The Wright 3

From the New York Times bestselling team behind Chasing Vermeer comes another thought provoking art mystery featuring Frank Lloyd Wright s Robie house now in After Words paperback Spring semester at the Lab School in Hyde Park finds Petra and Calder drawn into another mystery when unexplainable accidents and ghostly happenings throw a spotlight on Frank Lloyd Wright s RoFrom the New York Times bestselling team behind Chasing Vermeer comes another thought provoking art mystery featuring Frank Lloyd Wright s Robie house now in After Words paperback Spring semester at the Lab School in Hyde Park finds Petra and Calder drawn into another mystery when unexplainable accidents and ghostly happenings throw a spotlight on Frank Lloyd Wright s Robie House, and it s up to the two junior sleuths to piece together the clues Stir in the return of Calder s friend Tommy which creates a tense triangle , H.G Wells s The Invisible Man, 3 D pentominoes, and the hunt for a coded message left behind by Wright, and the kids become tangled in a dangerous web in which life and art intermingle with death, deception, and surprise.
The Wright From the New York Times bestselling team behind Chasing Vermeer comes another thought provoking art mystery featuring Frank Lloyd Wright s Robie house now in After Words paperback Spring semester at t

  • Title: The Wright 3
  • Author: Blue Balliett Brett Helquist
  • ISBN: 9780439693684
  • Page: 262
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. Calder and Petra form an (at first) uneasy alliance with Tommy Segovia, who was a minor character in the first book, to solve another mystery involving art. The sympathetic school teacher and the crusty but wise old lady put in appearances, and we get the usual overdone magical realism, as well as some rather one-dimensional villains. But, as in the first book, there are some enjoyable illustrations, and some historical facts which show a love of history and art.

    2. Blue Balliett's mystery books featuring the three amateur kid sleuths are just excellent! In The Wright 3, she deftly blends the art of Frank Lloyd Wright's architecture, math, and mystery into a compelling tale of suspense. And, she does it with no dead bodies. Very smooth indeed. As with Balliett's other two books I've read in this series, Chasing Vermeer and The Calder Game, she revs up my interest in the featured artist and leads me to even further reading. Now isn't that exactly what a grea [...]

    3. I remember reading this years ago, and it was just as exciting now. It was maybe a bit too scary for me though, haha, I thought someone was gonna come kill me in the middle of the night.

    4. I haven’t read a children’s book for eight years, but when duty calls, we don’t say no. This is an entertaining book too, especially if you’re game for a lightweight mystery and don’t mind hastily tied ends. You don’t even have to have read the first one in the series.It did help me to have read The Invisible Man because I’d hate to have incomplete knowledge of such an integral allusion. Yet I’m pretty sure very few young readers would have read Wells’s book before picking up ( [...]

    5. Being familiar with Hyde Park, the University of Chicago and being intimately familiar with Robie House and other Wright buildings, I was a little worried. The author did a great job with this book. You can tell she understands children and her ability to spin a yarn while keeping it from getting maudlin or trite is greatly appreciated. In the story, Robie House is once more being threatened by the wrecking ball. The university has been saddled with it for a lot of years and never did much in th [...]

    6. Secret codes. Invisible men. Pentominoes. Fibonacci numbers. Hidden Pictures. Geometry. Red herrings. Murder. The Wright 3, a middle grade mystery for boys and girls by Blue Balliett, has all of these PLUS a plot that captures the reader’s attention and refuses to let go.When 6th-graders Tommy, Calder, and Petra hear that the Robie House, a 1910 Frank Lloyd Wright house in their Chicago neighborhood, is to be cut into sections and donated to four museums, they band together to try and rescue t [...]

    7. Ah. Another forcefed book by Blue Balliet. After reading Chasing Vermeer(and wanting to slit my throat throughout), I had no intention of reading the sequel, seeing as most sequels are never as good as the original anyway. But, my teacher just absolutely had to choose it for some required reading. I almost died.Following the previous awful plot of Chasing Vermeer, these Chicago kids decide that since they solved the painting mystery, they must be able to do anything. So they decide to form some [...]

    8. This book was very interesting and always kept me turning the page. There are three main characters. These are, a girl named Petra Andalee, a boy named Calder Pillay, and another boy named Tommy Segovia. The minor characters are, a teacher named Ms. Hussey, Goldman the goldfish, Zelda Segovia, Black Glasses, and Thin Head. The book is about saving a important piece of art in Chicago, Illinois. This art piece is The Robie House. The children and their classmates are trying to save the house from [...]

    9. I needed a break from the heavy fantasy of JRR Tolkien and this was in the free pile at work. Balliet's inspiration (From the Mixed-Up Files) is one of my favorite YA reads and I love Helquist's illustrations, so I thought I'd give it a shot.The story is a bit far-fetched (natch), and there are too many loose ends (did the house REALLY come alive? Who was saying "stay and play?" Who was the man in the cape on the train?) and too many supernatural elements which were sort of brushed aside in the [...]

    10. This book was so different compared to the other books I read.From the lights flickering to seeing imprints of feet in puddles, it was super creepy.I do most of my reading at night and it played games with my mind, big time.I dont recall who it was, but one of the reviews for the novel was "Da'Vinci code for teens" and I agree 100% with it. it's so weird and sketchy.From the drawings to the Pentominoes and Fibonacci numbers creating a picture of a buddha woman in the stain glass windows of Wrigh [...]

