Sundays with Vlad: From Pennsylvania to Transylvania, One Man's Quest to Live in the World of the Undead

Examines Dracula as a cultural icon, describing his transformation from a fictional character in Bram Stoker s novel to a figure that has pervaded popular culture.
Sundays with Vlad From Pennsylvania to Transylvania One Man s Quest to Live in the World of the Undead Examines Dracula as a cultural icon describing his transformation from a fictional character in Bram Stoker s novel to a figure that has pervaded popular culture

  • Title: Sundays with Vlad: From Pennsylvania to Transylvania, One Man's Quest to Live in the World of the Undead
  • Author: Paul Bibeau
  • ISBN: 9780307352781
  • Page: 461
  • Format: Paperback
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    1 thought on “Sundays with Vlad: From Pennsylvania to Transylvania, One Man's Quest to Live in the World of the Undead”

    1. Imagine going out for coffee with your friend whose obsessed with vampires. I can't. I am that guy, after all.You've brought another friend with you, one who really wants to hear about vampires. They're psyched. The coffee comes, you're get ready to get started, but things start to go off the rails.Your amateur vampire professor is obviously knowledgeable. He just can't stay on the damn topic. You want to hear about a Dracula-themed Coney Island Park? Sure. He'll talk for ten minutes about the a [...]

    2. This is so Brilliant. IF you've wondered at the slew of vampire novels/movies/encyclopedias that have innundated the market in the past few years (somewhere between Interview With the Vampire and Twilight, the world seems to have gone insane with bloodsuckers), this is the book for you. Did I say book? I meant romprt ofe first two chapters read like stand-up comedy, and then Bibeau goes galavanting through the underbelly of goths, role-playing gamers, and all of the random vampire-related crap t [...]

    3. Somehow, I became interested in and purchased this book without realizing it was non-fiction. And I'm not a big non-fiction reader. But I loved this book. I didn't even want to put it down to eat Easter brunch! I enjoyed this book on so many levels. Bibeau's writing is engaging and humorously interwoven with fascinating history. From his taste in beer to his feelings on funnel cakes and his dark and dorky past, he sounds like the kind of guy I'd hang out with.Bibeau's quest is to separate the li [...]

    4. The author here never ever really establishes what this book is actually about - the idea of 'what is Dracula' being not enough to hang one's hat, or cape, on. As a result, the chapters, and threads within the chapters, end up disconnected from each other, may be chock full of interesting anecdotes but with no skeleton, unable to stand by themselves. Not recommended.

    5. I was rather fortunate enough to be gifted with a copy of this book, and I am exceptionally grateful for this. Until that very moment I had not even heard about this book let alone contemplated reading it and after having finished reading this book I can honestly say it would have been my loss.Now, Sundays with Vlad, despite what the cover might make you think, is not a horror book, nor is it a comedic-horror novel. It is however one author’s attempt to walk in the footsteps of billions of Dra [...]

    6. An interesting book though tagged under travel it is maybe a more informative jaunt on 'vampire' culture and the legacy of Bram Stoker's anti hero than a travel book as such.The travel element is there on start and closing chapters with a wander around Romania to look at the history that influenced Dracula and some referance points mentioned in the book.Other chapters look at the Goth and Fetish scenes,role playing,criminality under the guise of Vampirism and the commercialisation and nulifying [...]

    7. Paul Bibeau is an entertaining author with a quirky sense of humor, but I feel cheated by this book. It feels as though Bibeau used its writing as an excuse to watch a lot of bad horror movies and take some fascinating vacations. He collected a lot of anecdotes, some jokes and some wordplay, but he never comes to any solid conclusions the reader can walk away with. When he says he's explained to us how a 15th-century Romanian prince morphed into the Western popular cultural icon Count Dracula, h [...]

    8. I really liked this book--just the kind of sociological research I adored vampires being one of my favorite subjects, this one was just sitting there, waiting for me to devour. But what kept me from giving it five stars was a chapter that really didn't seem to fit the subject-more of a profiling of a delusional man than an entertaining romp into the 'real' vampire subculture. I get that these small communities of Wiccans and LARPers sometimes get tied together in the world of alternative social [...]

    9. Possibly my favorite cover art ever. The book itself was nothing new to me personally, but probably a fun, quirky read for those not already well-versed in vampire lore.

    10. This is just an Excellent book. I cannot reccomend this enough. I have read a LOT of books on this subject,but this book I would reccomend to anyone.The Author is both Jocular and Serious about this subject in a way that is "Just right" and few writers could have pulled off a similar book. Only a good writer could have written this,and I think that Paul Bibeau could write about Anything and make it a good read.Although this is not a large book. has about all you need to know about the subject en [...]

