The Winter King

When ice meets fire, the ice meltsYvonne Trent had it all She was beautiful and talented, with famous parents and a glamourous life style But pretty soon Yvonne discovered that fame and fortune weren t enoughIt took all of Adam Ruarke s powers of persuasion to encourage Yvonne back to work And Yvonne knew immediately that she would do anything to gain Adam s loveWhen ice meets fire, the ice meltsYvonne Trent had it all She was beautiful and talented, with famous parents and a glamourous life style But pretty soon Yvonne discovered that fame and fortune weren t enoughIt took all of Adam Ruarke s powers of persuasion to encourage Yvonne back to work And Yvonne knew immediately that she would do anything to gain Adam s love and admiration Loving Adam had it s rewards, but there was also a price to pay
The Winter King When ice meets fire the ice meltsYvonne Trent had it all She was beautiful and talented with famous parents and a glamourous life style But pretty soon Yvonne discovered that fame and fortune weren

  • Title: The Winter King
  • Author: Amanda Carpenter
  • ISBN: 0373186193
  • Page: 353
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. Okay maybe its more like 4.5 stars. Different than a normal HQN read. I've never bookmarked as many pages before and that's always a good thing, I guess. A lot of things to think about and the hero's a sweetheartTE: WHAT I IMAGINE THE HERO TO LOOK LIKE:NOTE: WHAT I IMAGINE THE HEROINE TO LOOK LIKE:Some choice quotes:'It's funny, but your parents can give you everything in the world, but they can't teach you what to do with it. That, you have to learn for yourself.'---'I'm too offended to give yo [...]

    2. Actress heroine. Director hero. Actress is dramatic. Director is manipulative. Water is wet.Need more detail? The heroine is forced out of retirement by the hero. He won't give her father a supporting part, if she doesn't take the lead. The opening scene is the heroine slapping "The Winter King" during a Hollywood party. Then in the privacy of her room with the intrigued hero, she screams and cries and carries on and is rude to the maid. (These two are rude to all of the little people, btw. Not [...]

    3. Rating 3.5There is something compelling about AC's writing style even if her characters especially the heroine here has a tendency to be overly dramatic and turn everything into a tragic drama. Seriously, the book was over the top so much so that I wanted to send the heroine to some therapy still I enjoyed it. She from a famous family in Hollywood and herself very succesful when at 22 she found herself drowning, losing her identity, so she ran and has lived quietly for two years.She then returns [...]

    4. Too Hollywood for my taste and I never understood the heroine's logic or thinking. It was clear she had suffered a severe mental breakdown due to the stress of her career. I was just never convinced that she had fully recovered. Her actions and thought patterns (when I could understand them) were deeply disturbing. Something, I'm not looking for when reading category romances. The ending helped, but it wasn't enough to make the story salvageable. I walked away disturbed and wanting my 3 hours ba [...]

    5. Wow! I mean Wow! I've always known that AC/TH was simply brilliant. She has this range that is on a different stratosphere. It's not only about story of two people's lives colliding, but she takes romance to the core of self. She brings about the vulnerability of surrendering oneself to falling in love.

    6. All I can say I : wow!I like this author, but this time around I wanted to jump in and separate the hero an heroine and send them both to therapy. All the manipulation and heaving drama! I think the needed an intervention more than a HEA.

    7. 4 1/2 Stars! ~ This is the first book I've read written by Amanda Carpenter and it will not be my last. Yvonne is a very talented actress who is manipulated from seclusion to star in a new movie by the charismatic director Adam Ruarke. Sparks fly when these two are together. Yvonne focusing her rage at Adam, and Adam pushing Yvonne to break free from her demons. Theirs is a volatile relationship that will keep you riveted to seat eagerly turning the pages. I'm very much looking forward to readin [...]

    8. OK I liked this despite having a slightly strange writing style. Our H and h are both such OTT lovies and drama queens that I couldn't help liking it. WE have our ice king, cool as a cucumber H who chill level is epic and our highly strung, needs a psychiatrist because she was on the verge of a breakdown, Hollywood family, drama queen h who's shenanigans I couldn't help laugh at. She did NOT want to make a film with our hotshot Hollywood director but is blackmailed into it anyway.I found the lan [...]

    9. SensationalI did not realize until afterwards that this was a retro romance.You know the ones we used to tease our mothers about reading. The writing in this book is phenomenal. An actress at the peak of her career disappears for two years to keep her sanity. A director blackmailed her into returning for his movie. She finds a man who appreciates the woman more than her skill and he discovers a woman who melts his icy heart and makes him feel. You laugh out loud as they argue and learn. Bravo!

    10. Adam is very calm and cool overall, but Yvonne pushes his buttons and breaks his vaunted control again and again. The sparks they create are quite breathtaking. The sex scenes are mostly implied, characteristic for a category romance of its time. Fans of Thea Harrison who want to peek at her earlier works and those who enjoy old school category romance books will enjoy THE WINTER KING.See my complete review at Fresh Fiction:freshfiction/reviewp?id

    11. A retro read that I love for its lovely turns of phrase and the ultra Bollywood-ish feel. This book is what a collaboration between Madhur Bhandarkar and Sanjay Leela Bhansali would feel like! And my drama-loving, happy ending addict self loves it.

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