    11. I'm giving this book a heavily biased four stars. I say biased because this book centers around Frank Lloyd Wright's architecture, which I absolutely adore. Take away the Wright buildings, and this book would probably get a three star rating instead. My major complaint is that Calder and Petra have started to grate on me. I could tolerate their idiosyncrasies at first, but now they're extremely irritating. I swear, if I see the words "pentomino" or "coincidence" one more timeThe series still cap [...]

    12. I am at the part where Tommy's house gets robbed! Following they find that the important fish charm that can save the robbie house has been stolen.I think this book so far i kind of scary and mystours becasue There are people who are willing to risk lives to get this house "murders" Now here are 3 kids up against who knows what! But because of these parts it makes you want to read on, not put the book down! This book is really exciting

    13. This book was amazing! I love how Blue Balliett wrote the amazing adventure of three kids out to save the Robie House, one of Frank Lloyd Wright's spectacular buildings. The artwork tells its own story, perhaps in more ways than one Balliett is the Alfred Hitchcock of the modern world. This book is suspenseful and intriguing and the illustrations are breathtaking.

    14. The Wright 3 is a sequel to Chasing Vermeer. It is written by Blue Balliett and features illustrations by Brett Helquist. It is a delightful mix of realistic fiction and mystery. I would recommend it for ages 9 to 13. Chasing Vermeer includes Calder and Petra solving a mystery about the disappearance of one of Vermeer’s most cherished pieces of art, A Lady Writing, and the thief behind it all. That thief happened to be Xavier Glitts, head of the International Crime Ring. While causing a nation [...]

    15. It's weird how houses can move too with or without the wind The Wright 3 by Brett Helquist is about these three sixth graders who are Tommy, Petra, and Calder who are trying to figure out what is wrong with this house. The has a weird vibe to when they walk in it and they get caught so when they leave there's these voices that follow them in the shadows. The roof of the house, the art glass talks in the breeze when it all comes down to the end if they can escape their own mystery lives . Never l [...]

    16. This book is written for children, apparently for 6th graders, since it's about 6th graders at a University School in the Hyde Park neighborhood of Chicago, home of the University of Chicago, the Museum of Science and Industry (a place I visited many times in my own youth), and the Frank Lloyd Wright creation, the Robie House, which I have not visited, but I have visited other house designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, so I have a better than average feel for what the Robie House may be like compared [...]

    17. Out of all the Chasing Vermeer books, this one was my absolute favorite. These books are just so ridiculously clever and smart; they make great reads for parents to share with their kids. Balliett is great at throwing in information about art, math, science, and all sorts of crazy stuff! I still use some of the knowledge I gained from this book. This book also inspired a lifelong love of the architecture of Frank Lloyd Wright.

    18. I did not like this book at all. One of the things that angered me the most was how many strange details were immediately assumed to relate to the mystery of the Robie House. It was almost like the author just wanted to get the book over with as soon as possible! It took me a while to finish because I kept stalling, which is a pretty bad sign. I would not recommend it to anyone older than 12.

    19. When I picked up the book I did not realize it was the second in a series. I was interested only in the Frank Lloyd Wright aspect of the book. Now that I am finished, I am not interested in reading the first book.As an adult reading young adult fiction, I find it unbelievable that three 12-year-olds can have such an impact.The family dynamic of each main character was described in great detail, and I appreciated the difference between them.

    20. i loved that the house was a character all on its own, as an architectural historian i loved that quality. the illustrations match the whimsical qualities of the story. i almost ordered the sequel, but i had too much non fiction i wanted to read, may still read it someday. was repetitive at moments but it was a juvenile fiction book after all. definitely would recomend to kids and adults!

    21. Staff PickHeatherThis is another wonderful, artistic mystery. The combination of puzzles, artwork, and story will keep you turning the pages to find out what happens next. If you haven't read book 1, Chasing Vermeer, you'll definitely want to check it out. You can read this one without reading that one, though.

    22. A brilliant kids mystery with an inventive, engaging yet educational twist. When The Wright Three made up of Petra, Calder and Tommy try to save the historic Robie house from demolition the kids come up against more than they bargained for in the shape of lost antique jade, thieves and even the odd ghost. Have the intrepid detectives met their match?

    23. This book is none other than a gift from God from the very first time that I would want to buy this and now that it is in my hands. It allowed me to appreciate art not only manifested in shapes but in the written form as well not to forget to mention the lives of all that is in the story especially of Calder, Petra and Tommy! Just a very very delightful and incredible book! Not to be missed!

    24. Calder, Petra and Tommy find themselves in a the middle of a serious crime- the dismantling and dividing of a Frank Lloyd Wright work- The Robie House. Under the guidance of their teacher, Miss Husie, the Wright 3 (as they are now calling themselves), set out to help prevent the demolition of this exquisite building.

    25. This book is a very interesting book with lots of fictional characters such as ghosts and other types of spirits. So far this book has been really thrilling with many mysteries and kids trying to escape the voices and ghosts that are trying to come to them.

    26. I thought the book was very interesting in al; the details and the emotions were all over the place overall the book was very good

    27. The two detectives have become three. Can they get along with a new member and can they save a very famous house. upper elementary

    28. Awesome just like the first! I'm glad I'm finally reading this series so that I can talk to my library kids about it.

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