Death in a Strange Country

A Venice policeman investigating the murder of an American soldier comes up against the Mafia, the government, the U.S Army, and toxic waste By the author of Death at La Fenice National ad promo.
Death in a Strange Country A Venice policeman investigating the murder of an American soldier comes up against the Mafia the government the U S Army and toxic waste By the author of Death at La Fenice National ad promo

  • Title: Death in a Strange Country
  • Author: Donna Leon
  • ISBN: 9780143034827
  • Page: 155
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. 3,5 stars"Death in a Strange Country, is the second book in Donna Leon’s Guido Brunetti Series.When the body of Sgt. Michael Foster, a public health inspector at the American base in Vicenza, is pulled up from a canal in Venice, it looks like a mugging gone wrong. But Brunetti is convinced that there’s something more than just an American being a victim of a robbery.When he travels to the American base in Vicenza to obtain more information about Forster, he’s suddenly told by his inept and [...]

    2. Reading this #2 in the series when I have already read 20 other Guido Brunetti- it was hard to star it. I was perplexed between 3 and 4 stars. It's 3.5 stars, to be fair.The problem is this, for me. Brunetti #2 holds more background information and conversations between characters I've already learned to know in far greater nuance. Informative as that was, it often was too formal in an exposure style to the well-known Brunetti kin and relatives, those especially. And often lacked the sublime dic [...]

    3. Death in a Strange Country is a fairly weak mystery that is tied up in a totally unsatisfactory way. However, I love the daily life of Commissario Brunetti. I would read a week in the life of Brunetti if all he did was walk around Venice and eat. While I couldn't care less about the mystery in this book (though (view spoiler)[ugh! that entire cocaine side plot - what was THAT - and I can and cannot believe it ends without the Americans' murders getting tied up well (hide spoiler)]), I care very [...]

    4. I really like the protagonist in this series and I enjoy the Venetian setting, but this book was disappointing in that there was no resolution. It just ended and I was beginning to lose interest by that time anyway. Although I’m not American, I didn’t particularly care for the subtle anti-American sentiments in this story. The first book was far more enjoyable. I do plan on reading a few more in this series, since I have heard that they apparently take off after the fourth book. I’ll see.

    5. Donna Leon's books quite simply inhabit Venice. Those of us who know it only superficially find it easy to recognise and by the end feel we understand the city and its customs and hidden corners a little better. If we have never dropped in at that little bar for a coffee and a brioche, we can be sure we will spot it next time and not pass by. The crime, of course, is intriguing enough to keep the reader turning pages but the pleasure is the setting in which it is wrapped: the place and the peopl [...]

    6. I continue to be an enormous fan of the Commisario Brunetti series. For those of you who may have missed my earlier reviews, Donna Leon teaches English for the University of Maryland Extension near Venice and has lived in Italy for many years. She portrays the flavor of Italian life vividly, and it's clear that while she must love living there, petty and not-so-petty corruption is rampant. She makes delightfully wicked little comments. For example, the Carabineri major, interviewed by Brunetti o [...]

    7. I'm very impressed by Donna Leon's writing, and I've now read many of her books. This is the first one, however, where I've been left with the sense of futility that fills Guido Brunetti, Commissario of Police in Venice. There is so much that is sordid in this book. The first victim is an American who is apparently honest and upright, but killed in Venice, though he works on a military base. The story continues, and another person is killed. Brunetti is a good man, an "everyman", a man who sees [...]

    8. It is strangely comforting to read about corruption in Italy, in this annus horribilis 2017 in the USA.And Leon's acidic description of Americans on the base in Vicenza is appropriate too, even though there are two Americans who do try to do the right thing, and another who is bamboozled by Americans in high places. So many good characters in this one - Maggiore Ambrogiani, who helps Brunetti and pays for it. The marvelous Signora Concetta and her feckless, ever hopeful son Ruffolo. The arrogant [...]