    11. This non-fiction book is a series of chapters delving into various aspects of vampire mythology and culture with a primary focus on Dracula. The book goes from the actual Vlad Dracula, Romanian prince and folk hero, to how Bram Stoker adopted the name for his novel, to how the vampire has become embraced as a cultural figure by LARPers, Goth kids (including some reather eccentric figures of the campire club scene), and criminals. I almost wish this book was recent enough to include Twilight-ers [...]

    12. While there were several passages from this book which made me laugh aloud--the description of Bibeau dressed up as a giant garlic marching in a vampire parade being my favorite--ultimately I was disappointed after finishing it. The narrative lacked focus. I'm not sure what Bibeau was hoping to accomplish. Still several of the chapters were engaging enough on their own to overshadow the larger work's lack of cohesion. I particularly enjoyed the sections on LARPing and the economic implications o [...]

    13. I don't know why this book appealed to me so much. I've never been particularly into the whole Dracula thing, except to occassionally enjoy some really late, really bad, old vampire movies on tv. And I have read read Bram Stoker's novel. But there's something about an in-depth look at some obscure subculture that gets me every time. And the author, Paul Bibeau, was both balanced and an unabashed vampire-geek at the same time. I laughed outloud several times. Good stuff. I'll be watching for more [...]

    14. Bibeau's writing is at its best when he's in travel writer mode or discussing his personal experience. There are a couple chapters that read like they were originally published elsewhere, such as "Hunting Sharkey." They are interesting chapters, but just seem more journalistic and detached and so are not as engaging as the chapters where Bibeau is writing from first-hand experience. For me the best parts of this book were Bibeau's travels to eastern Europe and his brief surveys of vampire movies [...]

    15. I got a kick out this book. The author has been a vampire nut since he was a kid and enjoyed getting scared to death by his big sister. Paul Bibeau delves into vampire lore from live action role playing to the Goth scene, to the differences between the literary and historical Draculas. This guy is rather ordinary, but isn't afraid to dress up in pleather and a dog collar to research the underground vampire club scene, and his story of taking his bride on a swing through Transylvania on their hon [...]

    16. Some laugh out loud moments in this book, the first 2 chapters particularly had me in stitches, I felt it lost it's way a bit in the middle but all in all a good read if you have any interest in Vampires, if you're a Vlad 'fan' then it has a good basic history but if you've studied him at all then it's nothing you wont know as the author researches him and the country but he's left behind pretty quick.

    17. It took him a couple of chapters to get rolling, but once Paul Bibeau caught his stride, I really enjoyed his stuff. Sundays with Vlad is his look at the historical vs. the Hollywood Dracula, with all sorts of pop culture and Hungarian holidays thrown in. Some laugh out loud moments too, mostly when he gets going with the pop cultural snarkiness. Fun read.

    18. Very - uh - interesting. Some of the people we meet in this book are, well, unique. Bibeau's writing is easy to read and keeps one engaged, but he does have a tendency to try a little too hard to be witty and funny at times. Still, if you've been swept up in the vamp craze of late you'll find this worth reading.

    19. I've been very liberal with my 5 stars lately as I've had a good run of books. Paul Bibeau investigates the myths, culture and sub-culture of vampires and vampirism and covers everything from the schlocky to the scholarly. Wonderfully funny prose and, while some may make fun of their subject matter, Bibeau is at once witty and unbiased.

    20. It was okay, I wanted it to better, I willed it to be better, I waited for it to be betterbut it wasn't. I did learn a few things from it, and the opening section of the chapter called "Funnel Cake and Arson", made it worthwhile. So while I didn't really love it, I don't begrudge the book the time it took me to read it.

    21. This was a fun read. I was hoping for more of the "travelogue" side of things with him dragging his wife through Transylvania searching for Vlad/Dracula. Unfortunately, it went down a lot of meandering rabbit holes about LARPERs, wannabe vamps, and Count Chocula. It was still fun and light and easy to get through.

    22. this is a tricky one as it is pretty incoherent at points. In fact some chapters don't flow with the others. It seems like there is to much information. I loved the bits about the Vamp cults but then some of the other stuff just didn't fit at all. such a shame as some of it is really fun.

    23. An outsider's investigation into Dracula, vampire lore, modern vampire and Goth culture, vampire LARPing, etc. Interesting in its way, though unlikely to tell fans of vampire lore much they don't already know. Surprisingly well-written, however, and funny.

    24. Okay book. I grabbed it because of the title. It was interesting, but full of a lot of Transylvania history. A little boring in spots.

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