The Shallow Seas

Fleeing a scandalous liaison with her married Chinese lover, nineteen year old Charlotte Macleod is pregnant and alone in 1842 Singapore Given the choice of marriage to a man she does not love or facing loss and pain, Charlotte will find a way to make a life 8212 until she returns to Singapore, to the man she loves, to face the hardest decision of her life.
The Shallow Seas Fleeing a scandalous liaison with her married Chinese lover nineteen year old Charlotte Macleod is pregnant and alone in Singapore Given the choice of marriage to a man she does not love or faci

  • Title: The Shallow Seas
  • Author: Dawn Farnham
  • ISBN: 9789810810795
  • Page: 150
  • Format: Paperback
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    1 thought on “The Shallow Seas”

    1. The historical and curtural background is very descriptive; the places, the culture, the society. Reading the book like going back to the time and place the story happened. It describe a different point of view with Indonesia history books I used to read, although the facts are the same. The storyline fascinatingly twirl around the reader's emotion. Many struggle of love yet many betrayal described emotionally.

    2. I enjoyed this book more than the first book. I really liked the way the characters developed. Charlotte is still as frustrating to me with her secrets but it is understandable!Tigran was a lovely character and I enjoyed getting to know him in the book and I also enjoyed reading how his love was eventually reciprocated. The passion between Zhen and Charlotte was as gripping as ever and also very sad as their love could not be out in the open. I felt Tigran took a huge risk inviting Zhen to help [...]

    3. Good bookI feel sad. There are so many unfortunate event in this book. But maybe that period of time, with limited medical knowledge procedure and medicine, simple sickness could mean death. This is the second book i read. The first book i read about singapore was when i was in singapore and now that i am in jakarta, this book tells charlotte's story in batavia so reading it becomes an experience. As though i live in it.

    4. I must say I am definitely not a fan of the main character, Charlotte. From a historical perspective this book is quite fascinating, although I preferred volume 1. In this volume we move to Batavia (present day Jakarta, Indonesia. Again I think you will enjoy this book if you live in the region or are interested in it, otherwise I would give it a miss.

    5. Dawn Farnham has written a truely fascinating tale of two towns, Singapore and Batavia around the 1840ties. I read the book while we traveled Indonesia and visited many of the remaining places that are left in Jakarta from the Dutch and British colonial time. The story itself is good but even more compelling is the historic facts and the detail Dawn Farnham provides in this novel.

    6. Get ready for much heartache and pain. plot kind of predictable. stone walls everywhere. kind of depressing. I wish there are equal portion of sadness and happiness in this book. too much sadness makes the plot felt like dragging .

    7. I enjoyed this book as much, if not more than, The Red Thread. I am facinated with the hisotry of Asia, especially Java and the historic Batavia. This book paints such a pretty picture of a long lost city that has fallen into decay without any desire or ability to preserve it.

    8. Another book by Dawn Farnham continuing her story in the category "Romances with Asian male love interest". Lots of exoticism, and also well-researched information about early Singapore.

    9. I enjoyed this 2nd book in The Red Thread series. The characters are very real. Cant wait to read the 3rd book in the series!

    10. The storyline was slow and unrealistic. The interesting portion was the history of the era rather than the story of Charlotte. I really wanted to like it more but it was not to be.

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