The Survivors of the Chancellor

The Survivors of the Chancellor Diary of J R Kazallon, Passenger is an 1875 novel written by Jules Verne about the final voyage of a British sailing ship, the Chancellor, told from the perspective of one of its passengers in the form of a diary.
The Survivors of the Chancellor The Survivors of the Chancellor Diary of J R Kazallon Passenger is an novel written by Jules Verne about the final voyage of a British sailing ship the Chancellor told from the perspective of

  • Title: The Survivors of the Chancellor
  • Author: Jules Verne
  • ISBN: 9781406947311
  • Page: 330
  • Format: None
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    1. A highly satisfying nautical adventure from Jules Verne. The novel is written from a first person perspective and narrates a great tale of tragedy, mystery, and suffering through journal entries made by J R Kazallon, a passenger on the ship 'Chancellor'.The book starts of at a slow pace and builds up suspense and drama once the reader is through the first quarter of the narrative. A fire that happens on the 'Chancellor' forces the unfortunate passengers to abandon their ship for a raft and make [...]

    2. Verne's love for the sea led him to write several novels about ships, shipwrecks, castaways, etc. This 140 year old novel (1875) is the story of the commercial sailing ship, the Chancellor, and it's ultimate demise in the Atlantic Ocean, leaving it's crew and passengers adrift on a raft for 51 days. While it's a good adventure/disaster story, it's also the story of the human experience; how people react to water and food deprivation, the continuous fear of storms and sharks, and the ultimate fea [...]

    3. Поредното чудесно морско приключение от Жул Верн, подплатено стабилно с илюстрациите на легендата Едуард Риу.Фрегатата Чнслър се отправя на плаване между Америка и Британия, но товарът ѝ от памук се самозапалва. В продължение на седмици екипажът и пътниците се борят да я з [...]

    4. Jules Verne, of course, wrote in the mid 19th century, and his style of writing reflects this. Why say in short phrases what can be said in longer flowery phrases. Once the reader gets beyond the style of writing shock, the story is really a good one. Verne develops the characters very well, builds the story with skill, and narrates in the first person the struggle of being shipwrecked. I have read a great many shipwreck narratives over the years, and find that this fictional work is very much l [...]

    5. Following a disaster at sea, the crew and passengers of the Chancellor are left stranded at sea and have to struggle through dealing with hardship, starvation, mutiny, the elements and creeping despair.Verne treats this situation so matter of factly that it can get a bit dry, and most of the cast never gets to be more than a type, but it also emphasizes that there are no heroes here and the calvary isn't coming. These people are on their own and are for the most part ill equipped to deal with th [...]

    6. Gave me what I wanted from Moby Dick!The Survivors of the Chancellor is a book which for the first 40 - 50 pages felt dull and uneventful. Characters were established and the writing style was very fluid and immersive but it hadn't hooked me and I feared that i'd just plod through the book and conclude by giving it a lacklustre 3 stars, feeling that - though well written - it just didn't hook me. It was about this point though in these later pages where I started to realise how necessary this pa [...]

    7. Éste es, definitivamente, el libro más oscuro que he leído de Verne hasta el momento. En él no existen grandes descubrimientos científicos ni pormenorizadas descripciones geográficas. "El Chancellor" es la historia de un grupo de personas y sus diferentes maneras de hacer frente a un desastre inevitable, que pone a prueba su integridad física y moral. No es de los mejores libros del novelista francés, pero mantiene la tensión, el ritmo y la fluidez en casi toda su extensión.

    8. This is one the first books that I have read in my life.I can't remember all details now but I know that it made a deep impression on me at that time.I think I can say it's one the books that got me hooked on reading.It's hard to give a rating for this book now. I will give it 5 stars rating just because of its special place in my childhood.

    9. surprisingly this novella isnt popular. this is so well written and deserves to be noticed more among hundreds of other work of Jules Verne. Read it if you love his works.

    10. Book referenced on "Lost". Regina is reading the book upside down before she wraps herself in chains and leaps off the freighter.

    11. A surprisingly dark story. Normally Verne is much more upbeat, but this story practically could be an existentialist novel. Still it kept me engaged.

    12. I love stories of sunken ships , tragedies at the sea and people trying to survive . Jules Verne gives us breath-taking , adventure packed book which pulls you in from the very first page . This book will touch your emotions and can even make you wipe a tear if you are sensitive . Don't doubt that book published long time ago this is still worth to read book .

    13. Kindled for free. This book was pretty good. A ship for some never-explained reason is steered entirely off cost, is wrecked somewhere between Africa and South America, and the castaways face starvation and slow death. This may be the first Verne book ever where Verne does not seem to be present in the story himself, and it is probably for this reason that the characters do not make their perilous situation into such an amazing opportunity that they are tempted to stay on their desert island/nor [...]

    14. "The Survivors Of The Chancellor" - the title pretty much tells you the whole plot. An ocean voyage, a tragedy and then a grim struggle for survival. There are some nice aspects to this, with the plot backed up by Verne's meticulous research, but on the whole it isn't really all that satisfying.

    15. (view spoiler)[Verne's works are, in more cases than one, not the cheerful optimistic works as which they are presented. His editor Hetzel had a tendency to remove dark, desolate endings and replace them with dissatisfyingly happy ones. I can only imagine that, as this book has a reasonably positive outcome, the fact that the rest of it was mostly despair, fear and dread didn't really bother the editor too much, and so here is a book that seems far grittier and realistic than most of Verne's adv [...]

    16. This book is rather gruesome in its nature and content. However it does contain in it one of my favorite lines from Jules Verne.It is the story of the people on a ship that sinks in the middle of the ocean. The entire book takes place at sea and is the story of how they survive (or don't, as the case may be).The ship leaves harbor with a load of cotton, some of which is wet. After they have been at sea for a few days, they find that the cotton has caught on fire, and all efforts to put it out to [...]

    17. This is supposed to be the journal of one of the passengers. It feels more like journalism than literature. It's well written, but it's little more than an account of facts.The characters are developed through dialog with the journal's writer and his opinions, this is well done and does not feel forced. He's the kind of person who never misjudges people, which makes the story less interesting. And all the characters act the same way the whole story, which is odd given the situations they go thro [...]

    18. I may have actually liked this book had I been able to read the print copy. Unfortunately I will never know. I was stuck listening to the audiobook narrated by John Bolen, as it was all my library had. What a terrible narrator! He kept slipping in and out of accents, which were god awful anyway. On top of that, I've seen people do the thorazine shuffle with more enthusiasm than Bolen could muster in his narration. At least it was short.

    19. I read this book because I kind of have a fantasy of being shipwrecked. It was a quick read, but seemed to lack a plot more enticing than the shipwreck itself. It was still enjoyable for a short story, but it never managed to make me care about the characters, and the conclusion seemed quick and non-resolutiony.

    20. Don't read before bedtimeWow, this is not what I expected. You can really get some serious nightmares. Still it sure kept my attention. Probably an accurate account of what can happen. Makes me never want to take another cruise.

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