Rebecca to the Rescue

Rebecca is thrilled to spend a day at the Coney Island amusement park with her cousins If only Papa hadn t put her bossy brother Victor in charge of all the games and rides Fuming, Rebecca resolves to show Victor that girls can do anything boys can do When the boys tease and laugh at her, she and Ana decide to leave their brothers and have fun on their own Then the FerRebecca is thrilled to spend a day at the Coney Island amusement park with her cousins If only Papa hadn t put her bossy brother Victor in charge of all the games and rides Fuming, Rebecca resolves to show Victor that girls can do anything boys can do When the boys tease and laugh at her, she and Ana decide to leave their brothers and have fun on their own Then the Ferris wheel gets stuck and Ana disappears and the girls get excitement than they bargained for Includes an illustrated Looking Back section about Coney Island in 1914.
Rebecca to the Rescue Rebecca is thrilled to spend a day at the Coney Island amusement park with her cousins If only Papa hadn t put her bossy brother Victor in charge of all the games and rides Fuming Rebecca resolves to

  • Title: Rebecca to the Rescue
  • Author: Jacqueline Dembar Greene
  • ISBN: 9781593695286
  • Page: 399
  • Format: Paperback
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    1 thought on “Rebecca to the Rescue”

    1. Not much of a story, this entry in the American Girls series does have a short episode about Rebecca's older brother's Bar Mitzvah, but the rest of the book is a desultory romp through Coney Island. Spoiler alert: Yes, Rebecca does rescue her Cousin Ana, but there is a fireman right behind her (not pictured on the cover)and Ana would not have been in trouble had she and Ana followed the directions of their parents. It seems most unlikely that she could have sprung up the fire ladder without gett [...]

    2. It was fun seeing Rebecca agree with her older sisters about Victor getting extra attention (because of his Bar Mitzvah). It was also fun when Rebecca and Victor were being friendly towards each other at the very end. I love seeing how realistically the characters act - siblings don't always fight and tease.(view spoiler)[I wasn't very surprised when Ana ended up being trapped on the Ferris Wheel. The author sets the scene up quite nicely. It would also be the one thing that I could see getting [...]

    3. Although the rescue part was quite unrealistic and a little ridiculous I really liked the rest of the story. I've been to Coney Island and it was cool to read about how it was back then and fun to see how people could just act ridiculous and have fun instead of being stuffy and proper all the time. Definitely would've enjoyed the place a lot more if I were to have visited back then and used it as a break from my everyday life. It's funny how they swam holding on to ropes bag were strung througho [...]

    4. Rebecca's brother Victor just turned 13 and had a Bar Mitzvah Celebration. Now he thinks he can boss her, Benny, Ana, and even the twins around. When they go to Coney Island, the parents lets the older kids go off on their own to ride rides while the parents stroll through the garden with Bubbie, Grandpa, and Benny. Victor had All of The Tickets. Rebecca and Ana want to ride all sorts of different rides but victor says "I'll decide what rides are safe for you" Rebecca, Ana, Sadie, and Sophie all [...]

    5. rebecca's older brother, victor, turns 13 & is ready for his bar mitzvah. there's some explanation about saying the hebrew prayer, the men sitting is a separate part of the church from the women & children, how victor gets to join them now because the bar mitzvah is his entry into jewish manhood, etc etc. there's a hilarious part where an old man in their synagogue says, "judging from the trousers, i see today you are a man." meaning, you know, he's wearing long pants now & not the s [...]

    6. This review is from teh perspective of a mother. I am reading the Rebecca series to evaluate when they will be appropriate to share with my daughter.Here's another one that requires suspension of disbelief, but I'm sure it provides enough adventure for the target audience!The opening of the book, with its emphasis on the bar mitzvah rite of passage for Rebecca's older brother, was interesting, if a bit pedantic. The story quickly shifts to fun and adventure at Coney Island. Although I found the [...]

