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  1. I’m too shocked for words. Practically. None of my goodread friends has read any Feiffer???! Unbelievable. Don’t you all know that this Pulitzer prize winning, Academy award winning cartoonist is the daddy of modern humour in the US? From Feiffer comes Trudeau, from Feiffer comes Seinfeld, it is that wide-ranging. It was Feiffer who took the neuroses he saw in society and turned them into ‘Sick, sick, sick’ the name of his cartoon strip. It was Feiffer who tried to show white liberal Ame [...]

  2. This is a dandy collection of early Feiffer cartoons. They tend to have fairly typical constructions, building to a punch line, but they deal with topics generally not common on the comics page at the time--neuroses, the bomb, policical hypocrisy, etc.; it's like Feiffer's a sort of a cross between a political cartoonist, satirist, and gag man, and it works pretty well. He has a fluid, expressive line somewhat reminiscent of Kurtzman's but with an arguably more subtle grasp of character.

  3. At times he seems a total genius--and just working off in his own corner where no one else is. Like with the raspy "Boom"--you can almost picture guys thousands of years from now thinking he really had the pulse of the age. Leaning a bit heavy on the '50's New York thing--analysis, consumerism, neurosis as a way of life. It was kinda like if Bob Newhart had a comic strip.

  4. Excellent if slightly dated look at city life in the late fifties by a legendary cartoonist. The artwork is sublime and the gags are the same; this is some intellectual humor rather that laugh-out-loud funny.

  5. Need to be reminded the context of when these were drawn and published. Wonderful work but some things just went over my head in the sense that having not lived in the 50s, some references are lost to me.

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