If you love penguins you will love Penguins Penguins do the same thing every day They swim, eat fish, sleep standing up, look at people, and look at people It s an ordinary day at the zoo until a little girl drops something into the penguin pene extended summary
Penguins If you love penguins you will love Penguins Penguins do the same thing every day They swim eat fish sleep standing up look at people and look at people It s an ordinary day at the zoo until a litt

  • Title: Penguins
  • Author: Liz Pichon
  • ISBN: 9780545022156
  • Page: 332
  • Format: Hardcover
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    1. The penguins of London Zoo have found a camera. Inquisitive, they poke and bite until they find the flash button. The book interacts and engages the reader: 1) on a tactile level by including an actual photo-size illustration of the penguins' photo, 2) on a perceptual level as the reader is made to assimilate their perspective via a black page with a small squared opening that simulates the camera lens. Great to read on its own (KS1). It also reminded me of Penguins from Madagascar [excellent an [...]

    2. The first time I read this, the pull-out photos on the last page had been torn out so I didn’t understand it at all. Now it’s cute. :-)

    3. Simple story but my son absolutely loves this book and always asks to read it. He especially loves to pull out the pictures on the last page.

    4. Picked this one up for a penguin themed storytime and loved it!! Very cute, especially the fold out photographs at the end.

    5. This book is cute, but since very few people use cameras anymore, let alone film cameras, it's hard for little kids to understand what the big deal is. Cute, but there are lots of other great penguin books out there that are easier to read aloud to my story time kids.

    6. We read this last night, and my six year old wanted to take it on the school bus this morning to re-read. Definitely a success. Also, he giggled during the reading. :)These adorable rounded penguins (who inexplicably have teeth when asked to say "Fish!" for a picture), have a relatively boring life at the zoo, especially on quiet days when there are no people around for them to watch. However, a girl accidentally drops her camera into the penguin enclosure; when a baby penguin finds it, hijinks [...]

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    8. Pichon, Liz. Penguins. New York: Orchard, 2008. Print.This review is also posted on Get Kids to Read: mrtierneyslibrary Penguins by Liz Pichon is a cute picture book story of a trip to the penguin exhibit at the zoo. When the penguins discover a lost camera, they are full of curiosity. Liz Pichon also illustrated this book. The illustrations are very appealing and even include a cut out in the middle of a picture designed to look like looking through an old camera. This would be a good pick for [...]

    9. The pictures are adorable, and the story is humorous. It is a nice short storytime read. Higher level questioning: Why is this a fiction book? Why are the penguins so curious about the camera? Why don't the penguins do much on rainy days? Predicting: what might the penguins take pictures do for their pictures. Liz Pichon

    10. When a little girl at the zoo drops her camera in the penguin exhibit, the penguins have fun taking photos of themselves. The zookeeper finds her camera and returns it. Imagine the girl's surprise when she finds several images of penguins smiling at each other on her roll of film!I expected images of the photos the penguins took at the end, but there were none, just one of a monkey and one of an elephant on top of a pile of others. What?! We should've seen those photos!

    11. Come meet the penguins in the zoo and find out what happens when a camera drops down into their area. The penguins have fun with the camera and take some fun pictures. When the camera is returned to the rightful owner, you can imagine the surprise when the owner looks at the pictures! I had to explain to my 6 year old what cameras were like before they were digital - "You mean you couldn't see the pictures right away?" :) There is a fun surprise to find at the end of the story!

    12. Love this book! This is a wonderful book to read to ignite a variety of different language arts lessons. this book is about some penguins that stumble across what to them is a foreign object. The object is a camera and they just do not know what to do with it. In the end the owner of the camera has the film developed and to his surprise he has several funny photos. The characters in this story are adorable and are very entertaining to children. Very cool book.

    13. At first I was a little sad about the description of daily life of a zoo-dwelling penguin, but the plot quickly moved on and those fun-loving penguins made the most of a camera dropped into their enclosure. Fun for a preschool story time or tour, though you might have to explain about cameras and film. Great [limited] use of a cut out.

    14. A little girl loses her camera in the penguins' enclosure at the zoo. The penguins figure out how to use it and go a little picture crazy. When the keeper finds it the next day, he puts the camera in the lost and found. Eventually the little girl recovers the camera and finds some curious pictures of penguins along with her other zoo pictures.Cute and fun picture book.

    15. Penguins at a zoo find an odd object that is left behind. One brave penguin sneaks up to the object and figures out what it is. See what happens when the penguins play with this foreign object! This book can introduce penguins and then the teacher can discuss life cycles. This book can also teach sequencing.

    16. This book was short and funny. All about a group of zoo penguins that discover a camera that must have fallen into their enclosure over the course of the day. The penguins soon discover how to use the camera and get a little crazy with it. I love the illustrations in this story. They are really amusing.

    17. I love penguins and I so want to believe that stories like this really happen. I adore the pictures (especially when you see the penguins holding little green fish in their little flipper hands). The best part is definitely the little fold out of the pictures the penguins took of each other.

    18. What happens when a group of penguins at a zoo attraction find a tourist's lost camera? Hilarity and messy photography shall ensue! A great book for story times, I recommend this to anyone who loves penguins and/or just a great story!

    19. THEME: Zany zoo animals!Fiction:Psst! Animal strike at the zooHippo, No RhinoNever ever shout at the Zoo!Wild about BooksDear Zoo by Ron CampbellNon-fiction:Activities/Games:Craft:

    20. I love the ending of this book (what a nice touch) hopefully it will in place for all the library copies. The cut out of the camera flash is a nice touch. It are a fan of penguins and zoos this is a MUST read.

    21. This is the charming story of what happens when a camera is left behind at the zoo near the penguins. Adorable and expressive illustrations and simple text make this a winner at preschool story time.

    22. 4.25 StarsSo So so fun!! What happens when a tourist leaves a camera and the penguins go nuts!! When the girls gets her camera back clickfamily penguin pictures!! Cute pictures fun story!! YIPEEE!!

    23. Cute story about a group of penguins at the zoo who find a camera and then figure out how to use it. Just cute, not hilarious as the publishers would have you believe. Nice flip out set of pictures at the end of the book.

    24. When the humans are away, the penguins will play. What happens when a camera falls into the penguin pen? Lots of mugging for photos.

    25. Penguins find a camera left behind at the zoo and have fun taking pictures. Bright colors, good for the zoo preschool storytime.

    26. When a little girl loses her camera in the penquin cage of the zoo, the penguins have fun. Very cute story. A definite read-again book for the 4-6 year old set.

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