The Falconer's Knot: A Story of Friars, Flirtation and Foul Play

The award winning author of the Stravaganza series has done it again with this atmospheric adventure set in Renaissance Italy Sixteen year old Silvano da Montacuto has wealth, good looks, and a new hawk but none of these can save him when his bloody dagger is found near a dead body For his own protection, he is sent to a Franciscan House, where he poses as a novice, or aThe award winning author of the Stravaganza series has done it again with this atmospheric adventure set in Renaissance Italy Sixteen year old Silvano da Montacuto has wealth, good looks, and a new hawk but none of these can save him when his bloody dagger is found near a dead body For his own protection, he is sent to a Franciscan House, where he poses as a novice, or a young monk There, he lays eyes on Chiara, a lovely novice at a nearby abbey who is also living in secret When they fall in love, their secret identities make it impossible to reveal their feelings to one another.Murder seems to have followed Silvano, and soon several other dead bodies turn up Who is committing the crimes Will a young man accused of multiple murders be able to clear himself And what about the girl he adores Fans of Mary Hoffman s critically acclaimed Stravaganza series won t be disappointed in the romance, colorful web of intrigue, and rich, marvelous setting.
The Falconer s Knot A Story of Friars Flirtation and Foul Play The award winning author of the Stravaganza series has done it again with this atmospheric adventure set in Renaissance Italy Sixteen year old Silvano da Montacuto has wealth good looks and a new ha

  • Title: The Falconer's Knot: A Story of Friars, Flirtation and Foul Play
  • Author: Mary Hoffman
  • ISBN: 9781599900568
  • Page: 390
  • Format: Hardcover
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    1. I'm sorry i just couldn't get into this novel and there was a big reasonThe way the book was formatted!!! It drove me bloody bonkers that I found it distracting.You'd get a few paragraphs then that little annoying leaf would show up and you'd be taken off to another character and before you can blink another leaf would appear.It just broke up the story way too much. It would of been better to have super short chapters instead OR just focused on certain characters in that area then finish that ch [...]

    2. I initially toyed with the idea of writing this review in the style of the book, which would be to split it up into small pieces in such a way that none of them would be complete enough in themselves to fulfill their idea. It seemed like every three to twelve paragraphs the story was broken to return to another set of characters, so I never got a sense for any of them. And the story had no cohesion. It also seemed to have a bizarre and perhaps unconscious message that beautiful people should hav [...]

    3. It's a relief to be done with this book. Why did I dislike it?- It's written in third person omniscient, yet has frequent page breaks to skip between people's heads. There seems to be little point to these breaks, because even in Chiara's head, we can see Silvano's thoughts.- The writing style is basic and not at all beautiful. It's dull, and there's a fair bit of telling going on, without much showing. - The answer to the mystery is obvious, at least for part of it. As for the rest, it comes do [...]

    4. I rarely read young adult fiction, but I picked this up at a library sale and thought it would be a quick, fun read. It was quick but it wasn't all that fun. As this is a murder mystery, one might expect there to be more time spent on the mystery of the murder, but this is not the case. Too bad. There was potential here, but I felt the characters never got fleshed out enough. Much of the action was too contrived and conveniently laid out. And the obligatory side story wherein the author teaches [...]

    5. Thoughts on the Overall Book: I liked this book a lot, I love the setting of Medieval Italy and to top it all off with a mystery that just makes it all the better. It was a good easy read and the kind of thing you can read before bed. I wouldn't say it was actually a cozy, but it wasn't dark either, it was just an enjoyable read, but I will say that I was guessing right to the end when the mystery was solved. I figured out parts of it, but it was pleasant for me to be surprised by the result and [...]

    6. In a small town near Assisi in Umbria, in 1316 CE, sixteen year old nobleman Silvano finds himself holding a dying man, a sheep farmer who's been stabbed by an unknown assailant in the street. The problem? Silvano was courting the sheep farmer's young and pretty wife, Angelica; and the dagger stuck between the man's ribs is Silvano's. Silvano is the prime suspect. Helped by his father, Silvano flees for sanctuary to a Franciscan friary, where he poses as a novice and works in the friary's colour [...]

