The Secret Room

The king s clever treasurer tries to clear his name when the chief minister accuses the treasurer of stealing.
The Secret Room The king s clever treasurer tries to clear his name when the chief minister accuses the treasurer of stealing

  • Title: The Secret Room
  • Author: Uri Shulevitz
  • ISBN: 9780374341695
  • Page: 153
  • Format: Hardcover
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    1. This is an Allegory. About wisdom, I guess. Well, at least about how trying to be an a-hole will probably come back to bite you in the ass.

    2. The quote on the back cover from The Horn Book reads,The spare telling and completely enchanting and distinctive character portrayals in the glowing illustration make this folktale another winner from this creative artist.I agree. I'd never heard this folktale, so I had no prior expectations. It is a picture book, but it's more appropriate for an older audience, upper elementary at the earliest. There's so much to the story, yet the words are sparse. The art adds visual meaning to the text, whic [...]

    3. This is a wonderful reminder of the importance of never taking ourselves too seriously and, even more importantly, that wasting our energy on trying to bring others down will only lead to our demise. It may be a "children's" book but everyone should read it, especially as a family, and have a discussion.

    4. Shulevitz's paintings are again striking and engaging, with his characters conveying so much in their spare facial expressions and bodily postures. In contrast, the wise hermit in drab clothing and downcast head illuminates the story with bright light. The king's chief counselor, with his ghastly facial colors, becomes the third point of the triangle in the tension and meaning in the story. No extent of honoring and elevating the wise man can take away his greatest treasure - his humility. I kep [...]

    5. Good old fashioned wisdom tale about a man whose beard is black but his head is gray. When asked why this is, he answers, "Because my head is older than my beard." His wisdom, honesty and humble nature get him recognition from the local king.

    6. Every time I read Uri Shulevitz I fall in love with him and his stories again and again. The illustrations add richness to the tales and make his books great for adults and children alike.

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