HOMEBOY, Seth Morgan s stunning novel, is a gritty, ribald, and frenetically lyrical odyssey through the Strip in San Francisco a netherworld of whores, pimps, dealers, and junkies to the hell of Coldwater Penitentiary After a high priced hooker is killed and one of the world s biggest diamonds is stolen, Joe Speaker, a strip joint barker and dope addict, stumbles ontoHOMEBOY, Seth Morgan s stunning novel, is a gritty, ribald, and frenetically lyrical odyssey through the Strip in San Francisco a netherworld of whores, pimps, dealers, and junkies to the hell of Coldwater Penitentiary After a high priced hooker is killed and one of the world s biggest diamonds is stolen, Joe Speaker, a strip joint barker and dope addict, stumbles onto the missing jewel, is hunted down and put away for the murder In prison, he finds that his troubles are just beginning.
Homeboy HOMEBOY Seth Morgan s stunning novel is a gritty ribald and frenetically lyrical odyssey through the Strip in San Francisco a netherworld of whores pimps dealers and junkies to the hell of Cold

  • Title: Homeboy
  • Author: Seth Morgan
  • ISBN: 9780099801603
  • Page: 231
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. I was in New York, on 6th Ave, over by the Village, and my girl friend Jennifer was, well, she was shopping because… ahhh, because it's New York and that's what she does when we're in NYC. And I was like, "no, no, no, not another trendy-ass boutique, you're on your own." And she goes, "look, it's one of the real housewives of NYC, the cool one." Only I didn't know there were any cool ones, nor did I really know what the hell she was talking about, because when she goes all project runway and r [...]

    2. HOMEBOY, the only work by the sadly tragic writer (he was Janis Joplin's last boyfriend) Seth Morgan, is a wonderful, warped, wild foray into the drug-addled, sex-infused, violence-ridden criminal world of 1980s San Francisco and the penitentiary system of California during the AIDS explosion. Writing about what he knew---drug addiction, strip-club barking, robbery, and prison life---from personal experience, Morgan crafted a tough, eye-opening look at a world few would want to visit, and even f [...]

    3. Lang geleden dat ik nog eens zo’n viriele oplawaai kreeg als deze keer. Ik ben nog maar goed halfweg, maar deze Homeboy (****1/2) maakt nu al aanspraak op een mooie plaats in het eindejaarslijstje en Morgan mag voor mijn part en ondanks z’n beperkte oeuvre in één adem vernoemd worden met genregrootheden als James Ellroy en George Pelecanos. Amerikaanse misdaadliteratuur dus, en die “literatuur” staat daar niet zomaar. Dit is niet zomaar pulp, wegwerplectuur, licht verteerbare bagger. M [...]

    4. It was a sin against God that Seth Morgan had to die just after publishing his first novel, an epic of crime and punishment, good and evil and every shade of gray in between them. An escort's hideous murder, a stolen diamond, a corpulently evil mobster/pornographer, a cop with a guilty conscience - all these elements of HOMEBOY are tropes. But what can't be imitated is the vision and the knowledge of hard living that Morgan earned as a biker, pusher, addict, and prison inmate. And then there's t [...]

    5. This novel is a literary tour through the drug alleys and strip clubs of San Francisco's North Beach and Tenderloin. With an amazing descriptive verbosity slightly reminiscent of Wolfe's Electric Kool-Aid and a sense of hellish despair that has been likened to William Burroughs, Morgan has peopled this novel with the most unforgettable and tragic characters line Rings And Things who acquired her nickname after a three day drug addled sojourn with a motorcycle gang, only to wake up with every inc [...]

    6. This is a lyrical sleazy slither through the world of the Homeboy: pimp, hustler, lout, neer-do-well, and sometime ethical hustler working the streets of pre-Katrina N'awlins, you'll be rootin' for the Homeboy, knowing he's on a downward spiral, but rootin' nonetheless for him, his hopeful Homegirl, and Ring'sNThiings, who'll remind the reader-and her johns-that ''s just a piece a gut-you cain't wear it out." Yet the plot wraps around this tattooed pro-slut and her determination to survive. Morg [...]

