Murder in Clichy

Aim e Leduc, private investigator specializing in computer security, has been introduced to the Cao Dai temple in Paris by her partner Ren Friant He urges her to learn to meditate she could use a healthful approach to life The Vietnamese nun Linh has been helping Aim e to attain her goal, so when she asks Aim e for a favor to go to the Clichy quartier to exchangeAim e Leduc, private investigator specializing in computer security, has been introduced to the Cao Dai temple in Paris by her partner Ren Friant He urges her to learn to meditate she could use a healthful approach to life The Vietnamese nun Linh has been helping Aim e to attain her goal, so when she asks Aim e for a favor to go to the Clichy quartier to exchange an envelope for a package Ren prompts Aim e to agree But the intended recipient, Thad e Baret, is shot and dies in Aim e s arms before the transaction can be completed, leaving Aim e with a wounded arm, a check for 50,000 francs, and a trove of ancient jade artifacts Whoever killed Baret wants the jade The RG the French secret service a group of veterans of the war in Indochina and some wealthy ex colonials and international corporations seeking oil rights are all implicated And the nun, Linh, has disappeared Since the incident in which she was temporarily blinded Murder in the Bastille , Aim e has promised to avoid danger But somehow, it continues to seek her out.
Murder in Clichy Aim e Leduc private investigator specializing in computer security has been introduced to the Cao Dai temple in Paris by her partner Ren Friant He urges her to learn to meditate she could use a heal

  • Title: Murder in Clichy
  • Author: Cara Black
  • ISBN: 9781569474112
  • Page: 275
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. Aimee Leduc gets in more trouble in a page and a half than any other character I can remember. You keep saying, "Aimee, don't do that. It's too dangerous." But she always plunges through a dark passageway, climbs a wall, slides down the garbage chute, hangs from a bridge, or attacks killers when armed only with aerosolized Chanel #5. There is no down time, except for Black's glorious descriptions of Paris, and who would call that down time.Yet the book is not perfect. I found it absolutely impos [...]

    2. This is the fifth Aimee Leduc mystery by Cara Black that I have read and I have already got the rest of the series here waiting to be read. In the last book, Aimee had been injured and left temporarily blind. When this new book begins, she is at a Cao Dai Temple with her business partner the computer genius dwarf Rene Friant. He is trying to help her lead a more calm life and has encouraged her, with the help of Vietnamese nun Linh, to learn to meditate. Aimee needs SOMETHING to help her calm do [...]

    3. As an avid mystery fan, I relish finding a new series to explore (if one book is good, ten or twenty more might await me!). So, I held out great hope for Black's young Parisian detective, Aimee Leduc.The one-sentence raves quoted on the book's cover heightened my expectations, but something just didn't click for me. The plot was very complex and I'll confess that I hadn't sorted out who the characters were as I reached the book's final pages. Maybe I wasn't an attentive reader, but I never was e [...]

    4. BEWARE of spoilers. I don't hide my reviews, but I don't promote them, either.This was my second installment of Aimee Leduc. (I'm reading them out of order).Nice interplay between private eye Aimee and her business partner, a dwarf who has the hots for Aimee, but sublimates because he cares for her so much. This time, the action revolves around people either of Indochine origin or descent, and white Frenchmen who have a connection to the former colony.Sometimes Black is a little too cryptic for [...]

    5. Ms. Black’s done another excellent job, taking us into the lights and shadows of Paris, where a curious and compelling mystery unfolds. The author has the rare writing ability to draw this somewhat jaded author in, by her well-honed craft and empathy with the lovely city and her new and returning characters, who she clearly cares for and draws with a realistic, colorful touch. Murder in Clichy moves at a steady, quick walking pace with many surprises and interesting, realistic surprises and tw [...]

