The Mammoth Book of Jack the Ripper

Enlisting in the hundred year old debate about the identity of the world s first serial killer, this Mammoth investigation introduces the facts of the famous case and presents some of the most convincing, if conflicting, theories of the murderer s identity.
The Mammoth Book of Jack the Ripper Enlisting in the hundred year old debate about the identity of the world s first serial killer this Mammoth investigation introduces the facts of the famous case and presents some of the most convinc

  • Title: The Mammoth Book of Jack the Ripper
  • Author: Maxim Jakubowski Nathan Braund
  • ISBN: 9780786706266
  • Page: 196
  • Format: Paperback
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    1 thought on “The Mammoth Book of Jack the Ripper”

    1. This book contained mostly "factual" information about the Ripper murders, followed by conjecture and possible suspects. I have to admit that his crimes have fascinated me for quite a while, and I'm always interested in reading new theories and speculations.

    2. This book assisted me enormously while researching Whitechapel: The Final Stand of Sherlock Holmes, to the extent that by the time I was finished writing, my copy of this was in tatters from being high-lighted, dog-eared, and folded so many times. The profiles of the people involved and the timelines it presents are invaluable. I highly recommend it. Bernard Schaffer

    3. This is a very well laid out introduction of the Ripper murders. It has a timeline of overall events in the beginning and then covers each of the “canonical five” victims in chronological order, first going over a short background of the victim, then giving an account of the day/night of their murder, and following it up with a description of each post mortem and inquest.It then provides all the “Key Text” from the case. Witness statements, autopsy reports, the ripper letters, and more. [...]

    4. This was a really good book that I've been seeing on the library shelf for months. I grabbed it finally and over all I'm glad I did. While slightly repetitive and maybe slightly outdated, it provides a lot of useful information for someone writing a book or someone (like me) who is just interested in the legend of Jack the Ripper.The "current views" essays make up the bulk of the book. For the most part they were well researched and though I don't agree with their "candidates" I still found thei [...]

    5. Good starting point for those willing to travel a very dark path; armchair investigators will find this book useful, lots of facts and information. Not a flowing read, however.

    6. Whitechapel, London, 1888. Morde sind in den Londoner Slums nichts Ungewöhnliches. Doch solche Morde? Jemand schneidet Prostituierten die Kehle durch und verstümmelt sie anschließend grausam. Vom Täter gibt es keine Spur. So plötzlich, wie die Morde begannen, hören sie auch wieder auf. Und noch mehr als 100 Jahre später lässt uns ein Name erschaudern. Wer war Jack the Ripper?Dieses Buch habe ich vor einiger Zeit als Kindle-Deal des Tages erworben. Ich kannte zu diesem Zeitpunkt auch die [...]

    7. This book is somewhat hard to rate, as I think overall it achieved what it's supposed to do (i.e. give you an overview some of the theories on Jack the Ripper) but it could have done it a lot better.The book is divided into three parts. The first gives you just the cold facts based on the police-records, eye-whitness accounts etc. and this is just written horribly. Main clause after main clause. It reads like it was written by a fourth-graderever I do get used to bad writing rather quickly (is t [...]

    8. its centerpiece is a collection of essays written by prominent Ripperologists discussing their favorite candidates for the mantle of Ripper. The prize must be awarded to M.J. Trow for his deadpan satire, undetectable until the reveal, putting forward the reformer Frederick Charrington. The sad thing is that his satire is better argued and more persuasive than some of the sincere efforts in the collection. Possible Rippers include William Henry Bury, Francis Tumblety, James Maybrick, James Kelly, [...]

    9. Recently watched Murder by Decree and From Hell (almost the exact same movie, except one has Sherlock Holmes) and read Anno Dracula, in which Saucy Jack figures prominently (albeit as vampire killer), and I wanted to read some of the history. This book certainly delivers, with lots of witness statements and such at the beginning and then a raft of essays positing a raft of suspects. A lot of these are interesting from the point of view of persuasive writing. I really might use some excerpts with [...]

    10. An interesting book, but I found it to be quite repetitive. Understandably each of the essays were individually written so there was bound to be some repetition. However, even the introductory passages, 'Undisputed Facts' and 'Key Texts' sections seemed to be repeating themselves to the point where I just skim-read past those bits. The individual theories presented range from the almost believable to the completely absurd. There was also a few contradictions between the different theories and it [...]

