Doble Fudge

I love money, is five year old Fudge s new theme song He s going to dress as a miser for Halloween and has made big plans to buy the entire world or at least Toys R Us Fudge s new obsession with cash is driving his older brother Peter crazy But life really spins out of control when Peter and his family run into their long lost relatives, the Howie Hatchers of Hono I love money, is five year old Fudge s new theme song He s going to dress as a miser for Halloween and has made big plans to buy the entire world or at least Toys R Us Fudge s new obsession with cash is driving his older brother Peter crazy But life really spins out of control when Peter and his family run into their long lost relatives, the Howie Hatchers of Honolulu, Hawaii Now Peter has to deal with Flora and Fauna, his annoying twin cousins who burst into songs at the drop of a hat, and their weird little brother, coincidentally named Farley Drexel Hatcher just like Fudge Their names aren t the only similarity, and before long, mini Fudge is causing just as much trouble as Fudge always has This newest book starring Peter and Fudge is one wild ride
Doble Fudge I love money is five year old Fudge s new theme song He s going to dress as a miser for Halloween and has made big plans to buy the entire world or at least Toys R Us Fudge s new obsession with cash

  • Title: Doble Fudge
  • Author: Judy Blume Alfaguara Ediciones
  • ISBN: 9781594378140
  • Page: 182
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. The book I am read is the 4th book of Farley Drexel Hatcher a.k.a Fudge: Double Fudge. In Chapter one, Fudge ask Peter a question about Money and he becomes obsessed with money. Then one day, Fudge asks Shelia Tubbman: Peter's sworn enemy, how much money she got. It wasn't a polite thing to say and Shelia looked at Peter to think it was his fault for telling Fudge about money. When Fudge let out a cheer of Money, Uncle Feathers: Fudge's bird, repeats what Fudge said. I'm on Chapter 2 and I'm sti [...]

    2. Judy Blume is great and so is 'Double Fudge.' Being a very linear person, I had a little anachronistic adjustment to do here, as Peter Hatcher has grown from the nine-year-old he was in 'Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing' into a 12-year old. The confusion I felt with that is that 'Tales' was written in 1972 and 'Double' in 2002. Both contain period detail and ambience, and only familiar with 'Tales' and 'Otherwise Known as Sheila the Great,' I was ready for a 'Harriet the Spy'/'Mixed-Up Files of M [...]

    3. Double Fudge by Judy Blume was a surprisingly really great book I didn’t really know what the book was about because It’s name was ‘’Double Fudge’’, what’s that suppose to mean? Anyways ,I read the back cover and gave it a chance. My favorite part about this book was when the Howie Hatchers came to visits and made the Hatchers angry and their apartment even smaller than what it seemed like. I also thought it was funny when Fudge and Mini-Farley got stuck in the elevator on Hallowee [...]

    4. I'm disappointed in Judy Blume. She claimed at the beginning of the book that she was only moved to revive the Fudge series because she'd promised her grandson she would if she ever got a really great idea. I hate to break it to you, Judy, but you didn't have a great idea. At all. Fudge's fixation on money in the book is repellant and is never resolved. The cousins the Hatchers meet (completely implausibly) in DC are irritating and unlikeable. Mostly the story just retreads territory from the mu [...]

    5. Another smasher from Judy Blume, this is the continuation of Superfudge and as good, if not more, as the last book. I just love Pete, his family and friends. When I read the book, somehow I feel as if I am living with them, and voyeuristically following their moves and adventures. I read this during a train journey and frightened my co-passengers by laughing out loud, and my husband and son were nonchalantly sitting with an ever tolerant expression on their faces. I do recommend this series for [...]

    6. As part of UMHB's READ3307, I read "Double Fudge" by Judy Blume. This contemporary realistic fiction novel for grades 3-5 is actually the fifth in the Fudge series. It follows Peter Hatcher and his crazy family on their trip to Washington, D.C. where they meet their extended family. Peter's younger brother Farley Drexel ("Fudge") develops a borderline-obsessive interest in money in this story. This leads to a trip to the Bureau of Engraving and Printing to learn about how money is made. Instead [...]

    7. Money, Money, Money $$$ "I love money,money,money!!!" is Fudge's new theme song. He's drawing money signs$ for breakfast, thumbing through catalogs at bedtime, and making enough "Fudge Bucks" so he can buy the whole world (or at least Toys "R" us). Fudge's latest obsession is driving his brother Peter insane! But life starts going coo-coo when Peter and his family meet their long-lost relatives, the Howie Hatchers of Honolulu, Hawaii. Not only does Peter have to deal with the Natural Beauties- h [...]

