High Five

Out of bail skippers and rent money, Stephanie throws caution to the wind and follows in the entrepreneurial bootsteps of Super Bounty Hunter, Ranger, engaging in morally correct and marginally legal enterprises So, a scumball blows himself to smithereens on her first day of policing a crack house and the sheik she was chauffeuring stole the limo But hey, nobody s perfecOut of bail skippers and rent money, Stephanie throws caution to the wind and follows in the entrepreneurial bootsteps of Super Bounty Hunter, Ranger, engaging in morally correct and marginally legal enterprises So, a scumball blows himself to smithereens on her first day of policing a crack house and the sheik she was chauffeuring stole the limo But hey, nobody s perfect Anyway, Stephanie has other things on her mind Her mother wants her to find Uncle Fred who s missing after arguing with his garbage company homicidal rapist Benito Ramirez is back, quoting scripture and stalking Stephanie vice cop Joe Morelli has a box of condoms with Stephanie s name on it and Stephanie s afraid Ranger has his finger on her trigger The whole gang s here for mirth and mayhem Read at your own risk in public places.
High Five Out of bail skippers and rent money Stephanie throws caution to the wind and follows in the entrepreneurial bootsteps of Super Bounty Hunter Ranger engaging in morally correct and marginally legal

  • Title: High Five
  • Author: Janet Evanovich
  • ISBN: 9780312203030
  • Page: 330
  • Format: Hardcover
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    1. Book Review4 out of 5 stars to High Five, the fifth book in the "Stephanie Plum" cozy mystery series, written in 1999 by Janet Evanovich. If you thought Stephanie was off-her-rocker, wait until you meet more of her family. Uncle Fred has disappeared and all they can find that might lead them to his whereabouts are the pictures he's kept hidden of a dismembered human body. We know Stephanie's family has some crime-connections between her cousin and a few other distant relatives. But when Grandma [...]

    2. *** 4.25 ***An outstanding monthly buddy read with the coolest gang in town, The BB&Bs!!! ""Problem is, you aren't living up to your earning potential," Lula said. "We only got chickenshit cases these days. What you need is to have a serial killer or a homicidal rapist jump bail. Those boys are worth something.""Yeah, I'd sure like to get a case like that." Big fib. If Vinnie ever gave me a homicidal rapist to chase down I'd quit and get a job selling shoes.""I want to belong to the Plum fam [...]

    3. I think my last status update says it all: "These books are such a cocktease." I don't know why I keep checking these out from the library. Some supernatural force keeps pulling me down the Mystery aisle and forcing these books into my hands. I can't explain my fascination otherwise. I don't really like Stephanie, the mysteries are contrived and ridiculous, her family is annoying, the love triangle is BEYOND frustrating, and the constant addition of "let's see how crazy THIS supporting character [...]

    4. "I don't get it," the driver said. "I hardly scraped against your car. Why would it explode like that?""That's what her cars do," Lula said. "They explode."Stephanie is hell on wheels. Literally. Her crazy relationship with cars are some of the funniest parts of these books. She is singlehandedly putting the insurance companies out of business at this point. And, it's awesomeonIn this book, Stephanie is looking for her Uncle Fred. Of course this job doesn't pay, and people keep getting murdered [...]

    5. Ah, Stephanie—what has happened to your uncle who seems to have gone missing? Who cares? It’s the journey and not the . . . well, you know the rest. If you are reading this series from the beginning then you will get the jokes i.e. when the fire alarm goes off in the funeral home everyone looks towards Ms. Plum. She has a history. Evanovich has here style of writing perfected (good thing because there are nine more novels in this series)—short pithy sentences, detailing a swiftly moving st [...]

    6. I LOVE Grandma Mazur!!!!! And, Lula continues to be a hysterical part-time side kick! Still enjoying the hell out of these books. Onto "Hot Six."