    9. This is the second in the (now) extensive series of novels featuring Guido Brunetti, Commissario of the Venice Police. I’ve read lots of them, completely out of their proper order, which hasn’t mattered. I find them wonderful, and this one’s no exception.The story begins when a body is discovered in a canal. It looks like a simple mugging, but as usual, Brunetti isn’t prepared to take things at face value, however much his wonderfully drawn and infuriating boss, Patta, would like him to. [...]

    10. A body is pulled out of the canal in Venice dead from an apparent stab wound. Advanced dental work and physical fitness suggests an American and Venetian detective Brunetti calls the nearby U.S. military base to see if anyone is missing. It turns out that the dead soldier is a hospital administrator, and the only person who cares he is dead is a female pediatrician, who had more than a professional relationship with the deceased. Brunetti investigates over the objections of his politically minde [...]

    11. At 2 stars, that's generous. I liked the first one just enough to try another, but I won't be fooled again. I can't really think of anything I did like about this book, with the possible exception of the descriptions of Venice - on which too much time is spent, really. The plot was so incredible and full of implications rather than actual explanations that it became extremely annoying. The protagonist is mediocre at best, and his interactions with family and colleagues was never believable. I gi [...]

    12. I'm really enjoying this series. Book 2 is just as good as book 1, though a lot more depressing. This time Brunetti investigates the death of a young American whose body is found floating in a Venetian canal. He appears to have been mugged, but Brunetti suspects there is something more going on, particularly when evidence has been planted and his superior insists that he close the case.The author does really well to convey the frustration of our detective when he comes up against the wall of pow [...]

    13. When the body of a young man is pulled from a Venetian canal, the signs indicate he was victim of a violent mugging. However, Commissario Brunetti is not convinced, and when his investigations indicate a possible link to politicians and businessmen, he believes that the proposed solution is all too convenient. Leon's writing is brilliantly evocative, her detailed knowledge of Venice shines through and is weaved into an intriguing plot. Corruption at every level of Italian society is a theme as a [...]

    14. Brunetti hat es, diesmal mit Gegnern zu tun, die politisch und wirtschaftlich sehr gut vernetzt sind. Und das Buch hat kein Happy End. Es lässt einen traurig zurück, aber gleichzeitig ist auch klar, dass ein solches Ende wohl realistisch ist. Donna Leon schafft es wieder, die Beteiligten sehr plastisch darzustellen. Insbesondere mit Brunetti fühlt man unwillkürlich mit. Die eigentliche Kriminaltory ist gar nicht mal etwas Besonderes, aber die Art, sie zu erzählen, durchaus.

    15. Another very good mystery in the Commissario Guido Brunetti series set in Venice, this about a young American Army man, a public health inspector at the American base in Vicenza, who is discovered in the canal dead. What looks on the surface to be just a random mugging is of course not and Brunetti has to do a lot of sleuthing, against the wishes of his bosses, to figure out why the murder happened. I love Leon's stories and as always her vivid descriptions of one of the world's most beautiful c [...]

    16. 3.5 starsI think this series would make a decent TV show And despite all of the murders, it still makes me want to go to Venice ;) lol

    17. This second volume in the Commissario Brunetti series involves a more complicated story than Death at La Fenice. The plot (the body of a murdered American serviceman found floating in a Venice canal leads Brunetti to investigate the goings-on at the US military base nearby) is set firmly in the present - well, just after the first Gulf War, to be exact - allowing the author to touch on current international relations and assorted relevant socio-political topics: US military imperialism, the fall [...]

    18. I liked it more than the first; and the first had been enough to get me hooked. Donna Leon's characters and plots start off as plain, usual, lacking any eccentricity, but as you progress in the story they start displaying more depth than you would imagine. Brunetti has no peculiar traits as a detective; he's not particularly charming nor depressed and dark, he does not have any special modus operandi or colourful habits. He even has a normal and loving family. And yet he feels authentic, real en [...]

    19. This is the second in the ever fascinating series of crime stories by Donna Leon featuring Commissario Guido Brunetti. I have read others and am trying now to catch up with the ones I missed.Here, Brunetti is called out in the middle of the night to investigate the death of an young American found floating in one of Venice's canals. His boss Patta, a politically driven incompetent, wants to write the incident off as a mugging gone wrong. Brunetti knows better and becomes even more sure of his co [...]

