The Traitor

Abu Qasim was the perfect spy He was the man who could bring down Bin Laden, the man who could smash Al Queda Surrounded by fanatics in the heart of the beast, he believed in himself beyond any shadow of a doubt, believed in what he knew to be right with a faith that could withstand all adversity He lived by his wits and played the double game to the last drop of blood.Abu Qasim was the perfect spy He was the man who could bring down Bin Laden, the man who could smash Al Queda Surrounded by fanatics in the heart of the beast, he believed in himself beyond any shadow of a doubt, believed in what he knew to be right with a faith that could withstand all adversity He lived by his wits and played the double game to the last drop of blood Or did he Assigned to Paris, CIA officer Tommy Carmellini finds himself working for his old boss, Jake Grafton, who is the new CIA operations officer in charge of Europe Grafton has a mission He believes that the director of French Intelligence has a secret agent among the leaders of Al Queda and the Americans want access to that intelligence Yet the director denies it Trying to ferret out the truth, Grafton and Carmellini are quickly entangled in a mare s nest of espionage, deception and murder The director has secret investments in the Bank of Palestine and a killer is on the loose If that weren t enough, the leaders of the G 8 industrialized nations are soon to meet in Paris, an event that would make a tempting terrorist target Throw into the mix the very beautiful and clever daughter of the French Ambassador to Washington, an Israeli spy or two, and the stage is set for a tour de force of deception and drama in the world s most beautiful city, graceful, ageless Paris.
The Traitor Abu Qasim was the perfect spy He was the man who could bring down Bin Laden the man who could smash Al Queda Surrounded by fanatics in the heart of the beast he believed in himself beyond any shadow

  • Title: The Traitor
  • Author: Stephen Coonts
  • ISBN: 9780312994471
  • Page: 327
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
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    1. The second appearance of Tommy Carmellini as the fictional lead spy-agent character by Stephen Coonts. His followers say that Carmellini's role here is meatier than in the first book. This is like the passing of the baton from his original spy-agent, Jake Grafton. The story starts with Grafton contacting Carmellini for an assignment in France regarding the intelligence information that Al Queda will be disrupting the forthcoming G-8 meeting. Carmellini is joined by his ex-girlfriend, Sarah Houst [...]

    2. Typical cookie cutter international thriller. The author places the hero in the Special Collection Service, a little known but important element of the intel community. However he then gives Tommy duties that have nothing to do with the SCS. Nice try. Late in the book after doing a brief search the hero and his boss find multiple explosive devices at a G8 meeting site that the entire French security establishment had missed. I bow to no one in my low esteem for the frogs but that is a bit much e [...]

    3. Main character Tommy Carmellini is an American spy working with his boss in Paris trying to prevent an Al Queda plot to blow up a G-8 meeting with world leaders. The story is exciting, Carmellini is often witty, and the main characters are all good. The plot does get a little complex and hard to follow at times, but overall a great read.

    4. Tommy Carmellini is my favorite Stephen Coonts character. Never sure if he is going to survive until the end of the book. Exciting and funny at times.

    5. A good follow-up to the beginning novel of this series. I look forward to reading the next book in the series.

    6. A fun little romp in France where a former thief turned CIA contractor tries to thwart an assination at a G8 summit while people try to kill him.

    7. Love Coonts putting two generations of his heroes into a team effort. The author continues to be entertaining.

    8. Listened to this story while I exercised, but it took me too long to finish. My mind kept drifting from the store. Made the plot seem too complex. This may not be the best book to read over a period of weeks. It's tightly coupled with the third book in the series - read that one first, I didn't.

    9. When he is assigned to Paris, CIA officer Tommy Carmellini joins his old boss Jake Grafton on a bold mission: To locate a French intelligence agent who has secret investments in the Bank of Palestine. Together they work to unravel a tangle of espionage, deception, and murderd develop an elaborate strategy to infiltrate the highest levels of Al Queda. Meanwhile, the leaders of the G-8 industrialized nations will soon meet in Paris--an event that would make a tempting terrorist target. Throw into [...]

    10. A CIA officer goes to Paris to find what is all going on before a G-8 conference where 8 heads of state will be present. A good place for terrorists to get rid of all or at least some of these big heads of government. They try to stop the conspiracy without compromising the intelligence source that could bring down Al Queda. They are trying to deal with the French equivilent to the CIA and continually get into trouble. Of course that is always the story. The best part was at the end where it was [...]

    11. I decided to read the Tommy Carmellini series after reading an advanced publisher's copy of the newest Carmellini novel, Liberty's Last Stand. I enjoyed reading The Traitor even more. Carmellini's "wise-ass" demeanor tended to turn me off in LLS; however, it was perfect in The Traitor! I have to agree with Publishers Weekly: "Tommy is smart, brave, skilled, and possessed of enough self-deprecating, wise-cracking wit to endear him to readers."In The Traitor Tommy and his former CIA boss Jake Graf [...]

    12. I didn't find this book overall very good. It was the main story that let it down. It was very vague. It was hard to grasp what the book was about. Tommy, Jake and a couple of other main character go to Paris to make sure the G-8 Summit is safe enough for the US President to attend, and that is really it. The sub plots are not very clear, and, why 'who' is doing 'what' and to 'whom', is not clear.However I gave it 4 stars because, its furthers Tommy's story in the Graftonverse, and sets things u [...]

