Queen Bess: The Unauthorized Biography of Bess Myerson

Traces Bess Myerson s life from her upbringing in a Jewish community in the Bronx through her years as Miss America, a television performer, and a New York City commissioner, to her trial for bribery.
Queen Bess The Unauthorized Biography of Bess Myerson Traces Bess Myerson s life from her upbringing in a Jewish community in the Bronx through her years as Miss America a television performer and a New York City commissioner to her trial for bribery

  • Title: Queen Bess: The Unauthorized Biography of Bess Myerson
  • Author: Jennifer Preston
  • ISBN: 9780809245307
  • Page: 446
  • Format: Hardcover
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    1 thought on “Queen Bess: The Unauthorized Biography of Bess Myerson”

    1. "Looking back now, I wonder whether I was too young to write a biography of someone twice my age. I knew I had much to learn about life before writing someone else's biography. That's perhaps why this story of Bess Myerson relies less on opinions and assumptions, and more heavily on in-depth reporting, public records, transcripts and interviews. I let the reporting lead me on the journey to tell her story."Queen Bess: The Unauthorized Biography of Bess Myerson, which first came out in 1990, has [...]

    2. Compelling account of someone I only thought of as a Miss America. Keeps you interested right to the end

    3. Good readThe book is an interesting, fun read, even if you are only vaguely aware of Bess Myerson. It's a very New York story. She was very disciplined, which accounts for her success. Also many of her problems. I feel sad for the Gabels, all of them. The parents had it tough with their smart daughter and her emotional-psychological fault lines. The daughter has it hard trying to figure out how to successfully navigate a world, and its social interactions, she doesn't understand.

    4. Interesting story about the rich and famous though too long in some chapters about other people on the outskirts of her life. I remember being familiar with her back in the 80s and always wondered what led to her fall from grace.

    5. Interesting bookHer life was interesting and certainly her relationships but at times it seemed almost too detailed but it certainly was though.

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