1 thought on “Time of the Wolf”

  1. Interesting story about ancestry, reincarnation and destiny. I found the engineering of lives by Florence quite weird and uncomfortable though.Also, the empire lifestyle of Henry's parents and his dislike of a Chinese character were rather dated and made me squirm.

  2. This is the fourth book I have read by Elizabeth Harris and it may well turn out to be my favourite. The story of Henry, who at the beginning of the story is a small boy living with his parents in Hong Kong. All Henry wants to do is return to England and live with his grandmother, Florence, in East Anglia. After a well thought out campaign Henry gets his wish and is eventually dispatched back to England. Once there Henry meets a young girl, Thea, who has been looking after his dog in his absence [...]

  3. We are about to start reading this at our weekly book group meetings. Further comments will be made once we have finished reading this.

  4. Finished 23rd December.Not a bad story but too similar to The Herb Gatherers which I rad earlier in the year, same sort of plot with different characters.

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