Daughters of Zion: A Family's Conversion to Polygamy

A memoir of misguided faith, unholy violence, and spiritual awakening An odyssey of mayhem, murder, and tragedy, is what Kim s family unknowingly embarks upon in their quest for a peaceful existence in an unorthodox religious society It is on a deceptively fine spring day, at the tender age of seven, that Kim is uprooted from her comfortable middle class home in Utah toA memoir of misguided faith, unholy violence, and spiritual awakening An odyssey of mayhem, murder, and tragedy, is what Kim s family unknowingly embarks upon in their quest for a peaceful existence in an unorthodox religious society It is on a deceptively fine spring day, at the tender age of seven, that Kim is uprooted from her comfortable middle class home in Utah to be moved into a polygamous colony in Mexico From that day forward her life takes dramatic twists and turns as, one by one, her older sisters become plural wives and Kim herself is eventually courted by the polygamist fathers of some of her good friends Her relatively peaceful world is shattered when violence erupts within the ranks of the priesthood leaving her sister a widow, and Kim fears for her own life as some of her closest friends become murderers in the name of religion In the end, her family is devastated by a tragedy of a insidious evil.
Daughters of Zion A Family s Conversion to Polygamy A memoir of misguided faith unholy violence and spiritual awakening An odyssey of mayhem murder and tragedy is what Kim s family unknowingly embarks upon in their quest for a peaceful existence i

  • Title: Daughters of Zion: A Family's Conversion to Polygamy
  • Author: KimTaylor
  • ISBN: 9780615257013
  • Page: 439
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. Daughters of Zion / 978-0-615-25701-3This is the fourth biographical polygamy novel I've read this year - sixth, if I count "When Men Become Gods" and "Under the Banner of Heaven" - and I've come to realize that these polygamy novels come in two sorts of flavors. The first flavor, the "Escape" flavor, is seen in books like "Escape" and "Stolen Innocence", and tells the story of abused women fleeing from abusive polygamous marriages, often fearing for their safety, their lives, and their children [...]

    2. I read this book because my sister lent it to me. She likes to read a lot of memoirs about polygamy. I was amazed by how the author took an interesting topic and made it incredibly boring. She stated in the beginning that she wanted to be non-offensive because some of her family/friends are still part of a polygamist FLDS group, but that didn't mean she had to write an incredibly boring memoir, glossing over the crime or even more interesting aspects of life in polygamy. I finished this book onl [...]

    3. No doubt about it: various religious beliefs, cultures, CULTures and sects interest, intrigue and fascinate me. This book invited me into the lives of a few people and helped me to catch a glimpse of what it was like in the world in which they lived (and what so many people are experiencing today also). I plan to follow it up with Stolen Innocence by Elissa Wall. It's beneficial to me because it quenches my curious nature. It helps me to empathize with the way "religion" can be as much an instit [...]

    4. I loved reading this memoir about my aunt and mother and our family's conversion to my father's church. It's a story that's stranger than fiction and reads like a true crime novel.

    5. This book was extremely sad. A tale of two parents getting caught up in religious fanaticism with little thought being given to the consequences for their family. The story of the way evil, misguided men can twist a religion of beauty into something dark and sinister merely to satisfy their own selfish ambition. The narrative was handled well and objectively, without pretense or apology, which I appreciated. So often in stories like this, especially when most of the supporting cast is dead, the [...]

    6. I am still amazed at how many people were deceived by the Le Baron brothers. While I am glad the author finally found true peace and happiness, at what cost? Such a sad, sad story that reads like fiction and yet is very, very true.

    7. this book was really disappointing. I've read several books about young women who lived insular religious communities, such as the Amish and Hasidic Jewish cultures, and then left,and I've read one book by a young man who left a polygamist cult, but this was the first book I read about a woman growing up in a polygamist society. The book really could've been great – there was lots of material here to work with, atrocities abounded, and the lifestyle was very different than the mainstream. One [...]

    8. Having already read a few books by other members of this cult, it was interesting to see the events and people from another's point of view. I would recommend reading at least Shattered Dreams: My Life as a Polygamist's Wife first. I don't know that I would have enjoyed this book as well without this background info. I had also already read Favorite Wife: Escape from Polygamy and Cult Insanity: A Memoir of Polygamy, Prophets, and Blood Atonement, which are all about the same people. The author, [...]

