Changes for Felicity: A Winter Story

Felicity Merriman is a spunky, spritely girl growing up in Virginia in 1774, just before the Revolutionary War Felicity s stories tell of the adventures of this spirited girl, who grows impatient doing the sitting down kinds of things that colonial girls are expected to do Felicity much prefers to be outdoors, especially riding horses.In her stories, Felicity learns abFelicity Merriman is a spunky, spritely girl growing up in Virginia in 1774, just before the Revolutionary War Felicity s stories tell of the adventures of this spirited girl, who grows impatient doing the sitting down kinds of things that colonial girls are expected to do Felicity much prefers to be outdoors, especially riding horses.In her stories, Felicity learns about responsibility and loyalty to her family, her friends, and her new country and what it means to be truly free As war between the Patriots and Loyalists looms, Felicity faces changes at home and in her relationship with her best friend, Elizabeth.
Changes for Felicity A Winter Story Felicity Merriman is a spunky spritely girl growing up in Virginia in just before the Revolutionary War Felicity s stories tell of the adventures of this spirited girl who grows impatient doin

  • Title: Changes for Felicity: A Winter Story
  • Author: Valerie Tripp Dan Andreasen
  • ISBN: 9781562470388
  • Page: 183
  • Format: Hardcover
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    1 thought on “Changes for Felicity: A Winter Story”

    1. I like how this book continues to get further into the growing turmoil the colonies faced at the brink of the revolutionary war. It’s sad that such things happened to families like Elizabeth. And to think about all the extra work on top of their already heavy workloads basically everyone at home had to deal with when inevitably they all lost someone in their family to the war in some shape or form. I liked the full circle journey of felicity and jiggy nye. I just wish there was a felicity stor [...]

    2. Mom: Annabelle, this story is about "independence for the colonies" versus being loyal to the king. What does that mean?Annabelle: I don't know.M: Elizabeth's father went to jail. Why?A: Because he was a Loyalist to the king.M: What does that mean?A: DON'T KNOW!M: That means, he wanted the king the to be the king where they lived.A: They lived in Williamsburg.M: Did Felicity's family want the king to be the king?A: Not very much on the kings tax on tea. M: What's tax on tea?A: People have to pay [...]

    3. As the seasons change life in the colonies changes as well. The tension between Patriots and Loyalists continues to build and the power begins to tip in the favor of the people, at least in Williamsberg. Loyalist are often jailed or forced to move back to England or to places like New York where the British soldiers maintain order. During all this Felicity grows and her beautiful qualities show that much more. She is a good friend, daughter, grand daughter, and even secret giver of compassion to [...]

    4. I thought that Changes for Felicity was sad and joyful. It was sad because Felicity's grandfather dies. My favorite part was when ever Felicity's horse, Penny, had a colt and Felicity named it Patriot. Penny was in labor and nobody was around except Felicity, Ben, And Felicity's mother. Felicity ran in to town as fast as she could go. She ran to Jiggy Nye who first had Penny and had hurt and starved Penny. But he was in jail with fever so Felicity gave him some medicine and a warm blanket. So he [...]

    5. There has been a lot of changes in the Merriamans family. Felicities mother has had a baby and named her Polly. Jiggy Nye is in jail, Elizebeths dad has been taken to jail. And two very unexpected suprises have happened. This is a very wonderful book.

    6. It is such a great ending to a new beginning. I love that things get resolved and that their life is realistic.

    7. I liked how the story wrapped up. The "bad guy" got another chance and so did Felicity. Very redeeming in relation to the other Felicity books.

    8. The final Felicity did indeed deliver on its name. Felicity had to go through a lot of changes and with war on the horizon it doesn't seem like she will be getting much of a break anytime soon. One thing I really appreciated about this series is how it portrays daily life during the lead up to the American Revolution. History books deal a lot with this time period but it mostly digs into the political tensions, but through Felicity we see the human side. Overall this is a great series for kids t [...]

    9. 3.5*A book of life, death and redemption (fitting for the final book in the series). (view spoiler)[Felicity's grandfather dies, then Penny gives birth to Patriot and Jiggy Nye is the one Felicity fetches to make sure the foal is delivered safely. (hide spoiler)] I know a lot of people would think me silly for reading children's books, but these really are good quality books, in my opinion, and they're worth reading.

    10. Ok, I did not realize that I would be my most vocal on over the American Girl original series. But, the changes in publications in the past decade have made me angry, so here we go.I LOVED these books so much growing up, and felt the need to revisit them. Looking back, I think that this series in particular started my interest in History. They just don't make them like this anymore.Literally. The American Girl Company, formerly The Pleasant Company, has stopped writing this particular style of [...]