    20. DEATH IN A STRANGE COUNTRY (Police Proced-Guido Brunetti-Italy-Cont) – GLeon, Donna – 2nd in seriesA Penguin/Grove Press Book, 1995, UK Paperback – ISBN: 0143034820First Sentence: A body floated face down in the murky water of the canal.*** At first, it appears to be a mugging gone wrong. But the knifed body of a young man found floating in the canal turns out to be an American soldier in the Office of Public Hearth from the American base in Vincenza. It soon becomes clear to Comm. Guide B [...]

    21. Mein erstes Zusammentreffen mit Guido Brunetti - und sicherlich nicht mein letztes, denn es warten bereits weitere Bände um den venezianischen Commissario im Regal und ich freue mich schon aufs Lesen!Am Besten an diesem Krimi hat mir wohl die Gemütlichkeit gefallen, eine Gemütlichkeit, die dank der venezianischen Kulisse und des (ich war nur mal ganz kurz in Venedig und kann das daher nicht beurteilen, aber mir scheint es sehr klischeehaft übertrieben, was nicht negativ zu werten ist, denn d [...]

    22. 71. DEATH IN A STRANGE COUNTRY, BY DONNA LEON (Book 2 of Commissario Brunetti)The second installment in the Commissario Brunetti series.Synopsis: A young American man is found dead, floating in one of the canals of Venice. Brunetti is called to investigate, and in the process he ends up unearthing a much larger conspiracy.Overall enjoyment: Sweet and fun, in spite of the dark theme. To be honest, what I really love about this series is the characters’ lives and their relationships; the mystery [...]

    23. This is the second book in Leon's Detective Guido Brunetti series, and the second that I read. These novels are set in Venice, Italy. I am loving this series. Guido is an interesting detective. He is not the classic fictional detective: alone, damaged, alcoholic. He is a well-adjusted Venetian, happily married, with two kids. Leon paints a vivid and perceptive picture of contemporary Italy and Venice. Venice is one of my favorite cities, and reading Leon brings me back to that unique series of i [...]

    24. Another good mystery that takes place in Venicewith a plot that is fast paced and keeps you guessing. Commissario Brunetti is a rebel, he never lets wealth or prestige influence the way he goes about solving a mystery. He is a one of those calm, relaxed protagonists who you instantly enjoying following from one mystery to another. I think the thing that i like most about reading this series is that, just like the Inspector Banks series by Peter Robinson, you learn more and more about the main ch [...]

    25. I think I really like this Brunetti series based on the first two books. I can see why the series is so popular. Venice is so exotic and provides a great setting for crimes and police work. Leon's characters are realistic and interesting. The apparent corruption and shady things are a bit shocking, but it only adds to the atmosphere. The attitudes and way of life is so different from Finland. So much grappa and wine and so little actual work work and paper work. It's a different world.

    26. I thought I had read this book before, but I was not certain until I had read 190 of the 373 pages. I do not remember the ending, but I read it in 2007 and there are times that I had I forgotten to enter books on . Previous to the advent of , I always kept a list of my books read, and there it was. I hope this episode will help me not to forget to enter all of my books on in the future.

    27. I enjoy Donna Leon's books, but, I gave this one three stars. I found it a little convoluted and not so easy to follow. A body is found in a canal in Venice. He has no identification on him, but, he hassome American coins in his pocket. Eventually, Commissario Guido Brunetti figures out who he is and who killed him. It's not a bad read, just not as good as some of her other books.

    28. The uxorious Brunetti, between visits to coffee bars, traipses all over Venice and Vicenza, with a trek to Lake Barcis, trying to figure out who killed an American serviceman and dumped his body in a canal. Leon shrewdly captures human relationships; the conversations between Brunetti and his vain superior Patta are perfect.

    29. I really liked this, and this series is fast becoming quite addictive! Donna Leon's love of the city of Venice both it's history and it's present day is well expressed through her character, Commissario Brunetti. And the way he works with factors he can do nothing about such as corruption and privilege in order to achieve the necessary objectives is really unusual and well done.

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