    7. Rebecca and her family and her cousins are all going out for a special day at Coney Island! The sights and sounds and delicious treats are so wonderful, but her brother Victor is not, ever since his Bar Mitzvah he's been acting like he's more important than her and better because he's a boy. While at the park Rebecca and Ana go off on their own and have a great time, when they have time for only one more ride they decide to split up even though they were told to stay together, Ana wants to go on [...]

    8. A trip to Coney Island is equal parts thrilling and frightening, especially when the ferris wheel breaks down with cousin Ana stuck at the top! Not wasting a second Rebecca bravely ascends the rescue ladder and coaxes Ana off of the ride and onto the ladder. Other events covered include Victor's Bar Mitzvah and a gender-based fight between Rebecca and Victor concerning what boys can do vs. what girls can do, which ends well when Victor surprises Rebecca with the doll she tried to win at a game o [...]

    9. The AG formula requires a brave rescue, so the author had to create a conflict of some kind, but let's just say I've read more thrilling plots in my time. I did think the trip to Coney Island was well done, though, and it wasn't too farfetched that they did it to celebrate a bar mitzvah. The reader gets the sense that this family doesn't go there often, so it was a special adventure.I have seen Hester Street many times, so I recognized the up-side-down-Hebrew-book trick right away. Why did Green [...]

    10. Rebecca, her friend Ann, and her family end up going to a day to Coney Island amusement park. The story follows the various things that each person did, and describes the various types of games and rides that the park had, along with food that was sold.A major problem arises when Ann is on the ferris wheel and it gets stuck, and Rebecca ends up climbing a very long fireman's ladder to try to talk her out of the stuck car and onto the ladder.It's a light story, fun to read.

    11. Well, I think the best part was the part she saves the day. I just finished it today and started it today. I really didn't watch the time and kept reading. I finished the book just a few minutes ago. It was really good. I really enjoyed reading it I can't wait to start reading the next book. Changes for Rebecca. It sounds like a really exciting book. I read a little into the next book. It sounds great.

    12. I really don't thenk that Rebecca and her sister's shoud make fun of her bother when he is tieing show horder to get ever theing right. And I don't like how her Gamma is coubing about swimming sush's I mean it's 1914. I do like how Rebecca is sow bave to clom up the lader to rescue Ana and how ciend her bother is at the end.

    13. Yeah, this one required me to suspend my disbelief a little too much, and as a Mom it made me pretty nervous. Still, I do love Rebecca and it was really interesting to learn a little about Coney Island being the Victorian Spring Break experience.

    14. So I can not imagine Rebecca's daring rescue, but I imagine the girls who read these books would appreciate it! Fun to read about Coney Island and how it was a place for all kinds of people to visit and be equals.

    15. Number Five in the American Girl series about Rebecca Rubin, Lower East Side resident in 1914. Rebecca and her family visit Coney Island. When the ferris wheel gets stuck with her cousin Ana at the top, Rebecca climbs the fire department ladder to rescue her frightened cousin.

    16. Really, you had to name this Rebecca to the Rescue instead of Rebecca saves the Day? I get that the American Girls series started changing some of the central titles, but this is the best they could do?

    17. Rebecca and Ana went to a park place. The fairess wheel broke down and Ana was on it! Will Ana be safe? Will Rebecca save the day?

    18. It was a whirlwind delight of excitement and suspense as Rebecca and her family spent the day at Coney Island.

    19. While Rebecca and Anna broke the rules they were given, it did show how you can find inner strength when you need to do what is right.

    20. By far the most farfetched of the Rebecca books. Had a hard time with this one, as nothing really seemed plausible. Nice story with Coney Island and the like, but too much of a "she did it!" ending.

    21. Her cousin Ana is in a Ferris Wheel and the Ferris Wheel has a problem, and that's who Rebecca rescues.

    22. Loved this one, a lot of action and adventure, and a lot of very genuine emotion. I enjoy getting to know Rebecca better. :)

    23. My daughter and I liked this book. Rebecca and her family went to Coney Island. Rebeccas friend Anna gets stuck on the ferris wheel and it is her job to get her down.

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