilers, but it was [...]

    11. I was hooked from the first page and gripped straightaway, I read it all in one hit as I could not put it down.Celestia is a rare shifter, so rare that people do not believe her and are incredibly mean to her. It was so bad and she felt so alone that she reached the end of her tether and just wanted it to end, luckily someone decides to help her and she flourish’s under their care, but life is about to change when she enters Aslan Academy and gets grouped up with 6 hot men!I am a fan of this w [...]

    12. Straight off the bat, I want to make it clear that I have never been on the unicorn bandwagon and I did not plan to read Celestia. But I did read it, and I’m glad I did.I have to admit to being skeptical of whether I’d enjoy this novel as I was divided with how I felt about prior books by both authors, but the positive reviews made it too tempting to pass up.I did enjoy Celestia, the imagination of both Wilson and Winters is phenomenal and they have created a universe that will bedazzle you. [...]

    13. I Gabrielle do so solemnly swear to never again read Yumoyori Wilson from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, until death do us part. I gave it a fair shot and managed 75% but after losing count of cutie pie and pixie boys and rf barf skim skim I could take no more. Not to mention this was deja vu from the starlight series, split personality AGAINI'm sorry fans of her work but something just does not click with her writing for me. It has al [...]

    14. I think this has to be one of my favorite books just period. lately, my favorite genre has been shifter books, but they can sometimes all be the same. THIS BOOK IS NOTHING LIKE THAT. It offers something I haven't felt in a while- novelty. Celestia is a spunky character that never gives up. she is deep, daring, and darling. you will go through parts in this book where you will want nothing more than to cry with her. You will go through parts of this book when you will have to read this book alone [...]

    15. First and foremost, this is a book about a unicorn shifter. A FREAKING UNICORN. That fact alone should be enough to sway you towards reading this. Second, characters are AMAZING. The female characters are all sassy women who I aspire be. Third, LOOK AT THE COVER. Sure, I try not to judge books by their covers but c'mon. The cover is almost as awesome as the story. Which brings me to number four. THE PLOT!!!! Reading about a one of a kind shifter girl going through depression and bullying to beco [...]

    16. UNICORN POWER Honestly, I was mildly skeptical about how “badass” a unicorn shifter would be; but, let me tell you, Yumoyori Wilson is one talented ass writer to pull this story off. I am amazed. For her to not only include real life issues such as bullying, depression, and suicidal thoughts and have that not break the character but make them stronger touches my heart. As someone who struggles with depression daily it was SO nice to have an accurate representation of it in literature and to [...]

    17. This book was fantastic! I have to say, I don't generally go for unicorns, but this book offered such a unique view, that my viewpoint has been altered. If you have ever thought that unicorns are just not badass, this book will challenge that thought.The story follows Celestia, the only unicorn shifter in her realm. Life has not been kind to her, so she is driven to prove those who doubt her wrong. She applies to a prestigious school, and that's where her journey truly begins.The story was gripp [...]

    18. I love this author and have read everything by her to date. I appreciate her humor and unique storytelling. I must say though, that this may be her best work yet! You've got a unicorn shifter that eschews the typical stereotype of cheer and a bubbly nature, who is in fact bullied for being the type of shifter she is. She gets the chance to prove herself along with a team of attractive shifters, who are also misfits. The story is engaging and took me through a rollercoaster of emotions. It deals [...]

    19. Wow great start to a new series!This book was awesome! I was hesitant with all the unicorn popularity. #ilikedunicornsbeforetheywerecool. Celestia was one of my favorite MCs. I love that she is so kind and loving but also kick a$$. I also like how all the guys are misfits along with her and totally into her. Not the typical man whore. Her familiar is super bad a$$ also! There is also a bunch of awesome action in this cool storyline along with a great small cliffhanger ending. I don’t believe I [...]

