Chasing Yesterday

Tyler Huntington had always thought of Savvy as his best friend, someone who would always be there for him until she wasn t Now, years later, he wonders if it s too late But Savvy s life has taken a bizarre turn with the unexpected arrival of a wild looking teenager who claims to be her half sister As Savvy tries to unravel the mystery of the girl s past, Tyler s suddeTyler Huntington had always thought of Savvy as his best friend, someone who would always be there for him until she wasn t Now, years later, he wonders if it s too late But Savvy s life has taken a bizarre turn with the unexpected arrival of a wild looking teenager who claims to be her half sister As Savvy tries to unravel the mystery of the girl s past, Tyler s sudden appearance seems like an answer to a prayer Emotionally drained and physically exhausted, Savvy needs a friend At the same time, she s wary of putting her heart at risk Is revisiting the past the only way for Savvy to find her future
Chasing Yesterday Tyler Huntington had always thought of Savvy as his best friend someone who would always be there for him until she wasn t Now years later he wonders if it s too late But Savvy s life has taken a b

  • Title: Chasing Yesterday
  • Author: Rachel Ann Nunes
  • ISBN: 9781590385425
  • Page: 378
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. It is hard to express how very disappointed I was with this book. I seriously hope anyone who isn't LDS does not read this book. The picture it paints of LDS people is that we are narrow minded, believe we are perfect and are quite judgemental of anyone who dares to have multiple piercings, sketchy hair styles and wear belly shirts. We must excuse them somehow because their upbringing was different from ours, but ever strive to bring them back to correctness. I was embarrassed at how shallow mem [...]

    2. THIS BOOK rocks! its so sweet and well it teach me that apperences does not matter but what is in your heart i also learn that guys somethimes don't know that they are in love with there best girl friend intell they go away from them, anyways you should totaly read this novel (LOVE & LEARNING TO TRUST YOUR HEART!)

    3. It is a good book. A Young girl searches out her sister she has never met and finds family when she needs it most. And Tyler whom the story is based around has found the girl he was searching for in his best friend, how blind he has been!

    4. It was fun to read a book that's set in Utah. Now I need to read the first book to this series.

    5. I love Rachel Nunes books I have read all of the ones she has wrote. I am a big fan and have enjoyed everyone

    6. I am a big fan of LDS romance novels so you may mock if you want but I put on a tough show but I am really all mushy inside.

    7. A cute book, fun to read. Maybe I liked it more because I am single and was rooting the whole time for the couple to get together

    8. I thought that this was a very good book, but I didn't like it nearly as much as the other Huntington books. This book takes place in lots of diffrent places; Utah, California, and Colorado. Savvy is the main character, she is an astronomy major in California,she is smart, and pretty. Tyler Huntington is a journalist, he is really handsome and is popular with the girls. Lexi is stuggling with the loss of her mother so she seeks out her sister Savvy. She is the typical tennage girl, complete with [...]

    9. I couldn't STAND this book. The book was so boring, irritating, and (in parts) offensive that the only thing that kept me reading it was that I'd already had it for a month and was required to read it for work.The writing is just so juvenile. Which made the characters also so very juvenile. Apparently all of the women she knows in the real world put their hands on their hips, screech and snort when they're serious or angry. You know, like on Full House. The male characters weren't much better ei [...]

    10. Summary: This novel is principally about two people. Savvy and Tyler. Savvy and Tyler have been best friends for a while, until something falls apart, and neither of them really know what that is. We see from Savvy's perspective that she pulls away because she fosters feelings for Tyler, and Tyler doesn't fully appreciate her yet. Then out of the blue they have an opportunity to reunite again upon the discovery of Savvy's half sister whom she didn't even know existed. The introduction of another [...]

    11. I have mixed feelings about this book.The overarching story is a romance between Savvy (a astronomy major at Berkeley) and Tyler (a journalist who just got fired from his job at the Deseret News). During the budding of this romance Savvy is visited by her teenage half-sister whose rebellion is complete with thick layer of make-up, multiple body piercings, and a preference for belly shirts and short skirts.Through the course of the book Savvy's sister converts to Mormonism, and her long-lost birt [...]