    7. I enjoy this series. I read these books when I need something light. Grandma Mazur can usually be counted on to make me laugh out loud! I'm glad the character of Ramirez is now out of the way. I didn't like him still being in the story. I look forward to the next segment

    8. Broke. No one is skipping out on bail. Struggling with the lack of satisfaction in life and with the two sexiest men on the planet, Stephanie Plum finds herself intertwined in family drama when asked to investigate and locate her Uncle Fred.Flying purple-headed piglet Vinnie, is making money left and right. He doesn’t play much of a role in this book, but that doesn’t keep the small statements from ripping gasping laughter from my gut.“Vinnie’s overjoyed,” Connie said. “He’s maki [...]

    9. I was walking around Barnes and Noble book hunting when I came across a yellow book with a colorful title. It reminded me of the 80's and I love 80's-like colors.I started reading the 1st page without looking at its premise and was already hooked on Stephanie Plum's explanation on how she was much like Barbie without pants. I remembered looking at Barbie dolls as a kid, in the 80's! So I bought the book. Note: im not gay.80's color theme plus Barbie equals 80's for the win.Oh, and Evanovich's na [...]

    10. Stephanie doesn't have the best of luck but she's reached an all time low in this fifth instalment of the series. Things are on the rocks between her and Joe Morelli, her favourite stalker Benito Ramirez has been released from prison and gone straight back to hunting her, she's completely broke and nobody seems to be skipping bail right now so work is hard to come by. To top it all off her uncle Fred is missing and she's now obliged to spend her time trying to track him down, something that won' [...]

    11. High Five by Janet Evanovich is the fifth Stephanie Plum story I've read and I love them. Stephanie is sassy and funny getting herself in all kind of mischief. This one starts out with Aunt Mable looking for Uncle Fred. He went out to do errands locked his car and hasn't been seen since. As a favor for the family she decides to look into it. She visits Aunt Mabel and asks about Uncle Fred's errands. She makes a bee line for the check at CGR Trash Company. Then Mabel shows her the pictures she fo [...]

    12. 1. I'm in love with Steph and Morelli2. I'm even on board with Ranger (finally)3. No offense to CJ Critt, but her voice for Briggs was THE WORST. Glad he's out of the picture. (also ready for Miss Lorelei King)4. Grandma Mazur remains one of my favorites (along with Lula)5. Steph needs an unlisted phone number and she also needs to move so these creeps can't find her (preferably back in with Morelli)6. Too many swoon worthy/laugh out loud moments in this book. It was pretty solid.7. WHAT WAS THA [...]

    13. I didn't find this entry quite as entertaining as #4, but it held my interest nevertheless.In it, Stephanie is asked to find her Uncle Fred who has gone missing. As usual with her investigations, this leads her down strange and convoluted but ultimated connected roads.Her luck (bad) with cars continues. They have a way of getting blown up or disappearing on her.Her relationship with Morelli continues - on another level. She's moved out of his apartment and called off the sexual affair, but she c [...]

    14. I blew right through this one so I'll keep things briefHighlights include:1. Ranger is in the wind2. Ranger, no longer disguised as Batman, makes a play for Stephanie, yum3. Stephanie beats a midget/little person4. Morelli delivers the most curt, but steamy line yet that will send heat straight to your doodah. Raunchy yes, but true none the less.

    15. SERIE STEPHANIE PLUM n. 5LETTURA DI GRUPPO E&L No be ma si finisce così un libro???? É il secondo di fila questo mese!!! Ma nooooooooo!!!Come al solito Stephanie e la sua combriccola mi fa troppo ridere. Non so come ci riesce la Evanovich. Rido e sogno ad occhi aperti, come mai??? Ma Per Morelli!!!! Il problema è che anche Ranger si è fatto avanti. E per tutto il libro Non si sa chi decideràe non quando finalmente mette su il vestito super sexy e con la pesca sceglie un nome libro finis [...]

    16. High Five is another quirky, often humorous mystery that features bounty hunter Stephanie Plum. In this book, Stephanie's Uncle Fred has gone missing, and her family thinks that she is just the one to find him. Uncle Fred's disappearance takes a sinister turn when his desk reveals photos of body parts. As Stephanie tries to find out what happened to him, several people she interview turn up dead and she must work to find out who is behind the murders. Stephanie's life is comlicated in this book [...]