    11. I remember reading this in the 8th grade, I think I read all the books about Felicity or the other American Girls. I think I just really dug Felicity's story a bit more. Maybe because she was set during the American Revolutionary War times. She was spunky, and pretty tomboyish and not afraid to run in her skirts, spill ink everywhere, get into scrapes and such. She was supposed to be acting like a lady but heh, that didn't always turn out the way she intended. I say all little girls and boys sho [...]

    12. This book deals almost totally with the problems going on in 1774 in the colonies, where people have become severely divided into whether they support the King of England (loyalists), or support the cause of American independence (Patriots).There's also a second thread going on here, and that is about compassion. A man who mistreated a horse that Felicity loves ends up in jail. At first it's something that Felicity thinks is well deserved, but when she gets to see the type of conditions that he' [...]

    13. The final book in the Felicity series with lots of new changes. Felicity's horse is expecting a colt, which Felicity is excited about. But things with the Patriots and Loyalists are heating up. The governor left his house and the Patriots began jailing anyone who was a Loyalist, including Mr. Cole, her best friend's father. Also, in jail is Felicity's enemy Jiggy Nye, who mistreated Penny, her horse. The conditions in the jail are terrible and Mr. Nye is very ill. Elizabeth convinces Felicity to [...]

    14. Changes for Felicity is a nice wrap-up to Felicity's story. In the winter of 1776, Felicity's mother has just had a baby; Penny, Felicity's horse, is expecting a foal in the spring; and tensions continue to build towards war between Britain and the colonies. Grandfather comes to visit again and becomes ill. Felicity and her friend Elizabeth decide to show some kindness to an old enemy.I guess I really enjoyed this book because, as Felicity's mother tells her, it shows how much she has grown up o [...]

    15. I remember reading this in 4th-6th grade & liking it, but since then I've forgotten specifics about the story. I only remember seeing that Felicity has by now developed the skill of thinking thru her actions & reactions before acting them out, when she used to just ignite & react w/o thinking. Her entire storyline is beautiful & patriotic, making me proud to be an American Girl! It's great to read a book series to remind me of the spirit of our founding fathers& of course now [...]

    16. Felicity is a young girl living during the time of the Revolutionary War and drafting of the nation. She is torn apart by feelings of prejudice against an old man, "Mr. Nye" and concern for her friend Elizabeth whose family is Loyalist while Felicity's own family are Patriots. Felicity learns to love others and is ecstatic to welcome the colt of her horse Penny.This book was educational and a nice little trip through history, but I think the only real market for this book is girls younger than m [...]

    17. This is the final of the original Felicity books and I really liked this one. It is amazing to see how Felicity grows in the books. She is still only 10-years-old, but several things happen in this short book that show her the "important things in life." There are many changes for Felicity and in many ways I wish this book was longer, but since it is written for young girls, I didn't expect it to be longer than the others. This is a good book to read and talk about life with your daughters. 4.5 [...]

    18. I wondered if we would ever hit on the topic of death in these books, since so many other big topics are discussed. I was not disappointed over how the loss of Felicity's grandfather affected her and her family. The grief she feels is honest and discussed in a way that brings both understanding and comfort.Also, it's a delight to see a little about how the loyalists were treated by the patriots. This is often overlooked in books about the Revolutionary War. Overall I was very impressed by this b [...]

    19. War is coming to the colonies and friendships are tested when Elizabeth's father is put in prison for being loyal to the king. What can Felicity do to help her best friend during this terrible time? Even more terrible things come when Felicity loses her grandfather. Everything is changing and Felicity will have to be strong as her father leaves to help the soldiers fight for freedom for the colonies.

    20. So ends the American Girls: Felicity series. Things change as the Revolutionary War really makes itself felt for Felicity and her family and neighbors in the town of Williamsburg. The story itself is probably the weakest of the lot, but it contains the same pleasant characters and illustrations. It also fails to rise above simple waiting room material in terms of quality. No change there.

    21. Felicity is very excited to finally have Penny back and even more because Penny is about to have a foal!!But when Grandfather very suddenly falls ill and dies Felicity doesn't want anything else to change. Penny then is ready to give birth ti her foal she must turn to the famous Jiggy Nye. for help.What will happen?!! DUN DUN DAAAAAAA

    22. I would recommend this series to kids, despite giving it 2 stars. Why would I recommend it? Well 1) it is fun 2) it helped me get into reading 3) Felicity is an enjoyable MC and 4) it features some adventures I really liked when I was younger.

    23. Wasn't excited about reading these books but now that I have, I see why the girls love them. They show fine examples of strong young women who learn from their mistakes and do what is the right thing.

    24. Felicity's friend Elizabeth has her father in jail for being a loyalist. Well her grandfather gets him out! But Felicity's grandfather dies and she is sorrowful. But Penny is having a fowl named Patriot.

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