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  1. If you are ever in a situation of being chased by one million demons just because your last name is Sato, what would you do? In this book, self-indulgence king had sent an order to kill those people whose last name is Sato. In 3001, the last name called "SATO" has reached up to 5 million people, which is about 1/20 of the whole population in Japan. So, the king came up with an idea to decrease people with the last name "Sato". The plan was to send one million demons all over Japan and they will [...]

  2. 「リアル鬼ごっこ」の最初の聞いた時は「冗談だろう」と思った。しかし、映画を観てみたんだと見直した。凄いSCI-FI映画だった。偶然に本を見つけたらとても嬉しかった。映画と比べると本はぜんぜん別のものだ。凄い物語だけど。3000年と日本の王様は「佐藤」性を全滅すると決めた。一週間、毎夜、一時間、「リアル鬼ごっこ」の計画が始まった。捕まえたら直ぐ殺 [...]

  3. It was kind of scary, but I liked it very much. I like this author's book and I hope I can read more of his book.

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