The Husband Habit

Why does Vanessa keep falling for married men Not that she knows she does At least not at first But every man who seems like he might be the one turns out to be someone else s So maybe the right thing to do is take a vow to stay single, to keep away from all men, until she can figure things out At least work is a bright spot It s an anchor to be so good at soWhy does Vanessa keep falling for married men Not that she knows she does At least not at first But every man who seems like he might be the one turns out to be someone else s So maybe the right thing to do is take a vow to stay single, to keep away from all men, until she can figure things out At least work is a bright spot It s an anchor to be so good at something, to lose yourself in your job, and Vanessa is a whiz of a chef, so good she makes her grandstanding boss, Hawk of Albuquerque s chic Nuevo American restaurant hawk look good After all, it s his name on the awning above the door If only her friends and family would get on board with Vanessa s plan and stop trying to fix her up If she can t fix her life, nobody else is going to get the chance to try not her parents, not her friends, and certainly not her ultra well meaning but just not getting it sister, Larissa.And nothing could be with the plan than helping out at her parents house gardening, keeping them fed, getting them organized with her loyal pet Red Dog by her side Red Dog is all the companionship she needs Until Vanessa meets Paul, her parents neighbor he s all wrong on paper, but he s got great manners and certainly seems safe Not bad in the kissing department, either But just when Vanessa s guard goes down, the red flag goes up Could Paul be yet another married man Bursting with Alisa Valdes Rodriguez s trademark wit and originality, The Husband Habit introduces a rich and complex heroine in chef Vanessa You re not going to want to leave her world when the novel comes to an end.
The Husband Habit Why does Vanessa keep falling for married men Not that she knows she does At least not at first But every man who seems like he might be the one turns out to be someone else s So maybe the right thing

  • Title: The Husband Habit
  • Author: Alisa Valdes-Rodriguez Alisa Valdes
  • ISBN: 9780312537043
  • Page: 123
  • Format: Hardcover
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    1. I had a really hard time rating this book. I gave it three stars instead of two because I really enjoyed the premise of the book and the main characters. I also really enjoyed the writing style. The thing that got to me about this book is some of the opinions about Paul and some of his views that are revealed in the book. Spoiler:The character of Paul is a retired Air Force pilot who flew F-16's during the first part of the Iraq War. I like how the author paints him as not the stereotype of the [...]

    2. I enjoyed this book in the beginning. The character was likable and I sympathized with her dating woes. But then she goes to her mother’s house and her internal dialogue becomes downright mean and bitchy. I am not a fan of the insults that get lobbed at people you don’t know. A pick-up truck with a yellow magnetic ribbon does not mean the driver is a country, gun-totting hick. That’s the kind of crap that starts to come from the main character when, in the previous chapter, she left the me [...]

    3. I have heard so many good things about Alisa Valdes-Rodriguez, and I haven't given up on her just yet - but this book was definitely not a favorite. The story line was mediocre and such, it was cute.I know an author uses their writing to express their interests, but I felt like more often than necessary, I was getting the religious/political views of the author thrown in my face. Regardless of how I feel about the topics discussed, it was a tad bit uncomfortable reading the phrase "right-wing nu [...]

    4. I wanted light reading, not to actually kill off brain cells with the political rhetoric disguised as love story and populated by the most two-dimensional characters ever penned. Don't read this. Trust me.

    5. Spoiler alert – don’t keep reading if you don’t want a hint of what happens in the book. Vanessa is a masterful chef, save for the fact that her boss, Hawk, steals her ideas and takes credit for them. But while she’s on top of her recipes, her love life is a mess; every time she meets a guy, whether a fellow chef or an internet dater, he winds up married, and she winds up brokenhearted. Until she vows to go on a dating hiatus, and meets Paul, her parents’ new next door neighbor. This i [...]

    6. This was not one of my favorite books. It was very well written but the plot was just so so. There wasn't much of a plot except that there is a woman who has a bad habit of dating men who are married. I guess she did not know how to look for the signs. Everyone knows there are repeated patterns in that kind of bahavior. She decides to take a break from men but that doesn't last very long. As a back story she is a really good chef who does not get credit for her work and she has a naggy sister an [...]

