A Lost Lady

Marian Forrester is the symbolic flower of the Old American West She draws her strength from that solid foundation, bringing delight and beauty to her elderly husband, to the small town of Sweet Water where they live, to the prairie land itself, and to the young narrator of her story, Neil Herbert All are bewitched by her brilliance and grace, and all are ultimately betrMarian Forrester is the symbolic flower of the Old American West She draws her strength from that solid foundation, bringing delight and beauty to her elderly husband, to the small town of Sweet Water where they live, to the prairie land itself, and to the young narrator of her story, Neil Herbert All are bewitched by her brilliance and grace, and all are ultimately betrayed For Marian longs for life on any terms, and in fulfilling herself, she loses all she loved and all who loved her This, Willa Cather s most perfect novel, is not only a portrait of a troubling beauty, but also a haunting evocation of a noble age slipping irrevocably into the past.
A Lost Lady Marian Forrester is the symbolic flower of the Old American West She draws her strength from that solid foundation bringing delight and beauty to her elderly husband to the small town of Sweet Water

  • Title: A Lost Lady
  • Author: Willa Cather A.S. Byatt
  • ISBN: 9781844083732
  • Page: 155
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. Set in the fictional prairie town of Sweet Water, Nebraska. A Lost Lady is the story of Mrs. Marian Forrester and young Neil Herbert who adores her. The way she takes care of her husband, the stately manner she comports herself, is perfection in the eyes of Neil. But Marian is not perfect, and she begins her downfall in Neil's eyes when he discovers she is having an affair while her husband is away. Later in the story, after her husband has died, Marian has a relationship with the despised Ivy P [...]

    2. UNA SIGNORA NAUFRAGA COME NOIBarbara Staynwick è A Lost Lady nell’omonimo film del 1934.Indimenticabile il racconto che Truman Capote fa del suo incontro con Willa Cather in “Musica per camaleonti”:Un giorno di gennaio uscii dalla biblioteca al tramonto e mi trovai sotto una nevicata. La signora con gli occhi azzurri, che indossava un cappotto nero, di ottimo taglio, con il collo di ermellino, era in attesa sul marciapiede. Una mano era levata in aria, per chiamare un taxi, ma non c'era o [...]

    3. Earlier this year, in the Fall, my family decided to go through all of my grandma's old books. She was a literature professor, so this was a pretty big task. My aunt boxed them all up and brought them in her van to the family reunion. My mom and her two sisters spent an entire morning going through the books, dividing them up like players in a fantasy football draft. I came in later and set a few aside for myself. I was looking at this book, A Lost Lady, when my cousin came in and told me how in [...]

    4. Four and a half.The elegant, beautiful Marian Forrester captivates not only her older husband, Captain Forrester, an elderly railroad pioneer, but also everyone she meets. She has energy, spirit and a passionate nature which helps in her move to the small town of Sweet Water, but she is also reckless and vulnerable. Captain Forrester values his wife and basks in her glory. He makes allowances for her behaviour and accepts her with an open heart.This slim novel is powerful and very moving. Beauti [...]

    5. un personaggio femminile immerso nel fluido dei facili costumi riceve e dà al romanzo una spinta verso l'alto pari al peso della reputazione spostata.

    6. A young man grows up worshiping an older, gracious woman but he can't forgive her for choosing a vigorous, full life over his youthful, staid definition propriety. You can feel his angst over his puppy love for her battling the static vision he needs from her. She however, has her own longing to keep living and loving to her fullest ability. They both find a type of peace in the end. Cather explores how well we can actually know and understand others. As a young woman the aging heroine married a [...]

    7. Uhm:La "signora perduta" che sta al centro di questo romanzo vive nel vecchio West. E' bellissima, nobile, affascina tutti. La vediamo attraverso gli occhi di un ragazzo che nulla ama al mondo quanto farle visita. Ma la "signora perduta" cela in sé un'attrazione per qualcosa tra il losco e il sordido, una sorta di perverso desiderio di degradazione.Io mi chiedo che abbia capito l'Adelphi di questo libro se la descrizione e la sua reale essenza non potrebbero essere più diversi di così. Una si [...]