    17. Mais What !!!! C'est quoi cette fin??? Et bien sur je n'avais pas le tome suivant dans ma bibliothèque !!Sinon : excellent moment. C'est drôle, intelligemment installé : bref du divertissement comme je l'aime !

    18. Another fun read by Janet. Morelli, ranger, lula, ramirez, Stephanie plum, cars blowing up, grandma mazur using stun gun; this book had everything and everyone, except for some hard core action from the hamster Rex.

    19. These books are egregiously formulaic, but they are cozies. You know what to expect, down to the types of plot minutiae Evanovich will use to fill in the gaps of Stephanie's life -- junk food, that damn hamster, racism, beautician trips. Her car will blow up. She'll get stalked.And yet I love the sense of place that Evanovich creates with each of these books. It comforts me, all the squat, characterless brick apartment buildings and tiny, shuttered row homes of Trenton. The garbage in the street [...]

    20. Once again I've finished an another Janet Evanovich book. This time it's High Five. In High Five bail jumping in Trenton is down to a small rate. Stephanie's only open case is a small bond, for a small violation, committed by a small person who raises Stephanie's frustration level in big ways. So, short of money and long on bills, Stephanie comes up with a plan. Signing on as an intern with Super Bounty Hunter Ranger, Stephanie ventures into Ranger's mostly morally correct and "semi" legal opera [...]

    21. This was one of my favorites. I have read them all and recommend them to anyone who likes a laugh with their action.

    22. This was a great one. Grandma Muzar is funny as always and of course Stephanie is still a mess but manages to always get the job done but with so much added fiascos and laughs.

    23. What can I say? I'm hooked on these books. The writing is mediocre, to be sure. It's pulp-y and if I allow myself a half a second, I'm a bit offended by the first chapter of the next book being at the end of the book you just finished. It weakens your resolve AND assumes you care, which you do because you get sucked in by that first chapter and find yourself at Half-Price Books cursing the fact that they have every single one BUT the one you need (in my case, Hot Six and two weeks ago, Three for [...]

    24. This was quite a mad cap story. Stephanie Plum Rides Again. Stephanie's uncle Fred goes missing after he had an altercation with the garbage department. If you have been reading the series, you would get quite a laugh out of this story. Even gramma is involved and what a funny scene when Stephanie is hired to chauffeur a sheik to the aiport. The story involves all the usual players, Joe Morreli the undercover cop, Ranger the bounty hunter and we have the homicidal rapist Benito Ramirez. And then [...]

    25. Gotta love Stephanie Plum!! What could be better than a stun gunning Grandma, elderly neighbors packing heat, a midget that refuses to leave your house, a missing uncle, two very hot men that desire you, and exploding vehicles? Can't wait to read number 6!! :)

    26. Probabilmente risulterò ripetitiva, perché tutto ciò che ho scritto sui libri precendenti è vero anche per questa recensione E forse ciò potrebbe essere a svantaggio della Evanovich perché è un'autrice "ripetitivA" e c he rimane ancorata ai suoi schemi, ma che posso farci se ogni volta mi fa fare un sacco di risate e non vedo l'ora di sapere quale altra catastrofe aspetta Stephanie all'angolo?!Ci sono degli elementi comuni che ritornano, come ad esempio le macchine che scoppiano (a causa [...]

    27. Stephanie Plum, Bounty Hunter, is back.Her Uncle Fred is missing and she is asked by her family to help locate him. Apparently he went out to Grand Union and the dry cleaners and was going to stop at the garbage company with a cancelled check because there was a mix up and he never came home.Stephanie's latest FTA is Randy Briggs, a “little person”. While Stephanie was attempting to apprehend Briggs, she destroyed his door, his apartment got ransacked and Briggs tumbled down the stairs. Brig [...]

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