    7. i meant to save this book for an upcoming plane journey, but i kept eating into it and was done long before lift-off. homeboy is written in a slang particular to the hollywood strip where the story takes place. i can only guess, but to me it feels authentic. i can't imagine this tale without the pretzeling language which i now find seeping into my sleep. this is a well woven story with a multitude of Characters (note the capital “C”): joe speaker, the junkie; kitty litter, the dancer/hooker; [...]

    8. As a native San Franciscan, I'm terribly ashamed that I didn't know about this pulpy yarn, set in the seedy, scummy, slutty, smutty streets of the Tenderloin and North Beach neighborhoods. Morgan's prose is rich, shocking, refreshing, and downright Paul Schrader-ish in its detail and subject matter. It's really a damn shame that he only cranked out this one novel before giving up the ghost. And, as always, I love adding new words from good books to my daily vocabulary. I'm now rather fond of exc [...]

    9. I was introduced to this novel, oddly enough, by Seth Morgan's obituary. This was a man who was with Janis Joplin when she died, who had done his 'finding himself' journey across America on a Harley Davidson.'Homeboy' is a tale of prison, heroin addicts, perverts, strippers, pimps and corruption. If that makes it sound depressing, believe me, it's not. It's a journey into a world that most of us will never see, but it's written so well that you almost want to.The entire thing shows what a talent [...]

    10. Now this was a great, if utterly disgusting, first novel. Lovers of more graphic crime fiction will love it. The plot was weak enough to show the author was a first-time writer, and it is more or less a "slice of life" tale, but I enjoy such tales, and the claustrophobic portrayal of prison life is probably the best I've ever seen.Unfortunately the author is dead. He was the last boyfriend of Janis Joplin, I believe. The book, in its way, is like a gritty Kris Kristoferson song.

    11. The prose in this is off the hookrforms the same kind of lyrical somersaults as Kerouac and Robert Stonebut with the dark vision of William Burroughs and the seedy crime world of Jim Thompsonis AMerican classic is a on off by an author who died youngon his motorcyclea tragedy for all who love good books and writers who perform magic with prose

    12. Homeboy is a fascinating look at a world most literary readers seldom see. Imagine a Morgan--of the J.P. Morgans--going to prison and living to tell about it long enough to write this novel before he drove his Harley into a bridge in New Orleans. That's Seth Morgan and Homeboy.

    13. Wow. Not since 'The Ice at the Bottom of the World' has the use of language so enthralled me. I am not ashamed to admit to having to re-read almost every line to try and understand what is being said. Morgan clearly had a gift and it's a shame that talent is no longer with us.

    14. "It's these jones. I can tell you everything about gambling cept how note to place that first sucker bet. Just the same as i can tell you everything about jail cept how to stay out and most all there is about livin cept how not to die . . ."

    15. Can't believe it's been more than 20 years since I first read this book. It's exactly as I remembered: a manic burst of words from start to finish. Wears me out to read it, but it's worth the energy that it takes. Wild, imaginative, and very alive.

    16. The plot is nothing special, though well handled. Ah, the language in this one! What a voice. I wish the author had gotten to write more before his death.

    17. A fantastic street level novel charting the day to day life of a small time heroin dealer. Full of forensic and unglamorous detail. The books description of the US penal system is terrifying.

    18. strippers, drugs, crimeis book has it all. Bit of a cult title, if you see it it's a well-written slap in the face.

    19. Rings and Things is one of the stand out characters of Seth Morgans only novel. Did Seth really have a relationship with Janis Joplin? Or was he just her dealer?

    20. Probably one of my top 5 favorite reads due mostly to the correlation between the subject matter and the secret side of my own life.

    21. It's been twenty years since I read the wild tale of Rings n Things (one of the characters) and I've forgotten pretty much everything about the book, except how much I loved it.

    22. Its an adventure and pretty damn funny, worth a look maybe if you like chuck pahulnuik,or irvine walsh? n things like that once you start you won't put it down, if thats your taste of course.

    23. This would probably be too edgy for me now. When I read this in my 30's the writing was so exciting and titillating.

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