    8. Judy Blume Double Fudge is such an amazing this book is a New York Times best-selling author. This book is all about this little brother named fudge he learned about money in very big way because he was asking his big brother Peter “how much would New York cost?” and that’s where it all started. He started right away he started making some Fudge bucks and everywhere he went he had them. So one time when they went out, Fudge wanted to buy something and he was going to buy it with his own mo [...]

    9. A fabulous ending to a wonderful series. While many wish there would be more Fudge books including me because I want to see more of the characters, this book is really where the story should end. The books come full circle in a humorous turn of events where fudge learns a lesson and really grows. It’s interesting to ponder who the protagonist really is. While Peter tells the story and we get to watch him grow and develop Fudge does the most changing throughout the entire series. A gripping ser [...]

    10. Great SeriesDon’t want it to end. Grown on fudge and Peter in this epic life story. (This book is great. Highly recommended to young readers.)

    11. I just remembered that I read this book once upon a time. I commented to my sister the other day about Fudge Bucks. So silly, but it stuck with me.

    12. 1) Book summary, in your own words (3 pts)-Fudge is a five-year-old little boy who has recently become obsessed with money. To help cure his overwhelming obsession, his parents decide to take him to The Bureau of Printing and Engraving. Not only does this not help his obsession, the family also runs into their long lost cousins, The Hatchers. The Hatchers have three children, Flora and Fauna, Farley Drexel Hatcher (which is also Fudge's real name). The Hatchers invite themselves to stay with Fud [...]

    13. The final novel in Blume’s Fudge series. The Hatcher brothers are back for yet another crazy adventure. In their final story, Fudge is obsessed with money; all he can think about is having and spending it, which gets a little concerning. While out in Washington learning about money, the Hatcher’s find their long lost family from Hawaii. This turns Peter’s world upside-down, on top of Fudge. This has to be one of the best novels from this series; it has life lessons in it, and it’s also c [...]

    14. The fourth book in the Fudge & Peter series, this one came out something like 7 years after Fudge-a-Mania. Now being an adult when it came out, I wasn't exactly following the childrens' books news any more, so I had no idea it had come out until years later. When I saw it in a bookstore, I bought it along with Fudge-a-Mania right away because of my cherished memories of the reading the first two books in the series many years before when I was in grade school.Reading it as an adult, I defini [...]

    15. summary: A 13yr. old boy named Peter Hatcher lives in New York and has a little brother named Fudge that becomes obsessed with money and thier family trys everything to make it stop. At the same time, there myna bird stops talking and his best friend moves away to Princeton.opinion: I like this book because its funny with all the trouble Fudge starts and I just like realistic fictioncomendation: I recomend that you read this book, but first read Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing and Super Fudge.

    16. My son LOVED this book. It is the fourth book in the Peter and Fudge series. This book refers to events in previous books, so I am glad we read them in order. In this book, Fudge loves money. It is pretty hilarious. A lot more goes on, of course--trouble with his bird and some unwelcome visitors. If you are a homeschooling family, you may want to avoid this, though, because it features a really obnoxious homeschooling family. The dad does not allow sleepovers, candy, and TV. I don't homeschool, [...]

    17. In double fudge the main caricature was peter. The main problem is peters other family they kept annoying him. A lesson that I learned is that just because you might not act like them dose not mean you did not act like that.I liked that and I thought it was funny

    18. Read these with the kiddos. Made the mistake of giving Fudge a funny voice, which they then demanded I use across all 5 books. The series follows a predictable "quality course." The first book is original and lots of fun. The second book focuses more on the cute breakout character from the first book, and the rest of the books, well, they're just trying hard to find something else relevant in the story world to fill up a book.

    19. My daughter received this audiobook for Christmas. How can you not love Judy Blume, and one of the best things about this audiobook version is that the story is READ BY Judy Blume herself. The audiobook contains 4 CD's, and is a new favorite of my daughter. I am sure this one will be played many times.

    20. This is a story called Double Fudge. This is a great book. I think this is a great book because it is funny. For example it is funny because his brother is funny. I recomed this book to sixth graders. The authors name is Judy Blume. So this is my opinion about the book.

    21. It was a really good book and every time i read it i smile at the thought of little boys running around with parrots.

    22. Just doesn't quite have the same charm as the original Superfudge to Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing. But perhaps it's because I'm significantly older than I was when I read those.

    23. again, it was an okay book pretty much all of judy blume's books are interesting but not something you'd call a really good read

    24. This book was so funny! This is the 5th book of the Fudge series and I completed the whole series in June. This is one of my favorite series!!!!

    25. This book was so amazing that it makes me smile.This book is about a boy that is greedy about money he always wants money.

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