The Field Guide and The Seeing Stone

Three ordinary kids, Jared, Simon, Mallory Grace discover a whole new world, That someone does not want them to know about
The Field Guide and The Seeing Stone Three ordinary kids Jared Simon Mallory Grace discover a whole new world That someone does not want them to know about

  • Title: The Field Guide and The Seeing Stone
  • Author: Holly Black Tony DiTerlizzi
  • ISBN: 9780807216507
  • Page: 392
  • Format: Audio Cassette
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    1 thought on “The Field Guide and The Seeing Stone”

    1. Very short but very cool. The reader does a fantastic job, he made the troll in book 2 sound so scary! All the creatures are so creative and very well (and mostly scary) described. I like how the authors tried to avoid clichés in both, content and language.

    2. Do you ever read a book, and wish you could travel back in time and give it to your primary school-aged self?That's how I feel about this book. I feel a re-watch of the film is in order.

    3. I'm not going to lie. I chose this audio book simply because it was about 2 hours and I knew I could knock it out quickly. The story is fun and whimsical though. Looks like I'll be listening to the rest of the series.

    4. So far, this is a very cute series. I think my friends' tween children would enjoy reading it, and younger one would enjoy having it read to them. It's a cute story no matter what age.

    5. The length of this audiobook actually confused my wife, since it listed the entire thing as a little over 2 hours. I got confused when I realized it covered 2 books rather than just one. The presentation has a surreal quality mostly due to the reading, done by Mark Hamill. He assumes all kinds of wacky voices, several of which naturally channel a bit of whiny Skywalker or the Joker. It's a bit hammy at times, but generally fun and probably great for a reader of the actual intended age for these [...]

    6. I was shocked at how short these were - I guess that's natural considering titles like Harry Potter just kept getting thicker and more dense. These read like a fresh breeze. Excellent selection to read in class or as a bedtime series. I really like the flow of the story and the dialogue is fresh and natural. You can tell the author is an artist by how well he paints a picture of everything in the story. It's so detailed, but not so overwhelming that you're screaming at him to "get on with it" - [...]

    7. a decade ago someone gifted me a spiderwick calendar, iv been looking for the book ever since. not that the calendar provided much detail about this middle grade story but the illustrations seemed creepy cute. this library website audiobook addition consists of book 1 & 2, luckily, because the first one ends right when the fae show themselves. im usually not into fae or grumpy parents. at times it was hard to guess which brother was talking. there was no explaination why the sisters red swea [...]

    8. The narrator for the introduction and letters is . . . flat. Thankfully that was not the main narrator. The writing was fair at best, probably poor although I tend to be fond of writing that uses esoteric vocabulary and odd sentence structures. I found the story cute, but lacking anything to make it stand out from plenty of other series, such as FableHaven, it felt lacking and merely 'okay'. I noticed an odd thing with time in this series - what feels like a few hours turns out to be an entire n [...]

    9. Finally listened to these 2 books after having them recommended to me 2 or 3 years ago. Three main characters Jared, Mallory and Simon have usual sibling squabbles but work together when faced with goblins, fairies, trolls and other fantastic characters. Each child has own personality and different strengths that they use to help each other get out of dire predicaments that they fall into in the hidden world at their Great Aunt's old house. Books have illustrations and type font that add to the [...]

    10. I have been wanting to read this book since the third grade. Finally I was able to listen to not one but two of the Spiderwick Chronicles. The Field Guide really just introduced the characters and the new world of hidden creatures. The Seeing Stone was a real adventure that had one of the siblings, Simon, needing rescuing. I liked all the siblings personalities. I love that Mallory, although a bit bratty being the oldest, but is still pretty amazing being able to fight off foes with her sword. I [...]

    11. Wonderful, magical, full of imagination. The only problem? They are too short. I'm hoping the next few are a bit longer. But, as these are written for much younger audiences I guess it's understandable. I need to get my hands on a set because the version I read was a special reviewer copy and there was no artwork in book 2 (reportedly it was stolen by faeries). I guess I'll just have to reread the finished books. Oh darn.

    12. This is one of the most interesting series I read as a child. It also sits very high up on my list of books I’d hoped to see as films only to be disappointed (as so often seems to be the case).It’s such an interesting story and you really do need to sit it out until the very end to find out how things play out. Each book contains its own story whilst adding to the continuous story throughout.As a whole, one of my favourite childhood reads.

    13. Lots of fun! It is a much slower pace than the movie. But, that's because the movie was a combination of all 5 books. Lots more detail and some differences, but I like it and so do my kiddos so far. On to books 3 & 4. My only complaint so far is of the reader. I thought Mark Hamill was only whiny as Luke Skywalker. He has too many whiny moments as the reader of this recording (when it doesn't really fit for the character at the time). Maybe it will improve in the next series.

    14. A charming story populated by lively characters, with the added bonus of Mark Hamill's perfect narration. I'm surprised that the two books are usually sold separately though, since they (only just) make a solid story arc when put together. If I'd read just the first one, I would have felt robbed, even as a child.

    15. While surprisingly short, both of the stories were very interesting and a fun ride. Mark Hamilton doors a five star job on the voices. However I couldn't rate it highly because of the authors annoyingly fall into the same modern rut of creating obnoxiously disrespectful and crabby grade school kids.

    16. This is such a wonderful series of books for a child between the age of 8 and 12 (big kids will enjoy it, too!). It revolves around three siblings finding a world of goblins and fairies in a parallel universe. It is easy to understand and not frightening like Harry Potter can be. Quick reads, too. Me and my girls are currently finishing Book 1 and we will be onto 2-5 soon.

    17. A cute series for younger kids that was fun to listen to as an adult. Nicely creepy, slightly bloodthirsty and pretty cool! The reader of the audio book sounds youngish but not really kiddish enough. Will definitely look for more of this series.

    18. I absolutely loved reading the Spiderwick Chronicle books. One day I plan to have the whole series in my home for my kids. I'd highly recommend them to anyone.

    19. I'm actually listening to the CD with 5 books read by that Star Wars actorwhat's his name? Luke Skywalker? Interesting, passes the time on the way to work, better this than Lipstick Jungle.

    20. I thought this short book entertaining, but too short. I'm glad there are more. Clay and Olivia liked it too.

    21. I think this set of books has pretty good potential. It's no Harry Potter, but it can be good. Especially if you like fairies and what not.

    22. These books are cute. If you get them try to get all 5 together because each book is only about 100 pages long and it takes about 1/2 hour to read. Fun though.

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