Donkey Skin

A lovely princess flees from impending marriage with a king, donning a donkey skin, and goes to live on a poor farm where she eventually sights a handsome prince.
Donkey Skin A lovely princess flees from impending marriage with a king donning a donkey skin and goes to live on a poor farm where she eventually sights a handsome prince

  • Title: Donkey Skin
  • Author: Charles Perrault Barbara Hayes
  • ISBN: 9780865922266
  • Page: 247
  • Format: Unknown Binding
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    1. Fue un cuento interesante, no me molesta leer sobre incesto, sin embargo no logro imaginarme contarle este cuento a un niño, supongo que debe estar orientado a jóvenes adultos en adelante. Fuera de eso fue una lectura diferente e interesante para pasar el rato

    2. So, this is one of those fairy tales that is not a good idea to read to kids. And it's weird to me that i advise against Perrault's moral ending than against the story's content, considering that the CONTENT of the story is about a father who goes crazy and wants to marry his daughter. (With a little Cinderella thrown in at the end.) But Perrault loves to add in these morals that really harm women, and I just can't get over the idea of reading them to little kids. Do no read the rhyming morals!A [...]

    3. ME ENCANTÓ.El cuento de Piel de Asno parece exagerado; pero mientras existan en el mundo criaturas y haya madres y abuelas que narren aventuras, estará su recuerdo conservado ENCANTÓ ENCANTÓ MUCHO.

    4. This story was about a princess whose father’s wife had died. The wife had told him before she passed that he is only to remarry someone that was just like her. The King believed his daughter was the only one who fit that criteria. The princess’ godmother made her a dress out of multiple things, one being the hide off of a donkey. The princess was later known as Donkeyskin by the prince she fell in love with. The King also eventually remarried a widow. I struggled staying too interested in t [...]

    5. To avoid old lechers, skin a donkey and wear it's skin. Problem solvedDonkeyskin is an original fairytale, first published in 1695 by french author Charles Perrault. It belongs to the same genre of dark and adult themed tales such as Bluebeard, which deal with stark and harsh realities. It combines elements of fairytales that we are all familiar with - mistreated and downtrodden girl who suceeds against the odds, the concealment of beauty with grotesque transformation, the hybrid of the bestial [...]

    6. Dans Peau d'Âne, on retrouve les figures sans lesquelles il n'y a pas le conte: la gueuse à la fin épouse le prince. Mais ceux qui lisent Saint-Simon savent bien la dimension et le déséquilibre que prend, au temps de Louis XIV, le mariage forcé. Les Mémoires du "petit duc" sont remplis de ces récits pathétiques, vies sacrfiées. Perrault attaque ici. Non seulement on va marier la fille du Roi de force, mais c'est son père qui veut l'épouser.

    7. This has a better literary execution than the Grimm version: better world building, plotting and the character motivations are clearer. Grimm's just leaves to much to the imagination.But as a educational tale, the Grimms do a better job in showcasing wits and self-reliance. Perrault's moral rhymes mean well but there is always something messed up about them.I'll be furthering the comparison between them both in a future blog post.

    8. Buku berstiker yang unik. Sayangnya stikernya terlalu lengket dan tangan anak2 terlalu kecil. Kalau menempelnya salah sedikit saja, susah untuk ditempel ulang. Perlu bantuan orang dewasa.

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