    12. The last of the Huntington series (Well, actually 3rd, but the last one I read). I think that it was a good book overall, but this was probably the hardest of the four to get into. I found it hard to start reading it and then to keep reading (the others I was trying to race to finish!). The twist on this one is unique and, like book 4 (By Morning Light) it actually had a more believable twist in the plot (the first and second involved kids being left on doorsteps, basically, whereas the last two [...]

    13. Chasing Yesterday is about this girl named Jane Doe (nicknamed J.D.) who wakes up and doesn't remember anything about her past. When they send her to a juvenile center, she meets a boy named Daniel who becomes her friend. After a few weeks, her mother comes and picks her up from the center and takes her to their house. She starts bringing J.D. to a doctor named Dr. Styron who does exercises with her to help her remember her past. Many people turn out to have different identities than J.D. expect [...]

    14. I'm giving this one 3 stars, but it's probably closer to 2.5. It was a clean romance and there was a happy ending, but I had a hard time appreciating the main characters. Tyler was a bit daft, to say the least, and Savvy's distrust, though perhaps somewhat founded, was a bit drawn out. The writing seemed a bit simplistic at times, and I was a little annoyed with the constant comments directed at one of the non-LDS characters regarding her multiple piercings and lack of appropriate attire (the ma [...]

    15. Chasing Yesterday is a story about two friends, Tyler and Savvy, who are working together to help Savvy's half sister. They've been friends for a long time and Savvy's always been in love with Tyler, but he's always played the field, never realizing what he's got right in front of him. It was a tender story, but I found it hard to believe how willing Savvy was to stay with and accept birth father. She also had so many issues with Tyler and his acceptance of her, but disregarded all those concern [...]

    16. I seriously want sisters like Amanda and Kerrianne, brothers like Mitch and Tyler, and inlaws like Blake, Adam, Cory and Savvy. By my third book, I almost feel like they are family! Warm and fuzzy this book is as heartfelt as the others in the series. (Doesn't every girl have a guy friend that she wonders "what if" sometime in her life!) Savvy is strong and brave and just how I would like my daughter to be.

    17. This third book in the Huntington family series focuses on the relationship between Tyler and Savvy. Savvy is tired of hoping Tyler will see her as more than a friend, so she leaves for California where she meets lovable Chris. Then a knock at her door changes her whole life. For standing there is a young girl who looks much like Savvy and who claims she is Savvy's half-sister. Between Tyler and Lexi, poor Savvy has her hands full.

    18. This was a good quick, easy, light read. I enjoy Rachel Ann Nunes writing but you know how it is going to end - but the lesson in the story teaches us about facing our past and dealing with it, having better communication between friends and family and learning to forgive and enjoy the time you have together.

    19. It would be 3.5 if I could. It was an okay read. A good plot. I just hated the obsession with skinny women in this book. What's the deal? It was like they couldn't get over it. But it was a good read. Got a little slow near the end.

    20. Ty Huntington and Savvy Hergarter are best friends, and should be more than that! Ty and Savvy are thrown together in a trial whorl-wind of trouble when Savvy's half-sister shows up. FOllow the two, and find out if they end up together, and if Savvy's sister is really in an abusive home.

    21. Tyler Huntington lose job is engaged to Renae but wants to talk to Savry who is Somewhere (Don of Brioning and Chuck and Darek) she is in Calif. Her half sisiter Alexis shows up as a run a way - She ends up meeting her birth family and gets guandenship of Alexis

    22. Cute story of a friendship that turns to love. Makes you think back on your first love or a close "boy" friend in the past and wonder what would've happened if they had come back into your life. Fun to think about. I had a hard time getting into the book at first, but enjoyed it in the end.

    23. Slow & predictable. It was just like the first book in the series. It was a library book & I lost the book.

    24. THis book was really cute. I wanted to hit Tyler for half of it. But I loved him when he finally got things figured out.

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