    6. I approached this book with skepticism after stumbling upon it while shelving books at my volunteer job at the Multnomah County Library (it's practice -- I'm going to library school next fall. YAY NERDS!), and I was pleasantly surprised. After my initial snarky reaction to reading the book jacket -- an American? Writing a mystery novel set in France? With a (half) French heroine? Oh, ce n'est pas vrai! Quel horreur!But actually, it was quite enjoyable. Fast-paced, engaging, with (mostly) believa [...]

    7. Loved it! Another murder mystery in Paris. I could see, taste, hear and smell everywhere Aimee went. C. Black knows how to weave a mystery that keeps my attention. I had to finish reading this one in my car in the park/ride this evening before I could drive home!

    8. I read this for my Mystery Book group and I'd have to say Skip It. The twelve people in our group were all disappointed and confused. A couple of fans were shaking their heads.I was afraid I was the only one who didn't like it. When I read reviews online there were two camps: Those that hated it saying it needed major revisions and those who loved it because of the Paris environs. My feeling: If you want Paris, save your money on this book for a trip there.Started out good for a while but there [...]

    9. Aimee Leduc, half-American, half-French, daughter of a Paris policeman, runs the Leduc Detective Agency with her partner Rene Friant, a genius computer hacker who is a “handsome dwarf.” Though the agency purports to work only on computer security for corporations and turns away more traditional detective work, Aimee and Rene somehow manage to find themselves mixed up in devilishly complex investigations that involve skullduggery and violence of a high order. In the process, they face near-de [...]

    10. Maybe I need more female friends, but LeDuc is starting to grow on me and I missed her the other day and thought about getting the next book in the series just to see what she is up to now. And I am not a crazy cat lady yet, so I'd like to claim that the way the character was written--consistent, with some interesting interior dialog--which has created this sense of familiarity and longing. Or maybe it is the dearth of female lead characters who have a strong point of view which rated three star [...]

    11. Enjoyable and worthwhile. All the Aimee Leduc mysteries have a certain recurring theme of Aimee trying to find out more about her lost parents and each new mystery provides another clue. Radical movements of another time; how deep was each parent involved? Her mother simply disappeared one day when she was a small child, but there is some concern about details, and is she alive? This one has given a clue through another old acquaintance of her father's offering potentially more about his life an [...]

    12. Black seems to love to have the conclusion of her mysteries having her Leduc detective hanging from some dangerous place. It seems to be a consistent pattern. The bad people fall to their death and she is hanging around. This story manages to have more bad guys than most movies sell tickets. There are drug addicts, art dealers, oil tycoons, vietnamese spies, China operatives, and french soldiers and they are all trying to profit off stolen jade. Aimee's sight continues to be an issue. Her love l [...]

    13. Not having book #4 ready at hand, I boldly skipped ahead to Murder in Clichy, With the exception of two significant plot develoopments in my absence, jumping in a book ahead didn't prove too bad an idea. Holy cow--Rene has a last name. Finally! I was growing very weary of him simply being introduced as "Rene the dwarf" as he crossed our path for the first time in each book. Such treatment seemed equally as insensitive as the barbs and physical abuse so frequently lobbed his way by many of the ba [...]

    14. MURDER IN CLICHY (Private Investigator-Paris-1990s) – OkBlack, Cara – 5th in seriesSOHO, 2005- HardcoverAimée Leduc is a Paris computer security expert with a partner, René. Aimee agrees to do a favor for a Vietnamese nun and deliver an envelope to Thadée Baret. Thadée gives Aimée a bag of precious jade. Thadée is then gunned down and René kidnapped with the jade being the required ransom. When a government surveillance team threatens Aimée, she knows someone more is involved than ju [...]

    15. This was a good installment. As usual, the geographical, historical and cultural insights into Parisian life are interesting. This book reminds us of the French colonization of Vietnam and the effects of the Vietnam war beyond our US borders. How Aimee and Rene get involved in this particular storyline at the start is somewhat questionable but good enough. Guy isn't as attractive to me in this one as he is in the last. Aimee is the type of character who has these amazing, violent experiences mor [...]

