Rebecca and the Movies

On her tenth birthday, Rebecca can hardly believe it when cousin Max invites her to join him for a day at his movie studio to watch a movie being made Although her parents don t approve of actors or movies, Mama relents and says Rebecca may go At the studio, Rebecca meets the glamorous Lily, a real movie star When the camera begins to roll, Rebecca knows she must sit quOn her tenth birthday, Rebecca can hardly believe it when cousin Max invites her to join him for a day at his movie studio to watch a movie being made Although her parents don t approve of actors or movies, Mama relents and says Rebecca may go At the studio, Rebecca meets the glamorous Lily, a real movie star When the camera begins to roll, Rebecca knows she must sit quietly and watch Suddenly, the director shouts Cut and Rebecca finds herself facing an opportunity she never imagined in her wildest dreams Does she have the nerve for it And what wouldher parents say if they knew
Rebecca and the Movies On her tenth birthday Rebecca can hardly believe it when cousin Max invites her to join him for a day at his movie studio to watch a movie being made Although her parents don t approve of actors or m

  • Title: Rebecca and the Movies
  • Author: Jacqueline Dembar Greene
  • ISBN: 9781593695262
  • Page: 443
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. Rather unrealistic story in which Rebecca gets to achieve her dream of acting in a movie at the age of ten and one day. There was a potential conflict between Rebecca's traditional Jewish upbringing and the faster world of movie making, but Rebecca comes off as both naive and preachy. Not the best in the series. However, as always the author's note at the end gives some historical context, in this case about the early silent movie industry as well as some notes on Jewish family life in 1914. Thi [...]

    2. Rebecca is 10 Years old! Her uncle Max takes her to work with him a few days after her birthday to show her around the Movie Studio. But when Rebecca has a chance to be in a movie will she take it? And what will Bubbie think? I Really liked this one. It's my favorite in the series (at least so far) the entire story was really great from start to finish. I don't want to go to far into and put on spoilers but the Birthday Party for Rebecca was really cute and when they were visiting Max's work pla [...]

    3. This review is from the point of view of a mother. I'm reading the Rebecca series to decide when they will be appropriate for my daughter. This book required quite a bit of suspension of adult disbelief. spoiler ahead:The handling of the fact that Rebecca's birthday occurs during a high holiday was well-done, but the idea that her conservative family would allow the family scape-grace to take their daughter out to a movie set, and she would get a walk-on part to a silent film required a bit more [...]

    4. Cute American Girl story. So here's the thing about the Rebecca series. She's a Jewish girl growing up in NYC. Very cool to read and learn aboutor so I thought. Everything is just skimmed over: Jewish traditions, life in New York, differences in culture. I'm reading these with my 9 year old and I feel like we still haven't learned much. For example, in this book Rebecca's family is celebrating Passover. I wish we had learned more about what the traditions are during this holiday. I felt the same [...]

    5. I'm reading these for conversation purposes with my own 10 year old daughter, who loves Rebecca But I was legitimately intrigued by this one!

    6. I really enjoyed learning about the old style of making movies. Also though this story takes place all in one day, it had a nice arch.

    7. rebecca is obsessed with the new moving pictures that are showing up at theatres around town, even though her parents & grandparents are a bit wary. rebecca hasn't worked up the courage to tell them that she wants to be an actress when she grows up, & not a teacher, like her father expects. rebecca's uncle max is an actor, & the family is not the most supportive of his choice of career. but rebecca thinks it's fascinating. for rebecca's tenth birthday, max brings her a very fancy hat [...]

    8. Of the four books in this series, so far, this is the first that didn't have a clear message or moral. That's not a critique. It's just a statement of fact. I liked the story and it was fun to read about how movies were made so very long ago. I also liked that Rebecca has figured out that acting isn't just fun - it's hard work. Will she go on to one day have a career? Who knows? It's really not important. What is important is that she's learned she enjoys acting and is thinking about what life a [...]

