Blind Eye: The Terrifying Story of a Doctor Who Got Away with Murder

A medical thriller from Pulitzer Prize winning author James B Stewart about serial killer doctor Michael Swango and the medical community that chose to turn a blind eye on his criminal activities.No one could believe that the handsome young doctor might be a serial killer Wherever he was hired in Ohio, Illinois, New York, South Dakota Michael Swango at first seemed the mA medical thriller from Pulitzer Prize winning author James B Stewart about serial killer doctor Michael Swango and the medical community that chose to turn a blind eye on his criminal activities.No one could believe that the handsome young doctor might be a serial killer Wherever he was hired in Ohio, Illinois, New York, South Dakota Michael Swango at first seemed the model physician Then his patients began dying under suspicious circumstances At once a gripping read and a hard hitting look at the inner workings of the American medical system, Blind Eye describes a professional hierarchy where doctors repeatedly accept the word of fellow physicians over that of nurses, hospital employees, and patients even as horrible truths begin to emerge With the prodigious investigative reporting that has defined his Pulitzer Prize winning career, James B Stewart has tracked down survivors, relatives of victims, and shaken coworkers to unearth the evidence that may finally lead to Swango s conviction.Combining meticulous research with spellbinding prose, Stewart has written a shocking chronicle of a psychopathic doctor and of the medical establishment that chose to turn a blind eye on his criminal activities.
Blind Eye The Terrifying Story of a Doctor Who Got Away with Murder A medical thriller from Pulitzer Prize winning author James B Stewart about serial killer doctor Michael Swango and the medical community that chose to turn a blind eye on his criminal activities No o

  • Title: Blind Eye: The Terrifying Story of a Doctor Who Got Away with Murder
  • Author: James B. Stewart
  • ISBN: 9780684865638
  • Page: 310
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. I went to college with the subject of this book, Michael Swango at Quincy University. When I knew him he seemed a normal person who worked long hours paying his way through college, and medical school.This book highlights why the medical profession is not good at policing itself for problem doctors.

    2. If you want to rack up body count as a serial killer, the best way is to be a doctor or nurse. You can kill so many people before getting caught.This book is about serial killer doctor Michael Swango. The whole story is crazy. You can't believe how long he gets away with it.The book has a justified tone of anger at the medical establishment, which fails to police itself. Doctors close ranks, hospitals are more concerned with avoiding scandals then with investigating reports of murder. So many nu [...]

    3. Author and Pulitzer Prize winner James B. Stewart puts together the story of Dr. Michael Swango, an attractive, pleasant and intelligent physician, who in reality is a serial killer. Swango practically bluffed his way through medical school; not because he wasn't qualified but because strange things happened to his patients when he was presento many people with non-life threatening conditions were suddenly dying. This trend followed him into his residency and the medical schools involved turned [...]

    4. I read so many sociopath books it's starting to look bad If I were to ever be picked up by the police and they investigated my library record I would be locked up for sure.

    5. Interesting book. I found the beginning to be a bit dragged down in details to the point of being incredibly boring (after a dramatic introduction we are subjected to chapter after chapter on his childhood and how distant the father is etc) but after the story gets towards the crimes it's interesting. I hadn't heard of this serial murderer before reading this book and I find it chilling how the events progressed. I'm amazing at how uninteresting the writing is for the subject, though it is incre [...]

    6. We had to read this book for work and it is creepy (I work in a Medical Staff Office at a Hospital). Makes you realize that your job is very important!

    7. Sometimes people placed in positions of public trust turn out to be the bad guys - rogue cops, pedophile teachers, baby-stealing nurses. When we hear stories about these individuals, perhaps we pause a minute in wonder or just pass it off as a failure somewhere in The System.What we don't often hear about is a doctors. Except for patient fondling by a few dentists and a handful of shrinks, doctors enjoy a pretty respected position high above other trusted figures. Maybe it's the commitment to so [...]

    8. Fascinating story about an oddball misfit who somehow got into medical school, remained weird and aloof, began killing patients in ways that allowed him to be there pronouncing time of death, but just kept getting away with it. Most troubling and revealing was the way that the medical school stymied the investigative and reporting efforts of the few students who gradually became convinced "Dr. Death" (as they'd nicknamed him) was killing patients. What had tipped the students off was the man's c [...]

    9. Wow. This was a chilling encounter my medical student informed me of since "Dr. Death" began his killing at THE Ohio State. Stewart neatly chronicles this nearly unbelievable story well- it boggled my mind to read the first hand accounts of this psychopath's actions. Hiding behind gallows humor and the idea that a good bedside manner is optional for a good physician this guy slinked through med school by the skin of his teeth. It's even more terrifying how his charm was directed in such a self-s [...]

    10. This book is fascinating and horrifying at the same time. It reminds me of Catholic priest paedophiles. They simply got moved to new parishes and this doctor simply moved from hospital to hospital, state to state and eventually out of the country. It seems that hospitals were more afraid of being sued than the fact they might have a murderer on staff. I wonder where he is today!

    11. This is a story of love and life. No, wait a minute. That's not it at all.This is the story of Michael Swango, a doctor who got a thrill out of poisoning patients. What's more amazing than the number of people he poisoned (some died, some didn't), was the ineptitude, and negligence of hospital administrators that continued to hire him. This is investigative journalism at it's best.