    16. Aimee and Rene are back in the 5th in this series and Paris again comes alive in this complex mystery set in the Clichy neighborhood. French involvement in Indochina may have been decades ago but old crimes resurface and valuable historic jade is the prize. Absolutely everyone wants the missing jade – Indochina war veterans, the French secret service, wealthy ex-colonials, drug runners, and international oil companies – and Aimee reluctantly but desperately must find it. Readers new to the s [...]

    17. Indo-China war vets, missing and valuable jade, politics, and murder--and the accidental involvement of Aimee in several different aspects, made this fifth book in the Aimee Ludec Investigations series an exciting page-turner. In an attempt to keep the characters straight, I made a list as new characters were introduced (30+) as Black tends to change narrators and offer different points of view. Glad that I did as many of the characters were interconnected, and one of the clues involved an unna [...]

    18. I really enjoyed reading this book, maybe a little more than the others in the series so far. I think I am getting to know Aimee Leduc better in each book and I am liking how, in spite of her being brilliant, she has so many human frailties. As usual, there are many characters, an evolving story line, poorly matched love life, needing to heal from injuries from the last book, getting new injuries in this book, and more. There is a map of the Clichy district in Paris in the front of the book. I h [...]

    19. I only have the odd-numbered books in the series, but I didn't feel too disjointed, despite the occasional references to the previous story. For someone who's supposed to be taking things easy, Aimée sure gets into some hot water. This one was replete with drug dealers and users and even kidnapping. An uneven love story and multiple suspects were almost too distracting, but I will most likely finish the series.

    20. The fifth installment in the Aimee Leduc mystery series, set in Paris. In this book, Aimee is trying to do a favor for a Vietnamese nun at the Buddhist temple where she's learning to meditate when she ends up with a priceless cache of jade that a lot of dangerous people seem to want. I love this book because of the post-colonial themes in it.

    21. I love this series. Sure, there are too many things going on and maybe the characters aren't that well developed but I still can't put them down!

    22. Best installment yet in Aimee Leduc's courageous escapades. The light comic breaks and romantic interludes round out this page turning mystery. I think I'm picking up a little French too.

    23. Aimee Leduc is a complex character who almost seems to swirl in these books--they are very atmospherically written and wonderful to read

    24. Quite the intricate mystery. It was a bit tough sometimes keeping all the characters straight and who they worked for or connected to.Aimee Leduc is trying to learn meditation and calm down her crazy life and help her damaged eyes recover when she is asked to deliver a check and pickup a package. While doing this favor the man she is meeting is killed and this sets off a series of events. She is trying to figure out who murdered the man and stole the jade that she was asked to pick up. Her busin [...]

    25. There were several things that made this book difficult for me to get into:1) I'm sure the goal was to give the reader the sense that they're in Paris, and if I'd studied French I'm sure this wouldn't have been a problem, however, there were a lot of French words that I had to look up. Part of the frustration was that the words that were in French had clearly corresponding English words. I would have been far less frustrated if they'd been a word that didn't have an straightforward English trans [...]

    26. I have come to love this series, even if sometimes Aimee seems like she's fumbling her way through her investigations. This one was quite interesting, dealing with the looting of Asian countries during the wars in those lands. And also the ramifications of what happened to the residents of those countries and the soldiers that fought the wars. Looking forward to the next one!

    27. Vietnam RefugeesAimee Leduc is once again involved in a case that provides us with many details about an issue effecting life in Park. In this case the life of refugees after Vietnam, and of course murder and cyber crime.

    28. Harder to follow than some of the earlier books in the series. Still will continue on to read more. There's a reason Black is still publishing books in this series!

    29. Spoiler alert: I discovered how much I'm invested in Cara Black's Aimee Leduc characters when Renee was kidnapped. Couldn't stop reading until this was resolved. Love this series.

    30. Action-packed Parisian escapade by Aimee Leduc, detective. Great descriptions of Paris life and environment. Must read!

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