    9. this is a personal memoir of one woman's experience growing up partly on a polygamist compound. her parents converted when she was a child but her dad never took additional wives, and she herself was never in a plural marriage, and left the church before most of the violence she recounts here, so it is sort of tangential hearsay but still pretty interesting. not very well-written and not really trying to analyze or be insightful about the motivations that drove people of the forces at work in al [...]

    10. Kim Taylor's memoir is a different sort of "escape from polygamy" book than the others I've read in recent years, most notably because her parents joined the religion when she was old enough to understand it, yet never actually became polygamous themselves though some of their children did. This made for an interesting read, but I felt, other than the author's relationship with Mark Chynoweth, that a lot of the story she told wasn't "hers" as much as the history of the different branches of the [...]

    11. From press release: Taylor chronicles being uprooted from her family's comfortable middle class home in Utah at the tender age of seven to be raised in a polygamous cult in Mexico. Her life takes unbelievable twists and turns as her older sisters become plural wives, and young Kim herself is eventually courted by the polygamist fathers of her close friends. All semblance of a peaceful life is shattered when violence erupts within the ranks of the priesthood leaving one sister a widow. Kim fears [...]

    12. this book was amazing in the sense that it dealt with some truly horrific things -- poverty, abuse, murder -- and yet it bored me to tears. it skimmed over things that were interesting and dwelled for page upon page on things that were reallyt. i don't mean to say the author's life was boring because it wasn't, and that's what is so frustrating -- there was a story here, and i wanted to know what it was and instead i was treated to overdone prose and descriptions of sing-alongs. it's like the au [...]

    13. I have read several books written by women who were a part of this specific group of polygamists, and it has been very interesting to read a similar story from so many different perspectives. Perhaps that is why I found this book to be my least favorite (on the topic of polygamy.) Her perspective was not that of a plural wife, or even as someone who lived full time in the church so I felt like it was lacking then again, I am used to hearing theses types of stories written from the wife's perspec [...]

    14. This is an interesting book - I am fascinated with polygamy. But - there are so many PEOPLE - I get confused! I can't imagine that one person has lived this much heartache, however. She lived a full live before she was 20! If you are interested in this lifestyle - you'd enjoy this book. Otherwise - it's too confusing. BUT - it's a memoir not a fictionalized account - and that made it more meaningful.

    15. Another fascinating narrative about polygamy and insight into the LDS Church. It was quite badly written however - it read like a teenager's diary, full of unnecessary descriptors and stumpy sentences. Still, with the subject matter being of such interest to me, it was a worthy read and a touching memoir.

    16. Overall decent story, but the author relegates much of the more interesting stories to the background. The end is particularly weak and feels like she suddenly realized she needed to wrap things up. Story lines she has been building up to through the entire books are rapidly wrapped up with the barest details.

    17. YAY YAY! was much faster in shipping my book than they predicted! Just read the first 4 chapters to my hubby and kids so that they will know a little more about their own history. They were enthralled!

    18. Interesting readThis book was really interesting. I had never heard of this religion and reading this first hand account was intriguing! I want to learn more about this. What a hard life she lived.

    19. This book is a well written story about polygamy at its worse. Kim is brought to Mexico into a misguided Mormon sect where unquestioning obedience to the leader is required or one suffers the violent consequences. I don't know how people can believe with such blind faith.

    20. the other two books were way more informative on the doctrines and agony of their faith. this was more cumbersome and personal

    21. It was a very interesting and captivating story and the author has a talent for telling it. I admire her courage to share her incredible journey through the chaos and perils of polygamy and her triumphant escape from it.

    22. I am intrigued by different religions and cults. This book was very interesting, as it gives the reader a glimpse into the life of Polygamysts and what they go through.

    23. Good readI enjoyed this book and an easy read. it gave a sneak peek into the lives of people who have actually lived polygamy.

    24. I read this at the recommendation of a friend of the author. Interesting insights into modern-day polygamy.

    25. Recently I have been reading a few books about different religions and cultures that I find interesting. This is the latest one, and it has been fascinating so far.

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