    9. It's Passover and it's also Rebecca's birthday. Rebecca thinks that she can't have a birthday party and that her family have forgotten all about her birthday. But she is wrong. Her family holds a surprise birthday party for her. Max, Rebecca's cousin gives her a fancy hat for her birthday and says that this hat should not be worn only at home. That's when the conversation turns to movies. Rebecca's mom lets her go to the movie studio with Max. There she gets to play a part in the movie. Rebecca [...]

    10. This is a very light-hearted book in the series. Rebecca goes to the movie set with Max and ends up getting to act in a movie that is being filmed. She believes her parents would be very much against her doing that (since actors and actresses were looked down upon by many people at the time), so she knows she cannot tell them.It's also very interesting when the story gets into how the movies were being made since this was the time before sound and before good cameras, so the people in the movie [...]

    11. Rebecca turns 10 this passover and truly believed her family had forgotten until her cousin, Rose, took her to the surprise party where she had egg creams and sponge cake waiting for her arrival. Not only that, but her cousin, Max, got her a gorgeous, fancy hat and took her to the movie studio (he's an actor!), similar to where Charlie Chaplin might make a silent film! Not only that, but Rebecca gets a real treat that will surprise her Bubbie and parents who do not approve of the film-making ind [...]

    12. I love the Rebecca series, but this book was not on par with the rest of the line. Rebecca doesn't really do much character growth, but rather experiences a bit of wish-fulfillment. It's important for readers to know that their dreams can come true, and to keep themselves open to opportunity. But American Girl usually tries to teach lessons with their tales and this one kind of left that to the side.But, because I love Rebecca and her series, I will certainly be adding this volume to my kids' bo [...]

    13. Rebecca is turning ten years old, but her birthday falls during Passover, an important Jewish holiday so Rebecca doesn't think she'll be getting a big party, so when her family surprises her, Rebecca is thrilled, but the best gift of all is that her Uncle Max is taking her to the set of the movie he's starring in and Rebecca will get to see how the movie is made! Could this be her big chance to be discovered?

    14. Rebecca's 10th birthday falls around the same time as Passover. She worries that with all of the holiday preparations underway that her family will forget her big day. They not only remember, but they surprise her with the best birthday yet complete with beautiful gifts and a cake. As a special treat, her cousin Max invites her to the movie studio to see him in action. At the studio, Rebecca gets a chance to play a small part and catches the acting bug! Recommended for girls grades 3-5.

    15. I like it wen Rebecca's famly super's her for her Brithday. When I was reading this book I like to think how Rebecc's Gamma wold acct if she new that Rebecca had srted in a move. I like how Rebecca is aboul to make frend's sow eszy. And I say that Rebecca has a fere good chanes at becouming a mach macre.

    16. This is actually an interesting peek into the early film industry. American girls justifies this history lesson via the "The film industry's totally Jewish!" route, but it's still an interesting lesson.

    17. Fourth in the American Girls series. This one is pure fun. Good things happen for Rebecca. Her family makes a surprise birthday party for her tenth birthday, and she gets to act in a movie with Uncle Max.

    18. My daughter and I really liked this book. It is about a girl who lived in 1914. Rebecca and her cousin Max takes her to a movie studio and there she meets a famous movie star and she gets to star in a movie.

    19. It was fun to read about making silent movies in 1914d I had no idea many studios started out in New York before moving to Hollywood!

    20. All the Rebecca books are fun to read.This one helps girls see that it is okay to dream and that it is okay to tell the dream. Who knows who might be able to help and support you?

    21. Rebecca gets to be in a movie with cousin Max. But they can't talk in it. Her parents are not going to be happy. So she keeps it a secret.

    22. She goes to the movies, and she acts in it, but she did think her mom or any part of her family Well, they don't want her to become an actress. They want her to become a teacher.

    23. Found this one very cute. Rebecca is shown as spunky and headstrong, some nice characteristics - reminiscent of Felicity.

    24. This is my favorite so far in this series - I really loved learning how movies were made back in the early days of motion pictures. Really neat book!

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