    7. This is a story about a boy named Silvano. He is accused of murdering the husband of a girl named Angilca, who he had fallen in love with. Silvano is then must run from the accusations, by going to be a friar. Once ha gets there he becomes a color making and gets very close to the color master Brother Ansoleth. Though Brother Asoleth's true love was stole to be a wife of a different guy, and that man shows up at the friar's house and is murdered. This puts both Brother Ansoleth and Silvano at ri [...]

    8. i much enjoyed this book. Made me understand the world of friars and nuns a bit better. Plus, I knew who was going to get together romantically, but I could not figure out the second murderer. Therefore, I was kept interested to the end!

    9. It was enjoyable to read. The concept and the writing were very nice. I liked the characters and the plot a lot, and the story pulls you in always leaving you wondering what will happen. At the beginning and in a few other places, it did get a bit boring to read, but overall it was a good book.

    10. I loved this book. There were so many conflicts and problems that all we related to each other in some way. It truly is a story of Friars, Flirtation and Foul Play.Theme:There are three main themes of this story. One is men shouldn’t control women’s lives because Angelica, and Isabella are forced to marry horrible people and are miserable until their husbands are murdered. And even then when their widows they still have no control over their money. Two is don’t gamble because then you will [...]

    11. The Falconer’s Knot is a book set in the Renaissance era of Italy and is mainly based around a small convent where there is a group of nuns and then directly over a wall is a group of friars. The two main characters are Silvano who is the son of a minor noble and Chiara, a poor peasant girl who gets shipped off to the convent by her brother after her father dies. In the beginning of the book Silvano is in love with a pretty farmer’s wife and gets accused of murdering her husband. Silvano goe [...]

    12. Such a good book. I even learned all the names of the masses they had in monasteries during early Christian ages. But that's not the point here. It really was a good book. The story was intruiging and I really do love a good mystery novel. The murders and the musteries that unravelled throughout the story kept me hooked from start to finish. It wasn't overcomplicated, but easy to read and likeable. Really likeable. The characters kept me interested throughout. They were young, curious and fearle [...]

    13. How do you get around to reviewing a book you've read over and over again? You just dont'. There is no way I could ever do justice to a book that has brought such pleasure and amusment, but I'm gong to try anyway because YOU need to read it. Silvano da Montacuto has everything going for him: he is the only son a wealthy family, handsome, smart, and in love. Of course, the fact that said woman doesn't realize he exist (and is married to boot!)fazes him not a bit! He is certain he will win her lov [...]

    14. A rich historical fiction novel about a sixteen-year-old nobleman named Silvano who is in love with the beautiful Angelica. Angelica is married to a man she does not love and one day her husband is found murdered - stabbed with Silvano's dagger. Silvano claims that he didn't do it and his father sends him to take sanctuary at a friary in a nearby town while they figure out who the real murderer is. Meanwhile, the pretty, young Chiara is sent to the nextdoor convent because there is not money eno [...]

    15. 'A tale of poison, bloodshed and passion', the front cover tells me. Sounds just like my kind of book! I thought. And since I had read and enjoyed Mary Hoffman's Stravaganza series, which features modern-day teenagers travelling backwards (or sideways) to an alternative Renaissance Italy, I grabbed it off the bookshelf right away. I was not disappointed. The Falconer's Knot tells the story of Silvano, a young man who falls in love with the pretty face of a married woman. When her husband is foun [...]

    16. The Falconer's Knot included mysteries, Romance and an interesting twist at the end. The book is about a handsome, rich, young man named Silvano. He has fallen in love with a married woman named Angelica. However, one day, the town people found the husband of Angelica (his name is Tommaso) dead with Silvano's dagger in the dead center of Tommaso's chest. Silvano is accused of murder and everyone thinks that he's guilty. His father sends him to an Abby (a religious place) to hide from all the fus [...]

    17. Mary Hoffman wrote the amazing Stravaganza series, and now has this wonderful historical fiction to offer us. Silvano is a rich, privileged young man in Perugia, a 16th century Renaissance Italian town. He is accused of a murder he did not commit. To save him from prison, his father sends him to a monastery in another town, where he is sheltered and given sanctuary. There is a small convent next to the monastery, where a young girl has been sent by her brother who no longer wants her around. Chi [...]