    8. Há livros que me vejo perdida para opinar qualquer coisa sobre eles. Este por exemploComprei-o por instinto numa qualquer feira do livro e, provavelmente, morreria sem o ler caso não deparasse, num outro livro, com a referência à genialidade de Willa Cather. Embora este não seja considerado o seu melhor romance, a sua leitura é um prazer, quer pela escrita - delicada e cativante -, quer pela história que conta: a de Marian Forrester, uma mulher que não renuncia ao amor, mesmo indo contra [...]

    9. Load up on details about landscape, and the weight takes the story down. I've been wedded to that view for a LONG time, but I recently got a divorce -- thanks to A Lost Lady. Well, maybe not a divorce, but I've agreed to a trial separation. The surprises in the plot of A Lost Lady are not the came-out-of-nowhere type. Cather's characters are fascinating. And her descriptions of the natural world are actually interesting. Who knew? Other readers, of course. And now I do. I should have read Cather [...]

    10. Una dama extraviada es un relato sobre el cambio. Del paso de una era dominada por la nobleza terrateniente dadivosa, como si de reyes se trataran, a los especuladores sin escrúpulos hechos a sí mismos e hijos de una época donde el que no se espabila y no recurre a lo ilegal, no consigue nada. También es un relato sobre el paso de la adolescencia a la adultez, donde todo nos es revelado tal y como es, sin el tamiz que aporta la ingenuidad y la candidez típicas de la juventud; cambios que se [...]

    11. A Lost Lady is both an outstanding portrait of transitional America as well as a character sketch of a pioneering woman in a small prairie town of the central plains: Mrs. Marian Forrester. Her husband is an aging older man, influential and wealthy, who made his fortune in the railroad business. She is a woman with charm, passion, and intelligence, admired by many in the rural town of Sweet Water. The story follows her life, a life seemingly of quiet satisfaction and steadfast loyalty, through t [...]

    12. Un mese fa ero in vacanza a Bologna - città che mi ha piacevolmente stupita - e, in un mercatino di libri usati, ho trovato Una signora perduta. Non avevo mai letto nulla di Willa Cather, ma, ricordando qualche bella recensione sull'autrice che avevo letto qui su , ho deciso di comprarlo senza esitazioni. E, a lettura ultimata, posso affermare di aver fatto la cosa giusta.Le centoquaranta pagine di questo romanzo raccontano di una casa nel vecchio West e di una donna che lì vi dimora. E' una c [...]

    13. This was one of those books that I felt was only okay while I was reading it, but when I finished it and started analyzing it, I really appreciated and enjoyed it. Cather is really growing on me as an author. I like her understated prose, and I like that her characters can simultaneously be symbols, yet vibrant and complex people that defy simple descriptions.Cather thought of this book as a character study, which is gutsy, as Marian is narrated almost entirely through other people (and men, at [...]

    14. The pity is that I was first introduced to Willa Cather while in grade school. She was force fed to me because, surprise-surprise, I grew up in Nebraska. It has taken me years to come back around and give her a fair shake.And yet, I still don't like this novel. Its an easy read, most of her works are. Thats not to say they are simple, just very aesthetic. She is a minimalist in her writing, and can do in a few short words what it takes other authors pages to do. Its her style, and she is marvell [...]

    15. Wonderful character study. Not a happy book, but a reminder that even the noblest among us can be reduced under circumstances, particularly in the eyes of someone who has created a vision of a person who never really existed.

    16. Willa Cather is the outstanding American writer of the 20thC. An insightful stylist, she penetrates the heart. Her themes : America gradually moves into the "modern world," and Americans painfully come to terms with life. Niel Herbert gets to know Mrs Forrester when he's 12 and she is in her 20s, married to a much older, kindly gent. He's dazzled. The story criss-crosses their lives and changing America. She suffers setbacks; he grows up and begins to understand the heartbreak of adult lives. As [...]

    17. This is the first book I've read by Willa Cather. I liked most that every word counts, that Cather tells her story in a direct way. When I look at today's publications, I'm often mystified by 500+ page counts that seems to sale books. It's the quality that counts! And there must have been hundreds of thousands of American women during the "wild west" development with much the same story as in "A Lost Lady." . And how tough they were, how underestimated they were, how determined to survive and be [...]