    7. I believe this is the fourth book of Valdes's that I've read, and it is also my least favorite. Some of it was enjoyable, however my pleasure in reading it was diminished by many factors. First off, it's a typical love story. The fact that the main character falls for unavailable men really had no purpose in the story. Second, there were way too many food references. All the talk of broth and bacon and baking.etely lost me. I like to eat, but I'm not a foodie and everything didn't need to be rel [...]

    8. I enjoyed the premise of the book: two seemingly opposite characters falling in love, but I found the author's depiction of conservatives as war-mongering Christian fanatics to be very heavy-handed. In fact, I found it to be enough of a turn-off to not read anything else by her. I didn't find the writing to be particularly sharp, and I still can't picture the protagonist in my mind.

    9. Reviewed by CeliaThe story starts off with Vanessa meeting a man for the first time ever after months of correspondence via online dating. After making a quick remark about the stick-figured woman on the bathroom door being sexually biased because of the triangle-shaped skirt (chill out, girl, it’s just a sign,) Vanessa goes into a frenzy trying to make herself look “good” for a stranger; and, when she does meet him, she gets a little too “friendly” and becomes naïve at the assurance [...]

    10. Initially, the female character, Vanessa Duran is likable enough. She's an Albuquerque-based chef whose recipes are making her boss famous while she gets no credit. But at least it's a job, and it will work for her until she can open her own place. Although her folks aren't much to be proud of, Vanessa has a slightly older married sister who is in her corner, so to speak.There's just one problem with Vanessa; she has a nasty nack of falling for married men. Of course, she doesn't know they're ma [...]

    11. I am big fan of Alisa Valdes-Rodriguez so I bought the book the day it came out. Unfortunately, I did not love it. I loved parts of the story and writing (descriptions of the food; the main character is a chef), but I usually really really like Alisa's books. Basically, it's about a woman (Vanessa) who is successful, smart, pretty, insecure, kind of stupid about love, loves nature, is judgemental, and single. She somehow dates cheating husbands and is never aware of it until something happens. S [...]

    12. I was pretty turned off by the overt liberal overtones in this book and the male main character is just too perfect- not very believable. But, I did enjoy the writing and the ending was pretty sweet, if not somewhat predictable. A bit too many food analogies along the way. The main female character was kind of bitchy, in my opinion.

    13. Completely predictable, chapter titles were childish, topics could have gotten deeper but remained superficial and shallow throughout. Also disappointing was the reader who did the audio book. She was monotone and what little intonation she used was misplaced and took away from the meaning of what she was saying.

    14. A good modern romance. Not overly lovey or full of graphic sex but real people with real world problems. I liked seeing Vanessa evolve and how her relationship with Paul and her sister Inesa changed as she went through changes.

    15. Oh man. I don’t really read romance novels. It’s a huge market that oversaturated with very popular but often very bad books. Whether they have bad plots or bad characters they’re just too many bad ones to plow through. I picked this up at random and the plot on the book jacket sounded pretty hilarious. However, it was too good to be true.It always is, isn’t it?Vanessa’s POV wasn’t fun to read through. At the start of the book, I was firmly on her side because no one deserved to be s [...]

    16. 2 out of 5 stars. It was an all right read until the end when it went very off track, imo. Up until then it would have probably scores close to a 3. The only way I can recommend this as a read is for you to read up to the point where they spend the day out on her boyfriends terms. Then, please, stop! It will be a pleasant end to a fair read.

    17. This book was slightly different from Alisa's other novels, which I have loved. Although different, this is perhaps one of my favorites of hers, behind Playing with Boys. Alisa did a great job of combing well-written chick-lit with strong political opinion and striking images. If you are a strong republican, I wouldn't recommend reading this book. It definitely introduces a view the American public doesn't like to hear about our most current "war" in Iraq.The book centers around chef Vanessa and [...]

    18. BLUF: don't waste your time.I wanted entertainig reading, I enjoy a light fun romance story and the developing relationship between characters. I was sadly disappointed. This book was hard to keep reading. I have never had a "romance" so full of political rhetoric. This was a military bashing, anti-republican, anti-gun, anti-war, feminist propaganda disguised as a love story. The author spends more time bashing the USA military and the "war over oil" than developing the main characters. The stor [...]

    19. I didn't read this when it was first published because I was mad at the author for something she said on Twitter. Yes, I'm petty like that sometimes. Anyway, time heals all wounds and I walked past it in the store the other day and decided to pick it up. I'm glad I did. Vanessa Duran is a chef at an Albuquerque restaurant owned by a popular food personality. Everyone loves the food, but they have no idea that Vanessa is the real genius behind the menu. On the personal front, she has just ended a [...]