    18. At first it was a very confusing story because the author kept bringing in new characters all the time, each carrying their own story, all interwoven with each other. This kept irritating me throughout the book.The story itself was a very exciting one. It started with a murder and halfway through the book more exciting thrillers started happening. And I even loved the earthquake.Problem with this book is that from the first chapter I knew who comitted the first murder, but that didn't matter lat [...]

    19. I read this book every thanksgiving, but have never actually finished it before. Not because it was bad, just it took me a long time to get through, and I never did. But I'm glad I finally finished it.I love the setting of this book most of all. Medieval Italy, taking great detail to describe Giardinnetto, Gubbio, Umbria there were a lot of big names in this book. And the stuff about the color room was very interesting.The only thing disappointing about this book was the whole 'murder resolved' [...]

    20. This book enticed me by the cover. I love the intricate illustrations along the edge and the use of gold to attract my eye. Unfortunately, the cover let me down and the book was not nearly so complex and enticing.Hoffman paints a beautiful picture and stunning portrait of medieval Italy. For the history and setting, I would recommend the book. The plot however, fell short of what I was expecting. The book is sold as a murder mystery, yet I always felt the mystery took a backseat to the setting a [...]

    21. Super spanned boek. Het doet denken aan The Name of the Rose, dat ik nu aan het lezen ben, maar is veel toegankelijker geschreven en kan daardoor al vanaf betrekkelijk jonge leeftijd gelezen worden. Het decor van het oude Toscane is prachtig. En ook de beschrijvingen van het proces van pigmenten maken en de kleuren van deze pigmenten is wonderbaarlijk. De ontknoping is verrassend en ingenieus maar toch realistisch. De relatie tussen Silvano en Chiara komt erg laat en daardoor ook een beetje haas [...]

    22. I adore this book, and I despise YA historical fiction generally. I also have problems with mysteries with teen protagonists. I just think it's unrealistic to expect that teenagers would find clues in such an organized manner as most mysteries portray. But in The Falconer's Knot, the main characters, Chiara and Silvano, often found clues by stumbling straight over them. They then made logical connections using process of elimination in a very realistic manner. The parts about medieval painting w [...]

    23. Really quite good. The history was well-researched; the characters were likable and realistic; the plot was gripping and diverse enough to keep me hooked. Some of the twists were admittedly a bit predictable, particularly towards the end of the story (although i'm not sure they weren't meant to be) and some of them most definitely were not! It was written in such a way as to drop the reader hints all the way through without out-and-out giving the culprits away. The budding romance between Chiara [...]

    24. Once again, Mary Hoffman proves to be amazing! Her characters are so cute! And of course the romance happens the way you want it to. Yeah!The story is captivatingI guiltily admit that I read this instead of my English homework (though I still did that).A very nice, light read. Although, the murders keep you guessing. I only figured out who the murderer was a few pages before it was revealed. And I want to meet Silvano! :) All of Hoffman's guy characters are like, perfect. And Chiara was more rea [...]

    25. De valkeniersknoop is na deel 4 van de Stravaganza serie verschenen. Ik kocht dit boek dan ook met hoge verwachtingen. Maar die vielen helaas nogal tegen De valkeniersknoop lijkt een slechte rip off van het derde deel van de Stravaganza serie. Zo speelt het ook voornamelijk in een klooster met een kleurling. De sfeer waarin het speelt is wel de 'typische' Mary Hofmann sfeer en die is fijn. Helaas is het boek niet spannend, in vergelijking met stravaganza. Maar het lijkt me wel een leuk boek als [...]

    26. This book had a slightly interesting plot line, but it was executed poorly. I would read a chapter, and start to become interested in the story line, and then the writer would jump to a different place. The chapters were not short or long enough to be well done. Also, the title of the book is referenced only once or twice in a completely random way. It was an awkward title that made me confused at the end of the book. Other than these main two complaints, the book was mediocre, just a quick read [...]

    27. This book keeps popping up on bibliographies of YA historical fiction. I thought I would give it a shot. Hoffman did a good job of creating setting amongst the religious houses of the Middle Ages. However, too much of the plot involved friars, nuns, and novices. I felt like Hoffman really wanted to write about religious figures and put in the teen characters as an afterthought. I read the first 2/3 of the novel and then quit. I just didn't care which friar was evil and which was righteous, and t [...]

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