    18. I continue to be amazed at the consistency of Willa Cather's work. As far as my favorite fiction writers go, only Flannery O'Connor comes close, but her published output is also significantly smaller than Cather's.This is the sixth of Cather's books that I've read, and I honestly only picked this one because it's short and I needed something I could breeze through after slogging through Faulkner's The Unvanquished (which isn't especially long itself). Cather's also been a reliable bet, and A Los [...]

    19. This was a beautiful, beautiful book.A short, sweet read that is set in the American valley of a town called Sweetwater. Now, I'm not going to try to be precise since I'm not acquainted with the American geography but it is basically a tale of a phenomenal woman living in a laid back, rural American town.The book is narrated from the eyes of a young boy Neil Herbert who is enamoured by her beauty and nature, falls in and out of love with her and continues to think of and respect her until and af [...]

    20. Grabbed this paperback from a used bookstore. Very yellow, stiff, not a single crease. First blank leaf bears an inscription in greenish-blue ink:"To Eva— Even though you cannot be in the class, perhaps this book will give you some of the beauty of Willa Cather. —Jay, December 1979"Sorry, Jay, but it looks like Eva never laid her hands on your recommendation. Now, I enthusiastically love the idea of giving books as presents, but in this scenario I'm siding with Eva for not reading it. Condes [...]

    21. A Lost Lady contains two prominent parallel narratives. The first is that of Niel Herbert, a young boy from Sweet Water, Nebraska whose vision of the world changes as he reaches his twenties. He initially has a romanticized view of Mrs. Forrester, a pretty young aristocrat in town, but eventually, his feelings toward her shift and become much more complex once he discovers her flaws.Niel's narrative of disillusionment corresponds to the narrative of America. The country was still young throughou [...]

    22. "Thirty or forty years ago, in one of those grey towns along the Burlington railroad, which are so much greyer today than they were then, there was a house well known from Omaha to Denver for its hospitality and for a certain charm of atmosphere."Mm. I knew from the very first sentence that I was going to enjoy this book. Cather’s writing is a delight throughout. Her prose is simple, direct, elegant, evocative.I went into the book knowing next to nothing about it—something I rarely do—and [...]

    23. I had to read this book for AP English Lit I never heard of Willa Cather before this. The writing is very easy to read and dive into, which I enjoyed. However, I really did not care for any of the characters and frankly I felt like this book was enforcing traditional gender roles. Maybe I misinterpreted the book but I'm sure my AP teacher will discuss this book when school rolls around. Until then, I'm not really sure how I feel about this book. I didn't really Mrs. Forrester I felt like she nee [...]

    24. Bel romanzo che però per la sua brevità non sono riuscita a gustare appieno. Molti temi purtroppo vengono solo accennati (come l'attaccamento alla propria terra e ai valori di un'era, quella pionieristica, che sta per lasciare il posto a quella industriale), e personalmente avrei preferito che il romanzo fosse decisamente più ricco e approfondito, ma la scrittura della Cather è evocativa e carica di simbolismo, e il libro si fa leggere comunque con piacere.

    25. Willa Cather does it again. I really enjoyed this story. Willa Cather's descriptions of small town life and characters are superb. The way that Niel views Mrs. Forrester and the change from small town to capitalistic ways over the years is an interesting parallel.

    26. The first Willa Cather novel I read was "O Pioneers!" for a college course and was introduced to Alexandra Bergson, an extremely strong-willed woman who takes the land and family that she has been left in Nebraska and works to make a success of both. "A Lost Lady" gives us Marian Forrester, a woman who has married (and loves) a man many years her senior, enjoys the attention of rogues and scoundrels, and relishes in the infatuated dreams of many young men. Cather created two women of such distin [...]

    27. “He had seen the end of an era, the sunset of the pioneer. He had come upon it when already its glory was nearly spent."“but she had always the power of suggesting things much lovelier than herself, as the perfume of a single flower may call up the whole sweetness of spring”I was surprised I liked this book as much as I did. A good, quick & moving read!

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