    20. Listened to The Husband Habit by Alisa Valdes-Rodriguez. Vanessa Duran has a great life: she?s a whiz of a chef, making her grandstanding restaurant-owner boss look good; her house in Albuquerque, New Mexico, is a comfortable nest; and she is loved by her friends and her family. So what?s the problem? Vanessa keeps falling for married men. Not that she knows they?re married: each and every time she?s duped, taken for a ride, outright fooled. As The Husband Habit begins, Vanessa discovers she?s f [...]

    21. At first I was skeptical, but I ended up falling in love with this novel - and Paul. Sharp, witty, and ridiculously funny. Vanessa and Paul's relationship is cute and easy, and I love their banter. I love that he stood up for her and made her believe in herself. Oh! And did I mention that this book is HOT! The tension is unbelievable! (view spoiler)[I love that is takes so long for the couple to finally, er, "come together." The waiting and anticipation just made the story even better. (hide spo [...]

    22. I had no idea what to expect from this bookI am not big on the whole cheating thing and don't care for books that are all about it. This was not the case at all with this book! Though the ending was shocking, this book was adorable and had just the right about of happy, sad, laughter and aww! I really liked that there was a little of everything in this book, family relationships, some food/cooking, humor, lovely romance, tragedy(war)and loss, all things I like to see in a book. I really liked th [...]

    23. I've been reading a lot of disappointing chick lit lately, so The Husband Habit was a breath of fresh air. So many of the books I've read recently have had grossly unlikable main characters. Vanessa has flaws, but she's a totally relatable character. And while the secondary characters are underdeveloped or unexplained (why is Vanessa's mother such a mess? How did Clarissa and her husband end up so lovey-dovey?), they're so peripheral I don't even mind the lack of depth. The end is a bit too cont [...]

    24. This is a fun summer read, but it's not as good as her others. I didn't like the writing at the beginning - it was weird somehow - but it got better as the book went on. It's about a chef who keeps falling for married men and then meets someone she tries to resist. The two main characters of Paul and Vanessa were interesting but Paul was too perfect for her, if that's possible. Everything he did was too clever and well done. I wonder where the author got her war inspiration/information from. A c [...]

    25. This book began promisingly, with an interesting main character, Vanessa. She was a Yale-educated literature professor, who has become passionate about her new life as a chef, but has had a string of disastrous relationships with men who have hidden their true marital status. Of course, just as she decides to take a relationship hiatus, an incredibly perfect guy pops up. The book was in a pleasant chick - lit place, when it suddenly morphed into an anti-Bush, anti-Iraq war diatribe. Rather than [...]

    26. I really enjoyed this book. Another book I picked up based on the title and cover art, but it delivered. Quirky, romantic, with a twist. You feel for Vanessa throughout the novel. Is it really her fault that she keeps falling for married men? Does she send out a vibe? What is wrong with her family? Their dysfunction is more than others and yet similar enough to relate to. Vanessa's mysterious neighbor is sexy and thrilling and a contradiction at every turn. That's great, but also a little distur [...]

    27. I am almost finished with THE HUSBAND HABIT and wanted everyone to know it is a fabulous story told in a different voice and style than THE DIRTY GIRLS SOCIAL CLUB. Like a good stew, THE HUSBAND HABIT simmers wonderfully from the first sentence and cooks up a great story full of food references and delightful word play, sensuous and intelligent, with rich characterizations throughout and a storyline anyone can relate to. My only complaint is the jarring use of fragments. That's why I am giving t [...]

    28. I grabbed this randomly off the library shelf because it looked like an easy read and when I want to read something easy and light I frequently turn to chick-lit. I have no desire to have the author's political views thrown in my face over and over. I especially didn't care for the way the views were represented - if you didn't agree you were a "right wing nut job" or some kind of crazy born-again. The plot was cute and I enjoyed the courtship of the two main characters but could have done witho [...]

    29. Neither the dialog nor the writing in general were as good as I would have expected from Ms. Valdez-Rodriguez. She did included some very poignant impressions about the effects of war, namely the Iraq War, on the members of the armed forces, their families and friends, and the innocent victims who happened to be in the wrong place when fighting occurred. She also included some very relevant statements about the selfish and less than honest views of those who made the decision to begin the war in [...]

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