The Captive

Relieved from deadly toil in the mines, a slave is brought to his master s household to work and there encounters a new form of torture in a seductive young woman who he is forbidden to have Original.
The Captive Relieved from deadly toil in the mines a slave is brought to his master s household to work and there encounters a new form of torture in a seductive young woman who he is forbidden to have Original

  • Title: The Captive
  • Author: Amanda Ashley
  • ISBN: 9780505523624
  • Page: 445
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. I'm not a big fan of Amanda Ashley. There is something in her writing. However, the storyline of this one seemed interesting. The back is a bit vague on what type of romance this book is about. It turns out, this is a sci-fi/fantasy/futuristic book with Confederations, planets, aliens galore. Normally, it isn't my type of read. I prefer historicals and PNR's to these types of romance books. However, as I mentioned the story seemed interesting so even after I found out the actual genre I continue [...]

    2. I was kind of disappointed because I love Amanda Ashley's books but I don't think Sci-fi is her thing. Honestly it was an historical romance set on another planet. No originality at all. The hero did not stand out for me at all. Ms. Ashley did not bring him to life and make me care about him and I usually like to connect with the heroine but I just couldn't get into this one. Honestly, I just couldn't get into this book and I really did try. I got 3/4 through it before I finally put it down for [...]

    3. This story was interesting and it was good to read a nice little romance again. This one was a little different though the romance, as in common, started out a little shakily.It takes place in the galaxy somewhere on a planet called Tierde where Lady Ashlynne lives with her parenta and Prisoner Number 4, aka Falkon, has been taken to work as a slave in the black crystal mine that is owned by Ashlynne's father. Falkon is a mercenary from the planet Daccar and he is not happy with his imprisonment [...]

    4. It was very captiveting story indeed. I was hooked from beginig till end and enjoy it. I like the plot, caracters, feelings,This is why I love reading books.

    5. I was wonderfully surprised to discover that this romance novel takes place in a galaxy far far away. It's a great story driven novel, but I love sci-fi romance and am still puzzled why there's nothing on the cover to indicate it's anything other than your usual run of mill trashy romance. But it's not. It's different and I liked it a lotNOPSIS:Heroine: Rich chick, sheltered, compliant personality, living in isolation (sure, she's spoiled as they other reviewers complained, but this is the only [...]

    6. As the daughter of a rich and powerful slave master, the heroine has wanted for nothing as her life. Though she doesn’t believe in the harsh treatment of slaves, she doesn’t think twice to sun bath while the hero, one of those slaves, rakes the yard. The hero was once the leader of the army of his people but now he’s degraded to a slave but his beauty and vitality has kept him out of the deadly mines that kill or injure so many. Instead, he much be around the beautiful master’s daughter [...]

    7. I have a love-hate relationship with Amanda Ashley: I either adore the book or it bores me to tears. Nonetheless there is one thing that is present in all of her books, regardless of the dullness degree, and that is the poetic way in which she uses words.This particular book falls into the first category. Whereas most of her vampire books get boring and tedious after a while(or after reading a dozen like I did), this one was surprisingly interesting. The action was fast paced and it had me guess [...]

    8. I was given this book as a gift. I have to say, I read most of it and then skipped to the end. It was okay but a bit too drama queen for me. I think it could be my change in tastes. Before, these type of romances swept me off my feet. I was also in my late teens and early twenties. Now, I kind of roll my eyes at these and find them to be a bit ridiculous. I guess I don't need this type of romance anymore.I do want to say the author's writing is just fine. The characters are even fine too. It's j [...]

    9. The writing is good, but it wasn't what I was expecting. The Captive was the first Amanda Ashley book I picked up when I heard she was one and the same as Madeline Baker, and I was disappointed since I love, love, LOVE all the MB books I've read. But honestly, my turn off had little to do with the writingd much more to do with genre; I don't usually read anything futuristic/scifi.

    10. Bingung deh Dari covernya seperti tipe2 cerita HR, tapi ternyata oh ternyata Kok dalemnya nyinggung galaksi dan planet2 yang entah di mana itu, pantesan agak bingung sewaktu baca nama2 tempat dan suku2nya Mencoba untuk suka membacanya tapi scifi emang bukan plot favoritku

    11. Amazing I was a little scared the boy wasn't going to get the girl in this novel. Our main characters fought every obstacle imaginable including each other. But as always love will win all battles.

    12. It was good, though it took me a moment to realise that it was based in galaxy universe and not Earth.

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