    20. This book is the first in a new series and I can't express how good it is. Celestia is a unicorn shifter, maybe the last of her kind and she really rocks! She is so strong and had to be to survive what happened to her in her childhood. The characters and the world built in this book are described so well. I love all the side characters. I especially enjoyed the relationship between Celestia and Arielle her familiar. So much was expressed in one word "Bru-REE".The guys in this book are all swoon [...]

    21. Really good startA badass unicorn shifter?!?! I know an oxymoron right?!?! But hey I think Yumoyori achieved that in this book. Very good character development and storyline - LOVED the ending! What a bomb to drop! Can't wait to see their next adventure. I also enjoyed the different POV's. I could have done without the split personality of Sia -reminded me too much of Yumoyori's other series and if Sia starts having relations with the guys I would really be disappointed. I will definitely be rea [...]

    22. Love kicka** female leadsMy heart hurts for Celestia. You would think being the only known unicorn shifter that she would be treasured and protected but nope. Shifters can be jerks. She was bullied so bad that at 9 years old she was going to commit suicide until thankfully a family friend decided to train her so that she can prove everyone wrong about being weak. And boy does she prove them wrong. I won’t go into details about how because you have to read the book. If you like a strong female [...]

    23. AMAZINGI have been waiting patiently.well kindance I first read the blurb for this book. The wait was worth it!! This story is amazing and I fell in love with all the characters.except Vincent who I hope someone twists into a pretzel and dips in hot oil!! Humour, you have outdone yourself and I can't wait to read more. Also, I can't wait til Mako meets Celestia!!! This is definitely a book I would suggest anyone to read and I'm gonna patientlyybe.wait for the next one. Please hurry 😘😘

    24. Like a sexy Harry PotterOkay, first. That ending!!! No spoilers, but #mindblown. Love the story of a young girl who was bullied because of being different overcoming odds and getting into the prestigious Aslan Academy. It’s there that she meets her team, 6 different shifters, who she feels an instant connection to. The team goes through many trials at the academy as the team fights the darkness. Celestias feelings grow for one of the guys on the team, but she feels more than friends for the ot [...]

    25. Holy S**t!! That ending! I don’t even know where to begin to process what I just read. Celestia is an amazing book. I can’t even right now. My brain is still trying to process everything. I guess the only thing I really need to say is, kick-ass unicorn! That there should be enough to get you to read and give this book ago. I absolutely loved it. Can’t believe I need to wait until May for the next one. I want it now! Fantastic, brilliantly written story.

    26. OH EM GEE, YUMOYORI IS AMAZINGI had seen this book a couple months before it was released and I fell in love with the cover. I waited patiently for it to come out and I'm so glad I snatched this up right away, I usually devour books, but life got in the way so I had to take my time. Celestia made me cry, laugh, learn, and love. I love the group of guys she has met, and I can't wait for more team misfits.

    27. Final a shifter Unicorn. I want to give you spoilers of how exciting and interesting this book is. Even a warning about twists! BUT - I won't give you anymore than that! I can't wait for the next book! I love the female character who is still rebuilding herself. Hard times may be ahead for this little Unicorn. Though, as long as she has her loves I believe she is on the correct path. Warning: You may feel violence towards the author after you read the end --- its one crazy twist!

    28. This book was pretty heavy emotionally, but balanced out nicely with some light humor, flirting and lovey feels. The character development was nice, slowly learning about each character at a time, allowing you to appreciate them each individually. This was a definite slow burner RH but I love the innocence of it (especially considering their ages). I definitely didn't see that ending & it'd made me skeptical of a few characters. Will definitely be reading the next book!!

    29. Um first of all it’s a book about shifters then hello unicorn and alicorn shifters can i say mind blown i freaking adore this book yumo never freakn disappoints when she release a book but I’m in freakn love with this and the end i LOVE A GOOD CLIFFHANGER sia and celestia are pretty bad ass and i love how celestia come into her own i also love that there wasn’t to much fuss about her being in love with more than one guy. Can’t wait for the next won’t such a page turner finished it in o [...]

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