    11. This is a terrific addition to the collection of anyone who is interested in the Autumn of Terror and the state of so-called Ripperology. Along with a case overview of the murders, this volume collects seventeen different arguments about the identity of the Ripper from the world's leading researchers, scholars, and author celebrities. As a historian, I am fascinated by what the Whitechapel murders and the media sensation around them tell us about the time. I don't have a "pet suspect," and I'm s [...]

    12. I find the subject matter and the constant debate about who Jack the Ripper was, fascinating and therefore try and read whatever comes up about the subject. However, this is such a dull read I can't be bothered to continue. It's not even got to the stage where various authors discuss their theories of who is the most likely suspect, it's a constant rehashing of the murders/autopsies and evidence, which is rehashed several times - so much so, I feel as though I know each individual death by heart [...]

    13. Mielenkiintoinen ja kattava tietokirja Viiltäjä-Jackista. Kirjan alussa esitellyt faktat tukevat loistavasti tutkijoiden kirjoittamia omia näkemyksiään murhista ja niiden tekijästä. Viiltäjä-Jackin mysteeri tuskin koskaan tulee selviämään ellei tulevaisuudessa keksitä aikakonetta, mutta tapaus on edelleen yksi historian mielenkiintoisempia. Oliko murhien takana yksi sarjamurhaaja vai joukko copycat-tappajia? Oliko syyllinen häiriintynyt taidemaalari, parturi, lääkäri, teurastaja [...]

    14. Well it did what it said on the cover! It's a collection of evidence and then ripperologists essays speculating the identity of good old Jack. I read it for reference but found myself drawn into the world of late 19th Century London. Depravity, poverty and gin. Lots of gin. It's well worth a look at if you're interested in Ripper history, but the truth is still out there, not that we'll ever find it now!

    15. If you ever wanted to know anything about the Ripper murders, this book is for you! It presents the hard evidence pertaining to the cases and discusses the many, many theories of what actually happened. This book does a very good job of not being overly biased regarding one particular theory or another.

    16. Well researched, extensively even. Detailed without being ghoulish. Shows points of view from plausible to questionable but lets the reader make up his mind. The extensive factual introduction puts the subsequent articles in the frame of cold facts so any exageration or insinuation by the author becomes clear.

    17. Very good book, although it does tend to become repetitive with the rehashing of the victims over and over as each person makes their case for who they think the killer was. That said, I've read the book twice, and continue to debate with myself over who's theory i like best. A must for anyone interested in Jack the Ripper and his crimes.

    18. This is definitely interesting and a really quick read.My only problem with it is that while it boasts itself as a fully comprehensive look into the murders, the book may be just a little too comprehensive (if that makes sense). It just felt like a lot of information that was there for the sake of being there.Overall it was just okay.

    19. A compilation of essays by various writers that detail the possible identities of Jack The Ripper. Some are far-fetched, and poorly argued, others have me convinced they know who the real killer was. A very interesting read that approaches Jack The Ripper from numerous angles.

    20. This is a reference book, not intended to be read from cover to cover. The articles are well selected and well written, and solidly researched. Will definitely give any reader a strong base from which to judge the almost endless Ripper books.

    21. This book described so much detail of all the suspects who could of been known as Jack the Ripper. I really enjoyed reading this book, I was so fascinated in this book, I managed to read it within three days.

    22. I wanted to get more of the Jack the Ripper story, so how can I turn down "The Mammoth Book of Jack the Ripper!". It needs an exclamation point on it, so I put it there. "Dancers, here are your final 10!"

    23. Interesting and varied essaysThis book is a collection of essays covering the pertinent facts of an enduring mystery, as well as several theories and suspects. All are readable, and often enjoyable. None of the theories can be an absolute conclusion, but many are intriguing.

    24. Good anthology of a variety of theories of who could have been Jack the Ripper. Overall the conclusion appears to be: we will never know.

    25. A fine read. It gives several points of view from several well-respected experts in the field.

    26. Brilliant book.Definitely a mammoth book. Chronicling the murders, also the views of many different Ripperologists. So many credible theories. This mystery will just run and run.

    27. Fascinating look at the world's most famous serial killer, with many hypotheses proving that there are so many suspects that we will never know the truth.

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