There Are Worse Things I Could Do

A revealing witty memoir of Adrienne Barbeau s career and marriages.
There Are Worse Things I Could Do A revealing witty memoir of Adrienne Barbeau s career and marriages

  • Title: There Are Worse Things I Could Do
  • Author: Adrienne Barbeau
  • ISBN: 9780786719303
  • Page: 487
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. I have liked Adrienne Barbeau since I was a kid. And a couple years ago when one of my editors sent me a book she wrote about Hollywood Vampyres, I found out she was a hoot. I liked the first of her two humorous/vampire/mystery/gossip mash-ups. She really created her own sub-sub genre. I'm not a big biography reader (though I recently loved the Elisabeth Sladen bio, I admit) but I added this to my list & my Honey got it for me for my birthday.Turns out she's a hoot when she talks about herse [...]

    2. This book is sort of a guilty pleasure, just like many of ms barbeau's movies are. The world and i first were introduced to her when she played Maude's wise ass daughter in the tv series Maude. Following that, she made a career in horror movies, some by her then husband John Carpenter. She also worked for Roger Corman and Wes Craven and many other lesser known (for good reason) directors. The stories she tells are only interesting if you're interested in her. Though other celebrities fill the bo [...]

    3. I always like Adrienne Barbeau and after reading her autobiography I can see why. She seems to be just a real nice person. She constantly tries to be a better person and she has a knack for really enjoying life. The book focuses mostly on her life as viewed through the various projects she has acted or sung in. This seems limiting but actually succeeds as she connects it to her relationships with others. I don't think there is really any "dirt" here, just an enjoyable read.

    4. BEHIND THE SCENES AT THE MOVIES !I enjoyed the " Behind the camera's viewpoint from aSeasoned actress . "There is little doubt in Adrienne's mind that her " Claim to fame " is her generous breast which she mentions oftenThroughout the book, therefore I think it would be appropriate for her to include a photo of her unclothed famous Boobs.

    5. Fascinating lifeAdrienne Barbeau has had a fascinating movie and stage career from Broadway's Fiddler on the Roof and Grease to the gorgeous sex symbol on !Maude. I enjoyed reading about her

    6. EnjoyableA fun read telling of the actor's life, I was surprised by what I discovered and grew to like the writer as a person.

    7. I was fortunate enough to meet and spend some time speaking with Hollywood legend Adrienne Barbeau at Dragon Con one year. I don't know how long ago this was maybe 4 years? I can probably google it since I don't think she's been back since. Huh, looks like she was there last year 2014 and I didn't see realize it, but her previous appearance was in 2006, seems so long ago now.I had thought it was more recent. Oh well, in any case, I didn't actually read the book until 2012, although I got it sign [...]

    8. Articulate and fascinating! I was expecting something completely different from one of my favorite genre actresses. Just a great journey and fabulously written! And this book has so much more than just the history of an actress, but of a human who grew up in a culture most of us have never heard of! (Unless you're from Glendale, CA where the city plans an entire week of events to remember the Armenian Genocide) Alas there is plenty of juicy fun stuff as well so it was a perfect blend of Hollywoo [...]

    9. I picked up this book on a whim, mostly because on Sea Lab 2021, the Captain often talks about wanting to be an Adrienne Barbeaubot. Tony didn't know who Andrienne Barbeau was, and all I could do to explalin was mutter, "Maudeg boobs" I didn't really know how to explain her because I didn't know too much about her. Now I know a lot about her.This was a really fun book to read. It was fluffy and hard to put down. More cotton candy for the brain, but I liked it. Adrienne Barbeau seems like a reall [...]

    10. I would consider myself a tough audience for memoirs. I must make that disclaimer before saying that I thought this was a pretty decent book. I'm not exactly sure it was written on an adult level. Sure she uses some rated r words, but I think this book would probably have more appeal to a teenager. I did like her humorous take on her life and self deprecating tone. I did not like how the book seemed to skip around a lot. (But that's because I find a memoir easier to read when it is more linear.) [...]