    13. This book was a lot of fun, definitely not great literature. It's the sort of book I like to listen to rather than read since more complex "literary" books can sometimes be hard to follow on audiobook. Although a good thriller, which this is, is certainly complex. There were quite a few people who weren't what they seemed.Tommy Carmelini, who narrates the story part of the time, is a somewhat shady character (an expert at burglary) whose skills are utilized by the CIA. His narration is engaging [...]

    14. CIA officer and former thief, Tommy Carmellini, joins former Admiral, Jake Grafton, on a mission. The G8 summit will meet in Paris. They will work together to locate a French intelligence agent with secret investments in the Bank of Palestine, discover a double agent in Al Queda, and prevent a terrorist attack on the G8 summit. Along the way, Tommy will be working with a former lover, Jake's wife will participate in the mission, Israeli spies will be thrown into the mix, the French police and th [...]

    15. Great Reading!Stephen Coonts has produced another exciting novel. Tommy Carmellini and Jake Grafton team up in a novel of international intrigue to stop an Al Quada plot to assassinate world leaders at a conference in France. So much is going on that its impossible to discover who the bad guys are. French Intelligence, the CIA, Israeli Intelligence all play a role as murders surround the search for an Al Quada informant. Muslim extremists try to kill Tommy Carmellini while mystery surrounds mult [...]

    16. One of many spy genre stories, good political thriller set in Paris. Our hero, Carmelini, and Jake Grafton are tasked with protecting the POTUS before a G8 meeting. Story's no better no worse than most. Somewhat disconnected and complex story line. The French continually bumbling-you have to wonder how they successfully put on their sox in the morning. I especially chuckled at the out of touch CYA AMEMB who gets put down by a conversation between Grafton and POTUS. Carmelini, a break in artist, [...]

    17. I loved this book! Tommy Carmellini & Jake Grafton go to Paris to stop a terrorist attack on a Summit Conference of world leaders. Tommy Carmellini is the semi-bad boy that women love to love and think they can make into a husband. How a spy is run by an agency figures into this story. The author saves the twist to the plot for the end. Carmellini's skills as a cat burglar are needed a couple of times. Jake Grafton and his wife are assigned an embassy position in Paris as preparation for the [...]

    18. This book has literally been sitting in front of me for years. I moved it around with the intention of reading it someday. In the last couple months I started reading a fair amount each day, and finally thought, "well, I might as well read that, find out what it's like." I'll just say that I couldn't get into it. I might be excellent for people that enjoy the genre, but I found that the story moved along rather slowly. It felt very similar to watching golf. After 100 pages, I set it down. I may [...]

    19. Stephen Coonts is one of my all time favorite authors. I love his Jake Grafton series (the Intruder series). I enjoyed the book, but it was not up to his usual standards. I think I was just disappointed because I thought the book was a Jake Grafton novel, but really the Grafton character had a minimal role in this book. Objectively speaking, the story was still good and Coonts did a good job of developing his new characters. Overall, I did enjoy it and wanted to get to the end to find out what w [...]

    20. This book was about an average spy/action novel. It was quite slow going at first but did pick up near the end. Apparently, the main characters are recurring ones in some Stephen Coonts' books. I enjoyed the book - partially because it was set in Paris which brought back travel memories but I didn't think the plot was as "crisp" as it could have been. I know this series has its followers and so I might find another book with the same characters to be a bit more exciting. Maybe at some future tim [...]

    21. Thought it was a Jake Grafton book, it was but it was 1st. person by Tommy and didn't include any of the high tech scenes of a Jake Grafton book. I'll keep reading Tommy, but I much prefer the Jake Grafton books.

    22. Recently I've been enjoying Stephen Coonts less and less (although I'm not reading them in publication order, I note this book was published quite some time ago in 2007). Tommy Carmellini is a reasonably entertaining character and this series does have some charm. However, in my opinion there was nothing particularly clever or engaging about this thriller. I think I would rather read another Jack Reacher or Will Robie thriller than a Tommy Carmellini.

    23. A well crafted novel that I would rate a half star higher. The storyline is interesting and well paced and the author has included a few subplots that keep the reader guessing. I wasn't sure the first person narrative would work but the central figure comes off as mostly believable and his self-effacing humor gives the story an extra enjoyable dimension. I am not a fan of novels that leave the ending unresolved so that sequels can be developed and that is probably my only complaint here.

    24. My 2nd novel by Stephen Coonts and thought it was a good read, but, have to say a lot of characters to keep straight. The premise of the novel was quite current and involved twists and turns and a lot of espionage. It was quite evident that the characters did not like the European community and it involved a lot of propaganda for western political views. Not sure if I will read another.

    25. This book started great and ended great. Stephen Coonts delivers again in this novel with suspense and thilling action. The first-person type of reading of the main charcter was a suprising good and had a nice flow to it. This book had me guessing through out the book. So it wasn't a easy plot that you can figure out before the end of the book.

    26. A good summer read. Steven Coonts 1st book Flight of the Avenger introduced us to 1Lt Jake Grafton. The subsequent book we him grow up and rise in rank. Now retited Admiral Grafton is called to duty with some old friends to protect the G8 summit. This was a fun to read mystery. The characters are well developed. Yet new readers to this author need not to have the prior books to enjoy this one.

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