    12. More than an exposé of a physician psychopath, Blind Eye is an indictment of the medical establishment's premise that the profession has the right to regulate itself. Eighteen years after this book was first published, the National Practitioner Data Bank, maintained at the expense of the US taxpayer, "does not include any information that identifies individual practitioners or reporting entities." Fortunately for health care consumers, the subject of this book is now serving three consecutive l [...]

    13. Membaca buku ini serasa membaca arsip terlengkap yang merangkum semua riwayat kejahatan seorang dokter psikopat. James B. Stewart melakukan riset dengan menghubung-hubungkan banyak sumber secara kronologis bagaikan penyusunan karya ilmiah. Pantaslah baginya ketika Pulizer Price dianugerahkan kepadanya.Inilah rujukan paling lengkap mengenai biografi seorang dokter psikopat yang diduga bertanggung jawab terhadap enam puluh pembunuhan dengan menggunakan racun. Dokter Swango, dokter psikopat itu, di [...]

    14. James B. Stewart’s, Blind Eye, is a true book on how a young doctor, Michael Swango, poisoned and murdered patients and co-workers. The book follows records and stories of Swango wherever he went from Ohio, to Illinois, to New York and South Dakota. Swango had a good first impression and was looked upon as the exemplar physician, little did everyone know the blind eye they had to his criminal activities. Throughout the book Stewart explains how the medical community knew about Swango’s shena [...]

    15. "You must be mistaken. Doctors don't give injections at all. That's the nurses' job."Society's adulation of doctors and the singular privilege we grant them to drug us is what makes these crimes seem so sacrilegious. Interesting throughout, the story of the doctor who poisons patients also takes some serious shots at the AMA: The Ohio board allowed . . .Doctors convicted of felonies such as drug trafficking, insurance fraud, forgery, theft, sexual assault, and drug abuse to remain in practice.Ph [...]

    16. How scary to think that someone who decides to be a doctor would kill patients.  But what was more scary is the way that those in administration glossed over the accusations for fear of being sued.  We have become a society where we sue for so many reasons and courts grant unreasonable awards,

    17. This was one of those great nonfiction books that reads like a novel, so it's entertaining AND you learn about something! : ) I also enjoyed it b/c I'm in the health care field. But it was a page-turner and I'd recommend it to anyone!

    18. Terrifying! Hits close to home since he spent some time in Columbus. Gives some good insight on the healthcare system and how we check ourselves.

    19. Blind Eye begins like a fairy tale, as Dr. Michael Swango arrives in Zimbabwe bright eyed and bushy tailed; with a self described desire to help the poor and disadvantaged. Dr. Mike encountered astronomical numbers of AIDS and malaria patients. The great white hope was quickly accepted and worshipped for working long hours without rest. In 1979, fellow pre-med students noticed that Swango was an oddball who dressed in military fatigues and combat boots. He had graduated from Christian Brothers H [...]

    20. (note: I read the hard back book published in 1999) My review echoes some of others before me Chilling book about a doctor who was involved in poisonings of his patients, and co-workers. Hospital officials either didn't want to believe, or were frightened about possible lawsuits, and quietly dismissed Dr. Swango. Subsequent inquiries into his employment by unsuspecting hospitals considering his employment, were somewhat vague and inconclusive. I was taken by the statement in the book's epilogue, [...]

    21. As one might expect, the medical establishment has not been happy with this book. A quick look at reveals more than 70 customer reviews. Those with apparent ties to medicine look askance; those without medical affiliation loved the book although it terrified most readers, including me. Forget traditional vampire and slasher books; this is the real horror Story.Michael Swango is a charming, debonair, handsome, and intelligent young man. He’s also a psychopath and a very convincing liar. He has [...]

    22. This was truly a 5-star read -- a well-written, well-researched and utterly frightening true story. The story never dragged for a minute, even when the author was describing the CYA politics of the medical profession and the many hands the evidence passed through without anyone ever noticing the glaring fact that people were being murdered under their noses. A rather sly comment the author made towards the end -- stating essentially that MDs see themselves as fundamentally different from other p [...]

    23. This was a good book, well written. I actually read it by accident as I didn't realize that it was of the true crime genre. It all too depressing. And, of course, the criminal was from Illinois - Land of the convicted felon governors. I try to read fiction as the real world is depressing enough without adding to it for entertainment. So, even though it was true, it was a page turner. And really brings to light the flaws with both the criminal justice system and society at large. If true crime is [...]

    24. Absolutely chilling. I became frustrated about a third of the way through, because the narration seemed heavy on the discussion of administrative & bureaucratic maneuverings. Also, I found myself less interested in the crimes than in the killer, and would've appreciated more background info on his childhood & adolescence.Otherwise---this book put me off iced tea well into the foreseeable future. Wow!

    25. one of my best book so far, i felt like I'm in a horror movie. the fact that this book is based in a true story made it more exciting to read. This book showed you the importance of credentialing in the medical field.

    26. Wow - crazy how the medical schools and hospitals could have let this guy get away with all this for so long, but (hopefully) luckily information is shared more and questionable incidents are reported now we can only hope I listened to audio on this; nicely done.

    27. Wow! I could not put this book down. Well written and a perfect true crime specimen. What do you call a doctor who graduates last in his class? Doctor.

    28. Holy cow! What a crazy story. I couldn't put it down. I hope our medical culture is different enough now that this couldn't happen.

    29. Disturbing as to how long this guy got away with what he did - now I need to know what happened after this book was published.

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