    11. Adrienne Barbeau is not only a gifted actress and singer, but a gifted writer as well. There is early proof in the excerpts from her journals starting in fifth grade and her ninth grade term paper “To Be Or Not To Be: Acting as a Vocation”. She writes with honesty, strength, humility and humor. This book will make you laugh, cry and just root for the skinny little girl with glasses and bushy hair that became a beautiful woman, mother, wife and a darned good actress.

    12. I went to see Adrienne Barbeau at Clair De Lune. I was a little scared--and kind of attracted to--her when I was younger, but when I met her she was just a normal middle aged woman (in leather pants.) He book was suprisingly good, though. After I read it, I went back and saw Cannonball Run. I liked it as a kid. As I watched it again I realized what a stupid kid I was. Good book, but all in all a pretty disillusioning experience.

    13. I knew if like this because I've always loved Adrienne. She did a really nice job on this book, and answered some questions I've had for a while. I loved hearing about how she's overcome her feelings of self doubt, and I also love that she's living such a happy life these days. (as of printing) I loved the first fictional vampire book she wrote and am planning to read the second, and will continue to re-watch everything she's done and devour whatever she comes up with next.

    14. I have liked Adrienne Barbeau since I was a kid and bought her book because a friend of mine brought me to her reading here in Portland. While I really just wanted to meet her in person and have the book signed I was pleasantly surprised at the readability of this book and the stuff I learned. If you are interested in stage and film insider stories and are a fan of camp and horror classics this is a fun one.

    15. My sister-in-law bought this book for my husband and I and I was really stoked to read it. We went to see her speak at showing of The Fog in Durham (10/06) and she was really well-spokenVery funny and loved talking about her twins (children, that is). I was a bit disappointed in the book, however. I was wanting more of a "juicy-gossip" type book and it wasn't that at all. The chapter on Burt Reynolds is great, though.

    16. I enjoyed her book. I read it in two days. I've liked Ms Barbeau since her days of playing on Maude. She has proven that she is known more than just for her "physical assets". I didn't realize that she had appeared on Broadway. I remember the news that she made becoming a mother at 51, which was a big deal at the time. She seems like a very down to earth person.

    17. Very well-written, although it starts kind of slow, within just a few pages it picks up and maintains a nice rhythm. Once I started, I didn't want to stop; the fairly short chapters helped.Ms. Barbeau tells of her childhood, getting into acting, and the highs, lows, satisfactions, disappointments and triumphs of her chosen career, and does it with wit and style.Highly recopmmended.

    18. A well written, fast moving autobiography. Barbeau is such a good writer that I might have to check out the vampire novels she has written. Great book for any fan of the actress or anyone who is interested in being an actress. I do wish there were a few more insights about working on certain tv shows or movies but that's just a small disappointment in my mind.

    19. I enjoyed this. Always had a thing for her, but she's smarter, funnier, and more real than I expected, as revealed in the story of a really interesting life told with an artists courage. If you like her, read this, and get to know who she really is.

    20. Non-fiction. Autobiography. Really good. Was in Maude and lots of movies - mostly horror movies - but she's afraid to watch horror movies! Married for awhile to John Carpenter - director. Had identical twins at 51!

    21. I found her story interesting and well written. Her small section on Burt Reynolds was enlightening. He is a Hollywood weird-o, what the heck you can't break up with women yourself?Enjoyed the book and would recommend it.

    22. Insightful and honest memoir of Ms. Barbeau's journey into the entertainment industry. Comes across as a tough, tender, hard-working, self-deprecating and delightful person. Good read for fans and folks in the biz.

    23. Not bad, not great either. I like Adrienne Barbeau and never knew any of her story. Ends up she's a walking contradiction.

    24. Easy, quick read. Liked it. Seems like a "normal" person, which is rare to see. She was a lot like her character Carol in "Maude." Feminist, out-spoken and liberal.

    25. I had actually read this before, 10 years ago or something, but listened to the audiobook this time, which was good. Barbeau is a charming storyteller and her anecdotes are entertaining.

    26. This is a great autobiography. I read it in one sitting (couldn't put it down). She is a very good writer. And it was an interesting read. Had her autograph it for me. She is very down to earth.

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